Ham Apple Salad Wraps

I had leftover ham from baking a large one recently. I wanted to do something different with the bits and pieces too small for slicing for sandwiches. Generally, I don’t care for chicken or tuna salad sandwiches as they usually have nuts or celery, both things I cannot stand. But on a trip last summer, I had a chicken salad sandwich with apples for crunch, and liked it. With the ham bits, I thought this might be a fresh way to serve leftover ham. The apple provides sweetness and crunch and I added a spicy dressing to balance the flavors.

Sweeter varieties such as Jonagold, Honey Crisp, or Gala apple work well for this recipe, but if you like tart, use whatever apple you like best. I used a Jonagold.

Peel, core and dice apple. Toss with lemon juice. In a bowl, place ham, onion and apple, mix well. Add the Sriracha Mayonnaise dressing to taste. The dressing is one cup of mayo with as much sriracha as you like. I use a tablespoon of sriracha, but you can start with just a teaspoon and add more to suit your taste. I use this on sandwiches and as a salad dressing.

Place 1/4 of mixture on each tortilla.

Add fresh spinach and roll up. Serve and enjoy! Yield four wraps.

We had two wraps for our picnic, but the recipe made enough for four wraps. The nice thing is it was great the next day as well. The lemon juice kept the apple from turning brown, and it was just as crisp and sweet the next day, although the onion flavor was a bit stronger from sitting overnight.

Serving it on a lettuce leaf was a quick and light lunch.
Download the pdf recipe – Ham Apple Wraps

Do you think you’d like this recipe? What is your favorite way to use the last bits of leftover ham?

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13 thoughts on “Ham Apple Salad Wraps

  1. Julie

    I like to add apples & dried cranberries to my tuna & chicken salad but never thought of them with ham, how narrow-minded of me! I will also contribute to the Safelite Project.

  2. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting

    That sounds yummy! I think I would try it with red onion because it’s a bit milder, even after a day or two. Will try this for our next picnic! 🙂

  3. Jannette Binder

    Your ham “roll-ups” sound wonderful! I quite often chop a yellow or Spanish onion and a bright pepper, and saute them together. Chop up the ham, and add it when the veggies are soft – heat to warm the ham. Stir in a tbsp. or so of red pepper jelly and stir until it liquefies. Serve over hot rice. Add a green salad and you have a great meal.
    I pulled, pressed and cut some of my Safelight fabrics – hope to make a few sets – and cards too if I have time!

  4. Mary

    Hi Carole. We put leftover bits of ham in the food processor along with some mayo and mustard and give it a few pulses until it is more like a spread. Add chopped pickles at the end and give it a quick swirl. It’s great on crackers or in sandwiches. Add a little more mustard, then grill it like a grilled cheese for a “deviled ham” sandwich. Your spicy Mayo would be good too,

  5. Your ham and apple salad sounds delicious, Carole! I hope to send you some items for Safelight. Will check my stash to see if I have something fun for the cases this afternoon. I just finished At Home on Ladybug Farm and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole, This apple and ham wrap is going to be one of the salads I will be making for sure. Think I will use the mckintosh or granny smith apples in mine and serve it over a regular green salad Will also try with pork, chicken, and tuna. Salmon would be another great way to have it. So many meats to use it will be a great addition to rotate for us. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jill MCCaughey

    Carole, I wondered why you peeled the apple? The peels provide fibre and colour, too. This sounds like something we will have for supper tonight, thanks for the refreshing of a “filler” for lettuce cups. Warmer weather means cooler foods! Thanks, jill

  8. Sandra B

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I make ham salad fairly often, but have never thought to add apple to it…will give that a try in the future, for sure!
    When I am really in a hurry, I only use three ingredients…. chopped country ham, Mayo, and sweet pickle relish….like someone else mentioned, dried cranberries are a good addition for chicken salad. And also a bit of celery adds crunch….
    I think I need to make the ham salad with your recipe tomorrow!

  9. Nanci Cartwright

    Thank you for this recipe; I’ve been looking forward to you posting it I may have just enough ham frozen that I can thaw and I have all the other ingredients. I love the idea of having it over some lettuce as an alternative too. I always get good food ideas from your blog.

  10. I think this sounds wonderful! I have plenty of ham in the freezer. I cube it after we are finished, and usually put it in omelets or macaroni and cheese, but this sounds so fresh! Yummy!

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