Guild Fun, Wildlife and the Last Quilt Repair

This year marks the 40th anniversary of our guild, so every month the social committee is doing something fun at our meetings. This past week, we were treated to cupcakes, well, fabric ones. These were such a cute idea, a rolled up fat quarter ‘served’ in a cupcake liner with a little triangle of yellow paper to simulate a candle burning. We sang Happy Birthday to us and wore party hats. It was such a fun way to start a meeting.

Back home, I began to pull and consider quilts to enter in the show this year. Registration is open now, and we have until April 1 to enter. The limit is 5 quilts, so I have to decide which to show. Quilts made between June of 2019 up to now are eligible, and that is a lot of quilts for me. Between the mystery quilt alongs, special projects for the blog, quilts made for Fat Quarter Shop blog hops, and my magazine pattern, I have plenty to choose from. So, I began looking at the categories. There are only three for pieced quilts, all based on size. There is a miniature quilts category, so I can enter that one, too. The only other category is special techniques, and that includes wholecloth. I wanted to enter the dahlia quilt with all the free motion longarm quilting designs. But, they don’t take ‘panel’ quilts. I asked for a ruling from the committee as I consider this a wholecloth, not a panel. I think of a panel as something with a cute scene on it, like the red truck and Christmas tree one I did for a table topper. But, they said it was a panel so not eligible for judging, only for display, but it would count as one of the five. Oh, well. I would have liked to see it compete in longarm quilting.

I only have one quilt large enough for the ‘large quilts’ category which has to be over 75 inches wide. Scrap Dance Twist is 83 inches wide. I was delighted to see that I still had the hanging sleeve on it, until I measured the length. It is 94 inches long, and the sleeve has to be no more than 90 inches from the bottom of the quilt. This means I have to remove the sleeve, and resew it four inches lower on the back. Dang! But at least I have plenty of time to get that done.

Chilly days have brought the resident squirrels by frequently. Oliver got his sandwich late one day.

Jack was here at the same time, so he went to the driveway to chow down.

In the sewing room, I began work on the last quilt repair I plan to do. From here on, I’ll be referring out all new inquiries. This one looked like it was going to be a challenge from the start. The edges were a bit of a mess. Part of this was because the client washed the quilt in a machine with the frayed fabric, so the batting became matted up. However, she told me that the quilt was very dirty, and she thought it better to bring it to me clean. I did appreciate that.

She brought teal and muslin fabric to use for the repair, and at first look we both thought the borders on two sides would need to be reconstructed. The other two sides actually didn’t have damage, and she wanted them to match rather than just cut off the damage and rebind.

But as I began to work on the quilt, I found that the outermost teal strip actually was still all there, just bunched up from being washed. I turned on my iron and spread the quilt over the board so I could press it flat. Carefully working from one end to the other, it took almost an hour to press both ends. But the good news was the teal was intact on both sides of the border, and on both ends of the quilt. This means I don’t have to reconstruct the entire border which will be a much easier repair and save her some money.

I added a piece of muslin to the backside as it was deteriorating. I needed a more stable backing to add the top strips. The little strip of grosgrain ribbon was stitched on by the client to cover a small tear. Laying the piece of muslin on the back, I sewed from the top to keep the stitches in the ditch. On the back, the muslin will be folded to the edge of the quilt to encase the muslin’s raw edge and provide a base.

Then, I made a muslin strip to go over the one that is deteriorating, and top stitched it into place.

One end done, now I need to do the same thing on the other end. Then, there are two patches to make and sew. I’ll treat any weak areas I can find with Fray Block, and then bind the whole quilt with new muslin binding. The original binding was muslin simply turned over the top side from the backing, but I’ll make a proper binding and put it on by machine. I hope to finish this week, and get it back to the client. Then I am done!

Out in the meadow, the deer were grazing early one morning. When we opened the shade over the kitchen window, they must have seen that movement, and froze. I had time to fire up the good camera and use the zoom lens through the window to get a photo of them. There were five again, but I could only get three in the picture before they moved off into the woods.

Friday night I made my Veal Meatballs in Basil Cream Sauce again. Yes, veal is expensive, but occasionally I find it on sale and I’ll grab a pound. If you don’t like veal, or need a protein that is a bit more affordable, the recipe works fine with ground chicken or turkey too.

Back to the show, I have to decide if I am going to put two quilts into one category. To have five in the show, I may have to do that. My dilemma is that after this show, none of my current quilts will qualify for the next one due to finish date. As the categories are by size, both Pachanga and Twinkle Twinkle Pumpkin Star would be competing against each other. Pachanga is dramatic with the brights and black…

while Twinkle Twinkle Pumpkin Star (or the magazine published as Evening Harvest) is larger and also has a dark background. I want to show both of them, so there we are. Thankfully, both still have their sleeves.

I realized this week that I need to figure out when to start my seeds inside. Usually, I start them too soon, and this year I decided to wait until March, as our last frost date is in April. I wait until May to buy plants for the veranda. I looked up the moon phases, and around the 10th should be good days to start seeds. First quarter is the 10th, with the next full moon on the 18th. I need to get some peat pots like these, as they work best for me for transplanting seedlings.

The Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend, and you have time to participate. Just sign up for a free account at and report what you see. I observed the bird feeder for about 20 minutes and got seven species to report yesterday.

This house finch seemed to have a sense of humor, cocking his head this way and that.

This week will be a bit less hectic, but two trips coming up will mean getting projects finished up and out of the house. I will pick up another Safelight quilt on Tuesday which I’ll need to bind. The first car club drive is next weekend, and it should be fun if the weather cooperates.

What are your plans for the coming week?

18 thoughts on “Guild Fun, Wildlife and the Last Quilt Repair

  1. Rhonda

    Your quilt repair talents are going to be missed. You’ve saved so many gems! Those meatballs look divine! I must try them 🙂 Good luck in the competitions, you do such beautiful work! It’s about time to start seeds here too, thanks for the reminder. I’ve been so busy with company this weekend I haven’t had a chance to check my feeders and I’m leaving early to deliver a large fabric and quilting tool donation for a college scholarship fundraiser at one of our State Universities. So happy to help out and I have plenty to share.

    This was quite by accident, I decided to go through, organize and clean out. I contacted a local guild to see if they were interested. The lady I contacted was delighted and said my timing was perfect. What does not sell will go to the guild.

    Now that I’ve got all my fabric sorted and reorganized I’ve decided my basement sewing room needs more attention and my husband and I are going to paint the floor and do a few more improvements. I’ll be glad when it’s done and I can get back to creating!

  2. Rheanna

    It must be so hard to choose which 5 to enter. I am bummed you won’t be able to enter your dahlia quilt for judging. The quilting on it is beautiful.
    I spent the weekend at a friends cabin doing some quilting. I had made the top of a wall hanging while there that I had planned to quilt then give to her. But, she ended up falling in love with a scrappy snow ball nine patch I was working on, so I will have to finish that one instead. Now I am not sure what to do with the wall hanging, but I am sure something will come up that I can use it for.

  3. karenfae

    the meatballs look good, I rarely see veal but could try it with chicken for something different than beef. Our daughter will be over today to celebrate her birthday with us a couple days early I made a cheesecake and we will have fettuccine with a seafood cream sauce – her favorite

    1. Cindy

      I am going to miss your quilt repairs as I have learned so much from watching you. (Not that I want to do it.). It is just fascinating to watch you. Love the cupcakes! Very creative! And your meatballs look delish!

  4. Julie

    I love muslin in a quilt, so soft. Unfortunately it often doesn’t have lasting strength. I’ve been buying Kona muslin in the hope it has staying power. Good save for you finding the teal intact. I finished a quilt yesterday for my stashbuster project, a 60″ square string quilt – it’s a two-fer. Scrap strings on front, stash flannel fat quarters on back. If this keeps up, both scraps & stash will have seriously diminished as long as they don’t multiply while I’m not looking.

  5. The fabric cupcake is a cute idea! I enjoyed seeing your quilt choices for the show – you’ve got some beautiful designs, Carole. Looks like you’re getting some good data for the bird count. Our feeders have been quiet except for a few finches and flickers.

  6. Whew…you make me tired reading about all you’re doing with repairs, seeds, watching birds, and trying to decide which quilts to enter into the show. LOVE the black and bright one because I like color and lots of it; but am sure competition is about far more than that. Good luck on all fronts and keep us posted how you do. Is there a way they know the dates on various quilts? Beyond the honor system?

  7. The quilting on your Dahlia quilt is exquisite! I’m trying to figure out how your guild hangs a quilt that is more than 90 inches long for the show. Do they drape the extra on top over the rail? Good luck with your entries!

    A new binding on the well loved quilt will surely give it many more years of use!

    I’m working on our guild’s raffle quilt and charity quilts.

    Thanks for sharing and have a super week!

  8. I am was so happy to read that this final repair will be easier than you first thought, that was welcome news to you as well! You have some beautiful quilts to enter in the show, what a lovely problem to have!

  9. Jean McKinstry

    Repairs, that is such fine and delicate work, you will be relieved to pass any more onto another dedicated sewer and quilter. The dahlia panel? I would have hoped you could enter this one, truly outstanding.

  10. Sharon F

    Friday I finished hand quilting a lap sized quilt that will be a gift for a friend. This week I’ll be working on binding it, then starting to piece a new quilt. What can you tell us about the chicken that is sitting on the quilt you are repairing? What is its purpose, and did you make it? It’s so cute! It reminds me of chicken shaped pot holders my grandma or aunt made when I was a child.

  11. Joan Sheppard

    Such a joy to see so many of your quilts. Doing this last repair! What a milestone – have you ever counted how many you have saved? Glad you left the grosgrain ribbon – it’s part of the story. Fun to see the wildlife. Too late to make the meatballs but they sure will be on the menu this week. Thanks for everything.

  12. Oh my, lots happening in your world! Where to start?! Love the cupcakes for the guild birthday! Pity they won’t take your dahlia quilt as wholecloth – I agree with you on that one! All the other quilts you are entering are beautiful as well… and I think I need to try those meatballs! Would love for you to link up to my new Monday This and That! xx

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