Safelight Quilt and In the Garden

This is another busy week with not a lot of sewing going on. Last night I had the pleasure of speaking on Zoom to the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild with my Well Loved Quilt Repair program, booked by fellow blogger Emily from Darling Dogwood. Such fun, and they had great questions! In the sewing room, I finished up the quilt repair and it is ready to be picked up, but I didn’t do any more pictures. Yesterday, I had lunch with my longarm friend, Chryste, and picked up this quilt for Safelight. She was helping with the quilting for project.

Everything on this quit was donated. Thank you to Chris L for the top and the backing. Batting was supplied by the guild. Chryste donated the quilting, and did the binding from leftover backing, thanks so much! She knows how little time I have right now as I deal with some personal issues. I need to turn it in to the committee at the meeting next week, and now that will be easy. What a great friend!

In the garden, I don’t have a single crocus this year. My iris are coming up, though. In the kitchen, the orchid flower spike is getting longer, so maybe will have some blooms later. It was nice to see my first daffodil open up this week, with more buds promising more blooms to come.

I didn’t have a lot of time for the bird count, but did manage to do a little each day. This downy woodpecker was working on the suet cake. My Sweet Babboo got a few for me as I didn’t have the ingredients to make my own. I wanted a cake to be in the feeder for the bird count.

A Carolina Chickadee was happy with the full feeder of sunflower seeds.

I need to get some projects together to take on retreat. That is coming up soon, and I am really looking forward to a couple of days away with friends to sew and laugh. We are all taking rapid tests the morning of the check in, and only those negative will come. We can then relax and enjoy our time. The ladies in charge of food are planning some fabulous buffet ideas so we can graze as we want. I hope a taco night is on the agenda, with margaritas of course.

So, a short post today, just to check in. We’ll have some Mardi Gras fun on Sunday. What are you working on this week?

17 thoughts on “Safelight Quilt and In the Garden

  1. Rheanna

    Thanks for the picture of your daffodils. We got 4 inches of snow yesterday so seeing some blooms gives me hope that spring will come sooner rather than later.
    So glad that you will be able to get away with some friends for a retreat. Taco bar and margaritas sound amazing.
    I am at an in between place with some of my projects. I am waiting to get one back from the long armer and going shopping next week to pick out borders with a friend for her quilt. I will probably work on binding a baby quilt for an upcoming baby shower.

  2. Julie

    Daffodils already! My garden is still covered with snow, more like ice at this point. When the crocus do pop up it’s always a surprise as they’ve been relocated by chipmunks & I never know where they’ll be. I finished 2 comfort quilts for my guild, a twin & a baby, all that’s left are labels. We meet again in March after 2 winter months off. I had to babysit my grandson yesterday as my daughter was called for jury duty. The defendant took a plea deal so I’m back to sewing today. I always wonder how the victim feels about a plea deal. Have a good time on your retreat!

  3. karenfae

    hope you have a fun retreat and good idea for all to take a covid test first. I had thought different times to make a suet bar myself but never get around to it and I believe you need lard which I never have I’m not even sure where to buy it!!

  4. Blooms are just what I needed to see today, while we are in the middle of a cold snap. My agenda this week is lessons of course, playing for the kids from South MS at their solo contest this afternoon, finishing that robe and doing the center block for a medallion quilt. I need to spend some quality time working on the wedding g quilt before this weekend’s check in and I want to finish the current blanket block and enter the numbers for the taxes so we have a final amount on what we owe for the year, the. There’s that list of what needs to be done, bu that I don’t really want to start!😂 Hope all is well for you, or getting better anyway, you have had a tough month or two.

  5. It seems a lot of us are in a cold, snowy spell, so seeing your daffodils blooming is a treat. I wonder where your crocuses are. Do your birds prefer a certain kind of suet? I know you often make your own, but I haven’t tried that. “Our” birds 😉 will only eat the peanut butter suet, anything else they completely ignore! That’s a pretty donation quilt and enjoy your retreat!

  6. Patricia Evans

    Nice to see your daffodils. The chipmunks plunder my crocuses each year and move them around a lot. Orchid buds do take a long time to come into bloom, but then the flowers last a long time, too.

  7. A retreat, a Rapid test, they are available here too, and with so many positive cases, a fast result is a lot easier, and you can all feel safe together. Daffs, a sure sign your spring is arriving, here we are truly in Autumn, and the Grape Hyacinths have a lot of green stems all over the garden.

  8. Trish Clements

    I really like the pink quilt. Can you share the individual measurements that make up the block? I would greatly appreciate it

  9. Had a quilt bee this week where we got started on a QOV for our show next year. Will be donated after the show. First time using those cake mix papers for half square triangles! Working on sorting notions that I “inherited” and redistributing to friends who need rick rack, zippers, fusible fleece, bag making parts! Nice to see friends stopping by to get what they need from the stash. 🙂 Enjoy your retreat, you have really earned it this winter.

  10. Chris Leick

    Dear Carole, Your email made my heart sing. You have been so appreciative of my quilt top/backing donation to the Safelight Quilt project. You have made that top so special from fabric that needed a home. The variety of pink and white fabrics were square cutups that were traveling around my sewing room and were intended for a project that was never ever going to be completed. I saw this Bear Claw pattern and wanted a friend to try it; she wasn’t going to try it. Sew (So) I did. But pinks are not my thing. But you graciously accepted the top and the backing was years old from Barb Valone’s stash. Thank you for completing and donating to such a worthwhile cause.

    By the way would you reiterate the quilt size for the Safelight project. I might have some quilts in the future and would like to donate and would it be possible for me to send photos along with sizes for you to make a designation of approving for sending?

    I would also like to extend a thought that your photos of your surroundings and nature should help to heal a wounded heart. I so look forward to your emails …..

    Chris Leick

  11. Jocelyn Thurston

    Really Daffodils! What a treat for these old eyes to see. All snowy white here. You are so kind to donate that pretty quilt. Enjoy every minute of that retreat.

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