Finishing the Rainbow Quilt

When I left off showing this rainbow quilt for Safelight, I had the top assembled and ready to go on the longarm. Every one of these blocks was sent in by readers. Thank you for your support of this project.

So, now I need a backing. I had this fabulous shooting star fabric, and I cannot remember where it came from. I know I had it to possibly use with a Quilt of Valor, but the color of the stars was never right for a red, white and blue quilt. The stars are more pink, turquoise and purple, and never looked good. But for this quilt, they were perfect. I needed to sew two lengths together to get it wide enough.

Whooppee, five yards will get used up from the stash for the Stashbuster Challenge! I cut the selvedges off from the seam. Then the seam is pressed open.

All loaded up and the first pass quilted. This time I used a light grey cotton thread on top and a slightly darker grey cotton in the bobbin.

It doesn’t draw too much attention in the white areas.

It virtually disappears in the sections with color.

The pantograph is the same one I used on the other two, Fascination.

On the back, the darker grey blends well with the star print.

Fitting in the quilting when I had time, it was done in a few days.

Using the trimmings from the backing, I made the binding and attached it by machine. It went with the prints on the top beautifully.

All the colors in the top did well, I was amazed.

Even the reds looked fine with the pinky tone of the star print.

A label is sewn onto the back.

All done and ready to give to Safelight.

So, three quilts delivered to the chairperson from our efforts. The purple and white one on the left was made by Linda Lou of our guild, using the same block. More tops are with longarm quilters and we hope to get to our goal.

I have more than enough blocks for one more quilt, and I took the extras to the meeting for someone else to add to theirs. I’ll show you the final quilt in a few days when I get the quilting and finishing done. Are you sewing this week?

31 thoughts on “Finishing the Rainbow Quilt

  1. I think the backing works perfect. Not getting too much sewing done this week. Have 2 playdates with a 4 yr old and am donating platelets at the American Red Cross tomorrow. Hope to trim & add label & binding to my Autumn Jubilee 2020 queen Quilt by the weekend.

  2. Rheanna

    I haven’t got into my sewing room yet this week but I am hoping tonight is the night. I am working on a raggedy edge flannel quilt for my son’s hockey team manager. I am hoping to have it done by the end of the month.

  3. Julie

    This pattern is good for comfort quilts, multiple layouts yield so much variety. Last year I finally achieved a good swirl on my domestic; it’s become my go-to quilting design. Not that I’m producing anything as good as what you show! Yesterday we had a visitor so no sewing, I knitted a pair of mittens instead. Visiting is a challenge. Virus is surging and my grandson is too young for vaccination. Little guy napped while we walked around the property but it was harsh outside, 20° & windy. We chatted in the garage & charged his electric SmartCar, it looks like those cute Little Tykes kiddie coupes. 1-1/2 yds mailed out yesterday! Hope to sew today.

  4. MaryEd Williams

    That quilt is wonderful! And I love the quilting pattern. I am going to try to get another one done.
    Hope you are staying warm.

  5. Linda B

    The quilt came out so nicely! Well done, Carole! A little work on a mystery quilt here, but mostly cleaning and treating my wood furniture with lemon oil. Messy work but will be glad when it is off my to-do list. Hoping it warms up a bit outside this week.

  6. Diane D.

    I hope to get back to some sewing real soon. Yesterday I spent the day going through my binders of patterns that I’ve printed. I have about 1/2 of a binder of patterns from you, so they are all together now. I love the safelight block and hope to try that. I need to finish the Autumn Jubilee quilt along table topper. Life threw us a couple of curve balls in November and December and I just haven’t touched my sewing. I’m glad you are back and hope all is well.

  7. Lynda Duncan

    The rainbow quilt is fabulous, as are the others! I love that pattern and will try it soon.
    Maybe I missed this in another email, but where are the quilts being donated to?

  8. Pat Semeraro

    I’m finally sewing this week. I cut out a top in french terry yesterday and hope to sew it up today. Haven’t felt like starting any new projects since Christmas. Your quilting designs are beautiful.

  9. Joan Sheppard

    Absolutely fabulous – how one simple block can be so amenable to so many patterns. Doing a paper pieced quilt for the kid’s hospital this week. Not going anywhere – it’s bitter cold and sidewalks are icy. Fostering the cutest little 8 month old pup – keeping busy! Thanks!

  10. Shirley Marvin

    In the last week and a half have made 22 NICU tops, more to go. Using orphan blocks and uses up from fat qtr. to 1/2 yard of material each so have gotten 10 to 11 yards of material out of the closets mostly bits an pieces from other sewing. More to go.

  11. Bonnie Coleman

    I really love how these are turning out! Great job, Carole! The soft pastel colors in that one are really pretty. Let me know if you need more blocks made! Bonnie in GA

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  12. The Rainbow quilt is gorgeous, and with the others shown, a great start for the year for your donations.
    Yes, I’ve been sewing. In fact, I’m feeling rather virtuous as I’ve done a little mending first, it doesn’t really take too long at all, and gets it out of the way. Then I’ve started on myvRainbow Scrap Chalkenge blocks, making a few red ones for January.
    If I haven’t already said, Happy New Year to you both.

  13. Cindy Beal

    Love your quilting on this!!!! And the pastel floral one takes on a whole different vibe!
    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see more!

  14. I managed to finish the potholders I started last week, and have made progress on 2 red and white quilt blocks. I have 2 pillowcases to get done for this weekend, so tomorrow I need to get cracking!

  15. Haven’t been out to my sewing room in a long time. If we get above freezing today I may wander out. At least the snow is finally out of the way for the walk out, but it has been darn cold here and it kills my joy. I hate having to bundle up to go sew! Spending way to much time in front of the computer!!

  16. Arlene Reed

    I’ve missed your emails I’ve got to get back into the groove, went away to Maryland for Christmas, my 80th birthday and New Years. Back home put away all the holiday stuff now get ready for 2022. Hope all was well with you and your family. Got to get into my sewing room, glad the snow is finally gone I know my dogs are. Look forward to hearing and reading your interesting stories. How are the squirrels?

  17. Love your quilt. This is the neatest block. Will you do charity quilts again this year? Will you use this block again? I am hoping to be able to contribute. Found your blog too late to do so last year. Your quilting is beautiful. I envy you with a long arm. I was renting hours from a local quilt shop the past few years but they closed their doors late last fall .So I do my best with straight line quilting on my domestic machine.

  18. chevee12

    where can I purchase the pattern for rainbow quilt for Safelight..

    love your colors and the quilt.

    LindaM ________________________________

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