One More Safelight Quilt

This week has seen a bit more sewing than usual, which has been nice for a change. I worked on the next Safelight quilt, and got it mostly done. The blocks I had left were all kinds of themes and colors, but the beauty of this block is all work well together. I put my cardboard grid on the longarm to use as a design board, and placed the blocks on it. I like this Bargello setting the best. If you are new to the blog, here is a link to the download for the block and some setting ideas – Scrappy Quilt. It can make several different quilts, it is all in how you set the blocks.

I switched blocks around, distributing the pastels around the brights, and the earth tones until it looked nice. Then I folded the second column of blocks over the first to do the Web Method of assembly. The rest of the rows were stacked at the same time.

Then I got busy sewing. In short order, I had the top webbed together.

Then, the horizontal seams were quickly completed.

Next, I found some backing fabric and pieced two lengths together. I had Hobbs 100% Poly batting from the guild to use. With all the elements assembled, the longarm was loaded.

This time I went with white cotton thread in top and bobbin. The backing is light and this looked great on all the blocks.

The pantograph is the same Fascination, it is fast and simple, perfect for charity quilts.

Quilting went pretty fast, except for one little bout of thread breaks.

One more look at the quilting, this blue and yellow combination is always pretty.

Over a couple of days, I finished the quilting and removed the quilt from the frame.

I’ll trim it up, and then do the binding. It will be turned into the committee at the February meeting. There are yet two more out with fellow longarmers, and I’ll get those back in February to bind. Then those will be taken in March. That will be the end of my involvement with this project. From blocks and quilts received from readers, we have donated nine quilts to the project. Two complete quilts were received. Two complete tops were received, and five tops were assembled from your blocks. I quilted four and three were quilted by friends in our longarm group. I bound three so far, and I’ll bind the one shown today, plus the two left with longarm friends. This has been a big project, and I am eager to get started on a something new with some fun new fabric. More on that on Sunday.

What have you been doing this week?

24 thoughts on “One More Safelight Quilt

  1. Lenora

    What wonderful memories these women/men will be able to make snuggling under these wonderful quilts. Such Talent!

  2. Julie

    This came together beautifully. It’s such a flexible pattern. It’s always fun to see how fabrics you might never plan in the same project actually play together very well. As I heard/saw somebody comment, all colors work in nature. I’m assembling a quilt top, the last SAL I started in 2021 that carried over. I could get it done today if I’d stay on track.

  3. Rheanna

    I love the last quilt. You have done fabulous work with this project. New fabric to work with is a wonderful reward.

    The Omicron variant has entered our house with 2 of my kids testing positive. So our entire family is quarantined for the next week. They have had no symptoms, which I am thankful for but, that means they are their usual energetic selves. I have been giving them movie time in the afternoon to give myself a break and working on my ragtime quilt. I have the 32 large blocks sandwiches and sewn. I just need to complete the 128 little blocks. I am hoping to work through those over the next 4 days.

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Another beautiful quilt! Beside taking out mailboxes with my car, I’ve been working on my January Island Batik project with pink gradations!

  5. Carole, I love the scrappy look of this quilt. I completed a small wall quilt late last year that featured both piecing and raw edge applique. A dear friend loved it so much and asked me to make her special needs daughter one as a gift for her 50th birthday. I normally don’t accept these kind of requests, mainly because I find that sewing for money takes the fun out of it and adds undue stress to what is supposed to be a stress relieving pastime. But, I made an exception this time (for personal reasons), so I’ve been working on that this week. With sewing time today, I should be finished with the individual blocks and ready to assemble, quilt and bind next week. I’m taking this weekend off to devote to NFL Playoffs. I’m in Wisconsin and have a vested interest to see who will be coming to Green Bay in Round 2!

    1. Cindy Beal

      Grace1927, I so agree with you about sewing for money-it sucks the joy out of it for me. I did it a couple of times but not again. I was miserable.

  6. Cindy Beal

    Carole, this arrangement is wonderful!!!! And I see several of my blocks in this one! That just tickles me! Amazed that you made all those fabrics balance out so nicely. Congrats on another big project wrapped up! I liked the multi-colored blocks so well I am starting me a batch with the leftovers!

  7. Wow, you turned on a lightbulb for me today…I’ve been using the block joining method for some time to make a “web” but never thought to save a step by stacking the first two rows for assembly. Feeling blessed as my husband received a Quilt of Valor yesterday and it’s beautiful…these gifts of love and thanks mean so much to those we gift them to.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Going to go through this one more time but absolutely love the swirl pattern quilting going with the swirl fabric. The colors are so bright and summery! Especially looking out at our slushy yard and gray clouds! I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I have a box with squares to make my own. Now to decide which way to do this – the blocks, the rows, the rainbow! So many choices. Thanks and thanks to all the others who have pieced, quilted, bound these wonderful quilts.

  9. Linda Clark

    I have vowed to catch up on some of my charity quilting. I finished 1 quilt; made 6 pillow cases for Mission Hospital; finished 170 half-square triangles for another project. Tomorrow our guild will have a charity sew day and I am looking forward to binding some finished quilts from members or cutting more kits. I think I might use next week to finish up some Christmas projects that will keep until next year. Then a QOV needs to be finished along with another quilt I started at a retreat last fall. Whew! Wish me lots of sewing hours!

  10. That’s a beautiful quilt! It definitely looks like these blocks are great in any color combo and many layouts. I bet you are really ready to get on to a project of your own now! I’m trying to finish up a small quilt that will go to Jack’s Basket – almost done quilting it.

  11. You have put a lot of time, effort, and love into the Safelight quilts. I’m sure that will be felt by their recipients. Have fun finishing up the commitment and I look forward to seeing what you have in store next.

  12. Melanie

    Fantastic job, and your quilting just makes the icing on the cake. What beautiful quilts that will be received and loved. And your work certainly will be appreciated, too.

  13. I think my next project will be to quilt a small table topper (from an Autumn Jubilee!) then to sandwich the senior quilt I want to have done early this year! I will slip in a red and white block here and there and start working on some sets for your next Safelight bags using some of the Terracina fat quarters. I think they will be quite elegant.

  14. Being one who adores bright colors, I’m rather in love with this one — and how wonderfully they show on the white background. I’ve just been putzing in the house, removing the last of Christmas and putting up the winter (and a little reading) and now I feel like a super-slug!)

  15. Margaret N.

    This week my sister’s long arm should be delivered to my she shed, the she shed countertops should be painted and finished. I’m hoping to gain full private access to the building after 7-8 months of work.
    I’m so excited yet stressed at the same time.
    I’m working on EPP while my family is taking it easy after a virus has invaded.
    I’m also hoping to take your next quilt repair class without personal interruption.

  16. WOW and then some! I love all the bright cheery colors. Reminds me of the ghan I’m currently working on. The white thread shows up nicely. Do you find you talk to yourself when arranging the colors….I know I do that as I move things around to decide what I like best.

  17. thedarlingdogwood

    I love scrap quilts, and this one is beautiful! I know you have been working on quilts for Safelight, what will be done with them? (I’m sorry, I”m sure you’ve said, but I was spotty reading blogs for most of the second half of 2021)

  18. Pat Semeraro

    This week I cut out and sewed a top in light gray French Terry. And, I wore it to church today! Maybe my sewing bug is back. Have a great week.

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