Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Part 3

Are you having fun with the quilt along? Today we’ll assemble the center section.

Begin by pulling these pieces from the cutting instructions. You’ll need
Autumn Theme Scraps – nine 2-1/2-inch squares, four 4-inch squares
Background – four 3-1/2-inch squares, four 4-inch squares
Accent Color 3-1/2-Inch Strips – cut two 12-1/2-inches long, and two 18-1/2-inches long.

Using the nine 2-1/2-inch squares, assemble a nine patch.

Match four 4-inch scrappy squares with 4-inch background squares and make HSTs. Use my Chain Piecing Half Square Triangles method for speedy assembly. Square up to 3-1/2-inches square.

Arrange four 3-1/2-inch background squares with HST units and center nine patch unit as shown. Sew two HST units together for two sides, then attach to center nine patch.

Sew remaining units in rows. Sew rows together and press. This block should measure 12-1/2-inches square.

Tips – as you are sewing, be sure to join the pieces sewing through the ‘x’ created by making the HST unit and the adjacent patch. This creates perfect points.

Next, apply the sashing strips. Use the same measure-and-cut method as you would to put a border on a large quilt. Using the 3-1/2-inch wide by 12-1/2-inch long strips, fit the block to the sashing border. Pin carefully and sew.

Press toward the sashing.

Add the remaining two sashing units 18-1/2 inches long to remaining two sides.

The center section should measure 18-1/2-inches at this point. Download the pdf for your sewing room – Autumn Jubilee Week 3 Center Section.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Aurifil Threads! Aurifil Threads will award Three Color Builder Collections, a total of nine full size spools in your choice of colors. Find Aurifil threads at Fat Quarter Shop, and Amazon.

Visit Aurifil’s Website and leave a comment on this post, what is your favorite color builder collection?

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78 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Part 3

  1. Cindy Pieters

    I love Aurifil threads, it’s a good thing since my machine is a thread snob. I like WALKING PALM colour builders.

  2. Pat Semeraro

    What a fun block this is for the center of the quilt. I love Aurafil’s Jade Vine color builder – the varigated thread is so beautiful.

  3. Rheanna

    The Whale Shark or Blue Throated Macaw collections both caught my eye. I have really been loving blues lately.

  4. Sheila

    Thank you again, for a lovely runner pattern. The Aurofil thread colours a wonderful. I cannot decide between the red panda and the blue throated macaw. They are gorgeous!

  5. Julie

    Elephant, Lynx, & Pangolin – I’m a neutral kind of person, but that purple in the Mountain Gorilla is calling out to me. I love, love, love Aurifil thread. I am enjoying this year’s Jubilee, but progress is slower than last year. It’s been unseasonably warm all month & the toddler grandson wants to play a lot. Yesterday was a library visit, a quilt book for me & a Mike & the Steamshovel book for him. Looking forward to catching up on Jubilee this weekend.

  6. Edy John

    Love Aurifil’s partnership with Earth League International! If I have to choose just one color builder it would be the Macaw collection but honestly I love them all!

  7. Connie Wolfe

    Oh, boy, the Aurifil link was amazing eye candy! I finally chose Capri but there were at least 10 that were close seconds. The block and instructions are well done. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Joy B

    Oh, my, all those colors to choose among! I was drawn to the Floral collection and I guess I’d choose Jade Vine as a favorite. They are all gorgeous!

    1. Sandra B

      I love all the 2020 Italy collections!! After a couple of looks I decided I would pick Capri as my favorite

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I use Aurifil 50 wt exclusively for piecing my quilts, so one of my faves is the Carrara, but not a one of them would be a bad choice!! Thanks, Carole and Aurifil for this wonderful prize!

  10. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Still working on my leaves, but I was hoping the star would be this week! I loved the Aurifil Capri Teal collection. It would be fun to win any Aurifil thread!

  11. debby815

    I think Rubber Tree would be my most used collection although they are all great. I’m enjoying the Autumn Jubilee again this year. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Joan Sheppard

    Wonderful company – I didn’t know they also do virtual or in-person programs. Their office isn’t far from where we meet! Thread is like oxygen – so simple, so necessary and so easy to mess up!
    Love their website, full of great photos and information. Thanks!

  13. Kathy E.

    Aurifil always comes through with the best colors and never fails to help me find the right match for my projects! I really like the new Cross River Gorilla colors.

  14. Robin S

    I love the contrasting colors of Italy- stone, and mountains to the greens of the trees and the bright flowers.

  15. I had not been to Aurifil’s site before. Awesome color photos. My favorite color builder is the soft blues of Passionflower. However, I also love the Sea Turtle greens. Too many fabulous choices.

  16. Melanie

    I really like the flora collection. All so beautiful, and Aurifil is wonderful thread. Great mystery QAL, Carole. I’m behind but hoping to catch up.

  17. I was a bit confused with the collections, so hard to say. I think there was a green one I liked, and another neutral with white and grey. I do enjoy using aurifil though,

  18. Sandi Scarlett

    I use Aurifil’s thread all the time and love it! I like the sea turtles or the light blues. I enjoy reading your Blog.

  19. Pam S

    Your star block is beautiful. You chose the perfect colors for this! Speaking of colors, all the Aurifil color collections are gorgeous. Jade Vine is my favorite.

  20. Mary Dach

    I love Aurifil threads. The new 2022 color collections are wonderful! My favorite was the Golden Shrimp Plant, beautiful colors. I’ve enjoyed this quilt along, lovely fall patterns. Thank-you.

  21. mary4g

    Aurifil is my all time favorite thread! I am in love with the floral collection, especially Jade Vine and. curiously enough, Stinking Corpse Lily. Love your block, it is a spectacular central focal point.

  22. Sandy F.

    I have a fabric collection just right for Jade Vine — plus it’s 50 wt., which I haven’t tried yet in Aurifil.

  23. Juana Ibanez

    The bright collection sings to me but all the colors sets are perfect for the perfect quilt to match the colors.

  24. Sue Hoover

    Iberian Lynx looks like beautiful colors to quilt with. I specifically looked through the 40 wts for just that purpose!

  25. Teri

    I’ve been to Italy and seen the beautiful colors of the Italian landscape. The Aurifil color builders really match the cities for which they are designed. Such glorious colors!

  26. Sooooo ,any AWESOME colors…got it narrowed down tho..LOVE “Hawaiian Blue Ginger” 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too 😀

  27. Niki Barber

    I really like the Endangered Species Cross River Gorilla collection. All the collections are so pretty, hard to pick a favorite.

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