Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along Finish

Did you get your wool applique done from part 1? When we left off, the motifs were stitched to the base. If you missed part 1 that has the pattern, click on Autumn Jubilee on the sidebar and go back a few posts.

Today we embellish and finish the needle keeper. Get out your stash of seed beads and other little lovelies, and add some bling to the project as you wish. For me, I put veins on the leaves with wool thread.

I did all the leaves, and left the acorns as they were.

Then I added just a few glass seed beads on the leaves.

Again note that the back is a bit of a mess, but this won’t matter.

Next, on the right edge of the top wool piece, sew three snaps. Sew the other side of the snap in position on the second lining wool piece at the edge.

On the lining side, blanket stitch two squares to hold your needles. Place them between the mid-point and the edge, at least one inch in from the short edges.

Stitch. My blanket stitch is a bit wonky, I really need to work on spacing.

When both sides are done, iron fusible webbing to the top side. Peel off the paper.

Now here is the tricky part. Make sure that the lining with the snaps has the snaps on the same edge as the single leaf on the top piece.

Now your needle case will fold over to snap closed. When you are sure you have it right, fuse the layers together.

Blanket stitch around the edge.

Stitching finished!

Inside, I now have a dedicated spot to keep my larger needles for wool work, my threader, and a few pins.

Using the wool setting with a lot of steam on your iron, press in the folds. This is one reason I only use glass beads, as the steam would melt plastic ones. All done!

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by MadamSew, a wool press mat! Visit MadamSew’s New Arrivals page to see what tools are new to their store. Which one looks most interesting to try? Leave a comment on this post, then click on the Rafflecopter button below to enter.

Which new product looks interesting at Madam Sew?

43 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along Finish

  1. I really like the Madam Sew rotary cutter (45mm) and blades. They are LONG lasting. I bought one after I saw you using one when we were on a zoom once. The new things on the page that interest me are the iron rest! I have the hot hem ruler which is a blessing when you want to turn under an exact amount and press. I hang it on the wall behind my ironing station so it is easy to reach and always at the ready.

  2. Julie

    I got the top of my needle keeper done just in time. I don’t have any tiny beads but did add some veins in my leaves. Now I have to hunt for some snaps, I know they’re around somewhere. I like the chalk liners on Madam Sew. They look more precise than a regular piece of tailors chalk.

  3. Beth Schultz

    I see a 28mm rotary cutter that would be real handy for cutting around curves. I have a 28mm cutter but not the stick style so it does not work as well around curves. efinitely need to make this needle case!

  4. Lovely finish to the Needle Keeper. Gotta get to my felt stash and see what I can come up with! From Madame Sew’s site, I would choose the Premium Thread Snips. I had a similar pair, but lost them. They were very handy for quick thread cuts, especially between chain-pieced items. Yes, scissors work but the snips feel good in the hand and seem quicker to use since you don’t have to open and close with each cut. The snips stay open. And I covet that wool press mat!

  5. Sheila

    Hmmm…I wonder if a lighted seam ripper would make reverse sewing easier. And that magnetic seam guide looks interesting too. Carole you wool applique is beautiful.

  6. I would like to try Sewist’s Magic Wand, not for quilting, but to help stuff small areas on the felt stockings that I hand sew. I also would love a new pair of Premium Thread Snips. I had several years ago and loved them!

  7. June Neigum

    Not a fan of hand anything but might make this with another machine embellishment . Love your blog. So many different things to do.

  8. debby815

    My order from One of the Flock arrived so I’ll be cutting out this project today. I like the book stand to hold the directions while I craft, sew or stitch. Your needle book turned out so nice.

  9. Deb E

    What a beautiful needle keeper! I like hand work, so I’m going to have to make one – for ME!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Your wool stitchery project is beautiful and I think your blanket stitch is lovely. I’m interested in trying the new chalk malkers at MadamSew, but I’m also shopping for feet.

  11. I think the Premium Thread Snips would be very handy. Never can have enough scissors. Thanks for the chance to win one of these fantastic wool mats.

  12. Kathryn Laposata

    I love my magnetic pin cushion. I hadn’t thought of using one for my clips, but that is a good idea. Thanks.

  13. Kathy E.

    One new item I like at Madam Sew is the Creative Shape Cut Ruler 9″X15″…I think I’d get a lot of use out of this!

    1. Teri

      I’ve ordered from Madam Sew’s before. I got the lighted seam ripper which is very cool. I learned about Madam Sew’s from you Carole. Thanks

  14. Kathleen Dell'Aquila

    I would like to try the premium thread snips. I see them being used a lot. I just use regular scissors

  15. Kathleen D

    So many cool and helpful gadgets on Madam Sew’s website!
    I really like the Chalk Marker with Dosing Wheel in all the available colors!
    Thanks for the Autumn Jubilee.

  16. Pam

    This needle case turned out so beautifully! I love the color combination. Thank you for sharing this. My favorite new notion at Madam Sew is the hemming ruler that can be ironed on. That will save a lot of fussy measuring and pinning.

  17. mary4g

    Sweet Needlebook, almost finishd…have to find my beading needles! I am interested in the Rotating Cutting Matt and the Iron Rest and I love the Wool Press Matt, need another for classes!!

  18. Niki Barber

    Chalk marker with dosing wheel looks interesting. I’m always looking for a better way to mark my cutting lines. I haven’t found anything yet that I truly love.

  19. Debbie Miller

    I just broke my seam ripper-so a lighted seam ripper would be a welcome item since I tend to “unstitch” at night.

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