Sunday Chat

It is the last Sunday of the month, and Autumn arrived this week with beautifully cool days. The garden is winding down, but I am still harvesting a lot of tomatoes! This was a couple of days worth, with lots of little cherry tomatoes and another Cherokee purple.

The hydrangea is covered in dark pink/green blooms as is usual for it in the fall. Here and there are lighter color ones, but most are the darker ones.

I have one beautiful lavendar one that has been blooming for over a week now. It is a lovely pure lavendar color, the ones I like best.

My little dahlias bloomed this week. Two lovely red blooms are a bright spot in a garden winding down.

Cooler temperatures this week made this impatiens happy, and it bloomed profusely.

We have our annual Halloween costume party back on the agenda for the end of October. I’ve had the idea for My Sweet Babboo and I to do for two years. This month, I made the final element for it, a pinafore for me. I won’t say what we are dressing up to be right now, but I’ll share what we did after the party.

Speaking of Halloween, if anyone is doing a Harry Potter theme, I want to sell my Altered Books for Potions and Spells. Shoot me an email if you are interested in having these for your grands (or yourself) to use this year either as a costume prop or a home decoration. Both books $25 plus media mail shipping.

This week I was thrilled to discover that my sewing machine cover pattern was selected by All Free Sewing to be part of their National Sewing Month Promotion! See the list of projects for Sewing Machine Covers on their website.

In the craft room, I enjoy a bit of painting from time to time, and is so much fun to hide painted rocks around town. It is even more fun when the person that finds them posts on the group page. I have been a bit busy lately with the fair, and getting a head start on Autumn Jubilee, so I haven’t had a great deal of time to paint. But I did get a few done with a fall theme. These have leaf stickers decoupaged on, then sealed with clear spray gloss varnish.

You have to have a few with a Halloween theme. These are in progress, needing their final gloss coats. They all have a note on the back to keep or re-hide, and where to post a picture. I’ll hide them around town in October.

Oliver has been around almost daily, but he has so many acorns on the ground he hasn’t been begging for sandwiches. He is a bit skinnier than he was this time last year. I am happy to see him as we have had a couple of hawks in the area looking to make a meal of small animals.

I’ve been very busy with projects for Autumn Jubilee this past week, and I’ll be showing you those over the month of October. I have a fabulous line-up and I cannot wait to begin!! The event is so big this year, it will start on Wednesday with the announcements of the prizes and review of the event. Plan some sewing time in October, and you’ll have lots of new things to play with for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and my favorite season.

So, more football games to enjoy today, and finishing up a bit of handwork. What are your plans for the day?

19 thoughts on “Sunday Chat

  1. Rhonda

    Your flowers are beautiful. My gardens are winding down also and like every year wondering what I’ll do with all the green tomatoes. Struggling with the tension on my mid arm and planning to take it off the frame and have a go with in that way. I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  2. karenfae

    the rocks are so pretty and cute the way you have done them. My hydrangeas have always only blossomed in the late spring early winter – I never get new blooms at this time of year. If I had let my tomatoes continue the whole summer in the garden I wonder if they would have continued to prosper – do you cut your plants back at any time so they will continue

  3. Look at all those tomatoes! I’m still using up the last few I picked before our trip that are slowly ripening on the kitchen counter. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, too! It’s a football day at our house – we’ll talk to our kids and watch some of the Ryder Cup as well. I’m looking forward to Autumn Jubilee!

  4. Connie

    I enjoy seeing Oliver eating and enjoying his peanut butter sandwiches. Keep those pictures coming❤️
    My sewing group has an auction each year to raise money for guest speakers and trips. Our theme is always. Make it, Bake it Sew it or Grow It. I am always looking for new ideas that will WOW and bring in bids.
    I would love to have your ideas and maybe a future post for all of us that our looking for some gift ideas for the holidays.
    Congratulations on your ribbons from the fair. Well earned👍

  5. Patricia Evans

    Several years ago I made two pumpkin blocks and four maple leaf blocks during Autumn Jubilee, but never finished that project. I finally used the pumpkins with one of the leaf blocks to make a table runner for Joyful Quilter’s Tablescraps Challenge. You can see photos of it on my IG page pate393. Now I suppose I’d better find a use for the remaining leaf blocks. Cooler here now and time for fall garden clean up.

  6. Julie

    Most of our squirrels are so busy gathering tree nuts they’re barely stopping by to raid the birdfeeder. Your leaf rocks are striking & the candy corn one really stands out. How can it be almost October already?! Not that I’m complaining with Autumn Jubilee for enticement. It’s a beautiful day for weeding today, temps in the mid 60s with a steady light breeze to keep the bugs away. I think I got 99% of the weeds & plants past their prime out of my terraced garden, now the weeds I missed stick out like a sore thumb but I’m done for the day.

  7. Your Sunday chats are so much fun Carole! I am looking forward to Autumn Jubilee, I am going to make a concerted effort to clear some projects this week, so I can take part.

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Hi Carole, You are simply having too much fun with your painted rocks. Like the autumn leaves and he little BOO ones are so cute for little ones to find. Have been watching the 3 hummingbirds lately at my feeder. They must all be in the same family as they don’t fight and chase each other off. Have a kitchen to clean up so talk to ya later, Phyllis

  9. Susan Nixon

    Congratulations on your cover being chosen as one to showcase! Oliver looks healthy and happy. I’m glad he’s still around. Your blooms are gorgeous. I love the blooming of fall before the winter arrives.

  10. I painted a few rocks and hid them without the sign on the back. I have joined a Facebook group and bought supplies, so now it is a matter of painting some more, putting the note on them and hiding them.

  11. I went to All Free Sewing to scope out the sewing machine covers. Your cover is a stand out! I bought an old mechanical machine and it desperately needs a cover. I will put that on my UFO list.

    I am busy making charity quilts as our guild has added new recipients. I will also be making our guild’s raffle quilt.

    Looking forward to Autumn Jubilee!

    Sending joyful karma your way!

  12. Joan Sheppard

    Stunned at the array of colors in your garden! Beautiful. I bought 12 tomato plants, 6 for my yard and 6 for my neighbor. She will be freezing and eating tomatoes for a while – I got no tomatoes at all! But she brings BAGS of them over to share.
    Just finishing up a CHRISTMAS quilt for the dog rescue auction which starts this week. Have extra fabric so might add a couple pillow cases done Burrito Style. Love this weather!!!!!

  13. Looking forward to Autumn Jubilee! Love the candy corn rock!! Honestly, your ideas to decoupage on the rocks is brilliant. I have no talent with a paint brush, so this is very clever! My Sunday was spent “unpacking” from my cancelled November Hawaii cruise, and sorting out and “repacking” for the California coast and Cabo for mid October. I’m still over packed, sigh…..but it was fun to get reorganized. See you in a WEEK! 🙂

  14. Sue H

    Oliver is just the sweetest! Your flowers are looking good. We had a cool spell a couple of weeks ago and I noticed my impatiens blooming too. Too bad we went back to the 90s this week. Ugh! I think I’ll see it rebloom later this upcoming week. I’m looking forward to Autumn Jubilee. I bought a FQ bundle from LQS with the jubilee in mind!

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