Update on the Safelight Quilts

It was fun to go to the post office this week, as blocks are coming in for our Safelight Quilts. Not only blocks, but ready-to-quilt flimsies, plus two fully completed quilts!! These wonderful scrappy blocks were sent in by Joan Hannes. Thank you!

Then, ten red and white blocks arrived from Carole Leaverton.

A big box arrived from generous donor Chris Leick. Inside was this completed quilt…

and this completed quilt….

and this flimsy, with a pretty pink floral fabric for backing. The backing is wide enough to longarm quilt, and have enough left to bind it in the same fabric. Thank you so much, Chris!!

This project is going to be ongoing for at least a few months, so if you have time to send a few blocks between now and December, we can use them. If you haven’t seen this project until now, my local guild area is making 60×84″ quilts for the beds at the Safelight Domestic Violence Shelter. We have just a dozen or so quilters, and we need 700 blocks. If you can help with making a few blocks, here’s a pdf of what we need for you to download – Safelight Quilt Blocks.

Are you working on charity projects?

14 thoughts on “Update on the Safelight Quilts

  1. Julie

    This year I’ve been making 60 x 72 comfort quilts out of 16-patch blocks. I aim for that size because that’s what fits on the two banquet tables I use for pin basting.

  2. Patricia Evans

    I have 5 blocks in spring pastels that just need to be trimmed and popped in the mail. Meant to get it done earlier in the week.

  3. Joan Sheppard

    There are so many wonderful people out there. We have Gatherers, Sewers and Distributors. Some people scour the planet for “good deals”, stashes that need love, like the gentleman who donated his wife’s work, and the Sewers who put it all together and then the most important part – people like you who coordinate all this love and give these quilts homes where they will be used and loved and not hidden under the bed or the attic. Thanks for being you!

  4. I have a wall hanging in the works, it has languished for several months, so I will get going on it after I finish up a few sewing projects. Canning season is starting to wind down, so fabric pursuits will soon get more attention!

  5. These are going to be great quilts for the shelter! I love working on charity quilts. I know they might not all be appreciated but I also know that there’s a chance that one of them will make a difference in someone’s life. Plus my family and friends already have plenty of quilts!

  6. I’ve never heard the term “flimsy” before but it’s perfect. I have a couple (little did I know!) that I use for tablecloths. The boxes are great fun. And some of these you shared are especially beautiful.

  7. Sherrill

    Donation quilts are just about all I make anymore. QOV’s for the most part but I have 3 tops with backings to go to a quilter in Dallas (if I ever get my rear in gear to get them to her) and I donate through the church quilt group. I’ll try to get a little pkg together for the Safelight project.

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