MINIs Elk Mountain Drive

Last weekend, it felt more like we were resuming our normal lives, with a drive planned for the Blue Ridge Parkway and up to Elk Mountain road. It was a joint club drive with both of the MINI clubs where we are members. The two groups were meeting on the BRP at an overlook between them. The overlook was closer for us, so we met them there. We were first to arrive, and too the opportunity to take a photo of the car with mountains in the background. My Sweet Babboo put his wind-up key on the back just for fun.

Without moving the car, the view across the road was just as beautiful.

Since we got there early, I walked a bit up the Mountain To Sea Trail that ran around the overlook, and hid a couple of rocks.

Apparently, lots of us were feeling that it was time to begin living more normally again, as 33 cars showed up for the event! Cabin fever in full swing. Upstate MINIs (South Carolina club) came up to meet Appalachian Mountain MINIs (western North Carolina club) on the Blue Ridge Parkway overlook.

All the cars were stuffed into the overlook, it was lucky that the overlook was mostly empty. We maneuvered around to let two other cars leave, then filled up the space with four rows of MINIs.

Driver’s meeting to go over the route and determine order, and then we were off.

Turning out on the Blue Ridge Parkway, everything is green now.

There are a number of tunnels on the parkway, and it is customary to blow the horn when you are going through.

A quick look back, the line was keeping together.

Out the windows, the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

We were going north, to east Asheville, then turned onto Elk Mountain Road.

A wonderful view of the Asheville area, showing it in the French Broad River valley, surrounded by mountains. The downtown area is on the left.

More green with mountains in the distance as we descended into the valley.

One more photo in the mirror, just for fun.

A few more miles surrounded by tall green trees, lush and fragrant with lots of dogwoods in bloom.

We arrived for our picnic lunch at members Max and Wendy’s home, packing in a few MINIs to fill up the driveway.

Then we parked them on both sides of the short alleyway running away from the house. We still had more to park, and begged the next door neighbor to let us use his field for the last 8 cars.

Wendy had this cake made for our event, so fun! And it was delicious!!

So good to be with vaccinated friends, have a great drive, a fun picnic, and top it off with yummy cake. It was a great day.

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What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend for fun?

18 thoughts on “MINIs Elk Mountain Drive

  1. Julie

    Wheeeee! A virtual Mini trip through the mountains. Love the pinups of your little darling with the beautiful mountain view backgrounds. What a fun day for you.

  2. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Thanks for letting us enjoy a virtual Mini outing! You have a talent for capturing the essence and beauty with your photos!

  3. Patricia Evans

    Good thing your gathering was for Minis and not Land Rovers or Hummers! It looks like it was a beautiful day and thankfully your gasoline supplies must have been restored. Everyone is so eager to get out and about again.

  4. What a fun drive. Great turn out of minis and such an awesome view. I really love that you could all get together for a picnic lunch. So good to see life getting back to normal. Just warms my heart with so much joy.

  5. Mary Ed Williams

    What a lovely day. I envy you being in the mountains. And ignore the vaccination thing.
    . not worth a minutes thought.

  6. Mary Ed Williams

    What a wonderful day. I envy you being in the mountains.ignore the ridiculous vaccination comment. Not worth a reply.

  7. Sharla

    I agree, this person cannot know the supportive and accepting person you show your readers all the time. Looks like you had fun.

  8. Mary Ed Williams

    Sorry I kept repeating. Site is telling me that it was a repeat. Oops.. and I’d of course we support you!.

  9. Mary

    How wonderful to be with friends and on the road again. You had a beautiful day and the colours are so fresh looking.
    What fun to pretend you are a windup car. I hope it gave everyone a laugh.
    Let’s hope these fun days will keep happening. I do enjoy them through your super photography. :))

  10. Elaine Nemerh

    Such a beautiful day. My great nephew was so excited to get zhis twin Pachanga quilt and pillow case. He said “I’ve never had anything in my life so nice as this. “thank you for getting me to use up my red scraps.

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