Blue and Yellow Table Topper

When I made the blue and yellow version of To The Nines, I didn’t know when I started how big I wanted to make that quilt. I made nine patches with width of fabric strips, and ended up with a lot more than I needed. I really cannot use the other topper as it is now part of my trunk show, so another topper needed to be made.

I had plenty of yellow to sew alternating patches with the nine patch blocks.

The top went together quickly.

Now for borders, the first one is white to separate the main body of the top from the scrappy border to come. There is a lot of yellow with the solid squares, and I wanted to bring out more blue.

Blue strips were sewn together then cross cut to form a scrappy border.

To make it fit exactly, I did my trick of taking up just a bit here and there until the border measured the same as the quilt top.

Border done.

Onto the longarm for quilting. I used a leftover piece of Warm and Natural batting.

The pantograph is called Pipeline, a nice swirly design with just a suggestion of hearts.

I quilted with King Tut gold variegated cotton thread on top, Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Quilting was a breeze on this small project, done in a jiffy.

I like the texture of the quilting. Ready to trim and bind.

I had yardage left of the yellow, but when auditioned it on the quilt I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to detract from the scrappy blues. So, I pulled out the blues I had left, but none of the prints had enough to do the binding. Nothing else in my stash matched that blue.

Nothing says the binding has to be all the same thing, so I cut a bunch of pieces into strips and made the binding scrappy too.

With lots of binding seams, it was important to do a careful test fit so I didn’t get a seam on a corner.

It was stitched on the topside, then hand whipped to the back.

All done, I do like the blue on the edge. So fresh and bright, it inspired me to do a table with it, and I’ll show you that soon.

Edited to add dimensions for those who would like to do this quick little leftovers topper. Total size of the topper is 36-inches square, but you can easily make it bigger or smaller by adjusting the borders you add. The nine patches are made with jelly roll strips, and are 6-inches finished, alternating with 6-inch finished (cut 6-1/2-inches) plain yellow squares.The white border is 1-inch finished (cut 1-1/2-inches wide)The final scrappy border is cut 2-1/2 inches, and finishes at 2-inches.

What are you working on this week?

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31 thoughts on “Blue and Yellow Table Topper

  1. Sandra

    I’m working on unpacking my sewing and craft supplies after my move. I need to purchase some shelves or something for that. I’d love to see pix of how you and your subscribers set up their craft area. 🤔 thank you for any ideas!

  2. Vallie Taylor

    Very pretty and the choice on the edges turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing your quilting process.

  3. lynn bourgeois

    You have a great finish there Carole. I’m working on a mystery this week, as well as finishing up an older UFO.

  4. Linda B

    Yes! Love the blue and yellow! No sewing time here, but got rid of a couple big pieces of old office furniture as I slowly convert our old office into my sewing area. Still shocked how much it costs to have things moved darn it! And outside work. But temps are heading up this week, which means I should be able to spend time in my cool sewing area soon! Soon!

  5. Jo Anne Seccurra

    The scrappy border is like the frosting on the cake for this quilt. Like how you used the leftovers to create a quilt with zing and interest!

    Just finished three sets for the Safe Lite project and will be sending your way!

    My current project is a red and white quilt top. I’m pretreating the reds as I don’t want them to run when washed.

    Carpe Diem!

  6. Julie

    Love it! The panto is so pretty. Busy quilting Pachanga this week. When I do binding, if a seam is about to fall in a corner, I cut the binding & resew it so the seam ends up before the corner. I iron the seams in binding, but not the fold, pressing once the binding is attached. I tried auditioning bindings to keep the seams out of corners but found this way was more reliable. btw, a fellow guild member who is a consistent ribbon winner gave me this tip when I commented on how her bindings are always perfect.

  7. Joan Sheppard

    “Blue and Yella, Kiss your Fella” Favorite combo. The panto looks like a breeze rustling through the flower bed. Lovely
    Finishing up 3 quilts for fall auction, while 3 quilts are now in the auction for our dog rescue group medical expenses. Always putting the pieces together.

  8. Gretchen Romanelli

    I love the colors and border treatment. Simple but striking yellow and blue. Makes me think of summer

  9. Just wanted to let you know I put 25 cards in the mail to you today. They are due to get there on Saturdau. I’ll make some more and get them to you asap.

  10. As always great color and fabric choices. Yellow and blue are great together. Yesterday I (finally) sewed together blocks I made for a log cabin exploration class. All ready now to decide on the fabric for the backing.

  11. Dasha Brandt

    I often do a scrappy binding. It often sets off a scrappy quilt. Pretty blues & yellows, So cheerful!

  12. Sue H

    What a classic looking quilt in blue & yellow. Very spring-like. I love the scrappy binding. I like to use them too. Yes, one must be careful to not get a seam in the corner. Even with careful planning, I’ve had to pick out stitches in the binding, shrink a piece down and resew together to get that seam before the corner. Pain in the neck but worth the trouble. I’ve been working on a Halloween UFO lately and will continue this week. The top needs to be finished by June 8th for show ‘n’ tell.

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