Spring Sunday Drive

The British Car Club drive for Saturday was postponed to Sunday due to rain, so we were able to have a nice sunny day for a drive in the mountains. We met at a parking lot in Brevard to get everyone together. It was a later start, so we could have some much needed social time.

Lots of people arrived earlier than needed, just to chat and catch up. We were outside, but still wore masks for the most part, just to protect those who have not had their vaccines yet.

We actually had so many members come that we had to split into two groups for the drive. There were 11-12 in each group. My Sweet Babboo volunteered us to lead the second group. He sweetened that deal by saying he would navigate since he was more familiar with the route. So I got to drive.

So, pictures of the scenery are courtesy of My Sweet Babboo. He did a good job getting a photo of some of the cars behind us.

The route took us past lots of pastureland with grazing cows.

The mountains are not yet fully greened up. This rusted gate was interesting.

Pastoral scenes of log cabins and old barns were a frequent sight.

This old, dilapidated barn with rusted fencing makes me wonder what it was for. Were there horses here once, or maybe sheep or goats? Who knows?

The blooms on the maple trees are fading, and others are beginning to leaf out. The shades of green say spring is here.

The end of the drive was at a local brewery with a food truck for those wanting to stay for lunch. We had other plans for the afternoon, so we stayed to chat a moment then went on home.

Overall it was a lovely day, great to see friends again and have some fun. I enjoyed driving the route, as I don’t often do that. I’m usually focused on navigating and getting some great photos.

Are you getting out and enjoying some warm spring days?

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16 thoughts on “Spring Sunday Drive

  1. Rheanna

    Unfortunately it was snowing here in Minnesota yesterday so warm spring days are not here quite yet. I am hoping by the end of the month we will be seeing less precipitation and more sunshine.

  2. karenfae

    your drives always look so lovely and relaxing. Every now and then we will see what is probably a car club driving along in little tiny cars or occasional a lot of very old antique cars

  3. Julie

    Rough sawn siding on the outbuilding, so homey. Thanks for another fun sunny ride through the hills. Our weather was reversed, sunny Saturday & rainy Sunday. With you as my driver, I had two sunny weekend days.

  4. Looks like fun and a beautiful day! We’re having a typical spring here – 80s for awhile, then snow! We have both played golf with friends and gotten some work done in the yard, so that’s good.

  5. How fun that you got a chance to drive and hubby played navigator! Even with GPS, I am usually the one spotting the turns from the passenger seat. Your husband did a great job catching photos along the way. How nice to be able to “resume” some FUN finally!

  6. CarolE

    I love seeing the pictures out in the country in your neck of the woods; this time thanks to your hubby! Hopefully my husband will be able to retire this year and it is our plan to travel the United States including a lot of country back roads. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Darlene S

    What a fun Sunday drive. Your Sweet Babboo did a great job taking pictures. Beautiful scenery and I’m amazed how many cars showed up. What fun. I’m delighted to take such a back road drive virtually with you.

  8. Beautiful spring countryside. We are having two days of snow/rain. It can’t decide, but when it snows it just melts so the moisture is very welcome, 15/100 so far.

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