Projects in Progress

I have been working on many quilting projects, but so much is still secret. I’m able to give some sneak peeks now, and I am so eager to show you what I can. I began quilting my Pachanga quilt, and it was a struggle at first with thread breaking. I think I have that figured out, but quilting is going slowly, more on that later. On another project, I have begun the work on my Christmas fabrics quilt. This is a sneak preview of Fat Quarter Shop’s upcoming Starry Charms quilt pattern. I chose to do mine in holiday prints as I plan to give it to our MINI car club’s Silent Auction at the annual Christmas Party.

The super secret project is done. All I can tell you about it right now is that it’s a navy and cheddar project. The quilting was a bit of a nail biter, as I mis-measured and played batting chicken with the bottom edge. But, it made it. Whew!!! I promise, I will show you this when I can.

One secret project I can now show you is my project for Hands2Help as it publishes today. My idea for a Hometown Hero project is a pillow or wall hanging. Click on the link to see the tutorial.

This week, the garden came more alive. The redbud bloomed beautiful deep pink.

My tulips opened up, mostly pink with one dark burgundy red one. More buds are forming, so I’ll have even more blooms this week.

Out in the yard, the ajugas are blooming, such pretty purple flowers all over the lawn.

I moved all the plants from the Carolina room to the veranda, to get them more sun now that it has warmed up a bit. The bleeding heart is still in the shade, and seems happy, giving me a few more of the wonderful heart shaped flowers.

I went to the garden center this week, and just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on torenias for my hanging baskets like I usually get. In the past, I would usually buy a flat of 15 plants for the hanging baskets, and they are now over $5 each, which adds up to over 75 bucks for just those. So, a trip to the big box store’s garden area and the mark down shelves seemed in order. Boy did I strike gold!! They had just put several new carts out, full of pansies and petunias. The little packs were marked down to $1, and each one had 8 plants! I got burgundy violas and golden celosia, a blue lithodora, and more on sale as well. All total this trunk-full only cost $36. I got busy with filling up pots, and I’ll show you more later when I get this project finished. I still have all my vegetables and herbs to plant as well.

Oliver continues to stop by for tidbits. He got a bit aggressive with jumping up on the window, knocked over one of my planters and broke it. So, I cut him off for a couple of days. My Sweet Babboo was able to glue the little planter back together. Oliver now seems to be behaving again, and his buddies Jack and Charlie show up from time to time, too.

I was working on planting pots when the wind picked up, and the rain was coming. I got everything cleaned up, and My Sweet Babboo rolled my planting bench into the garage for me, just as the rain began. Unfortunately, several days of rain meant we didn’t do our car club run on Saturday. We might do another club’s event today if the rain is done. The valley is greening up, looking more like spring every day.

It is nice to read on a rainy day, and I finished a book this week that was so good I have to share it now. It just could not wait for my next book review post – The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson. Rarely does a book come along that not only gets five stars before I finish it, but is one I immediately know that I will want to read again. Such is the case with The Bookseller.

This is such a creative and different story, with a woman who dreams of herself in a very different life. Both lives have their great parts, but both also have challenges. The psychological aspects of the novel are so compelling to me, as she comes to terms with these challenges on many levels. Telling you any more would be a spoiler. If you could only read one book this year, make it this one. It is so good I had to tell you about it now, and not wait until my next book review post.

Back to quilting on these rainy days, I am re-working my To The Nines pattern to teach as a live class. It was mentioned that although it makes a wonderful design for Quilts of Valor, not everyone can ‘see’ it in other colorways.

So I have decided to make up a few table toppers in this pattern with different colors. First up will be a blue and yellow colorway.

I plan to do another in fall colors (LOL, imagine that!) and maybe a third in something else. I’ll show you more on that soon. My Embroidered Wall Hanging will publish on the MadamSew blog on April 27th

Oh, and one more thing if you are on Instagram. Fat Quarter Shop is having a Garden Party! The patterns include the Farm Girl Vintage Flower pattern by Lori Holt, and the Quilter’s Patch book by Edyta Star, along with four more quilt patterns and several cross stitch patterns. There are prizes to win if you post your project on Instagram with #FQSGardenParty. See the details on their blog Jolly Jabber – Garden Party. Fat Quarter Shop’s monthly specials new for April include 20% Off Laundry Basket solids the Basic of the Month, plus 30% Off Mettler Threads the Notion of the Month, plus specials on the Book of the Month and Precuts of the Week.  The Daily Flash Sale has something new at clearance pricing every day.

What is happening in your garden and sewing room?

22 thoughts on “Projects in Progress

  1. You’ve got a lot of nice projects going. What a teaser with the navy and cheddar! Poor Oliver. I am sure he is happy now that he is getting his sandwich back! I’m also looking forward to seeing your Christmas one. I have similar fabrics. I’m sure that you are enjoying the spring blooms.

  2. Julie

    Unseasonably warm here this past week with record & near record temps. My spring garden exploded. Trees are budding & the grass is a fresh spring green. In the sewing room, 2020 Autumn Jubilee row quilt is finished at last. It rested for while other time dependant projects forward. I’m very happy to have that done, unfinished projects weigh heavily on me. I prefer to finish one before moving to another; only one active project per category allowed.

  3. Pat Semeraro

    Your secret projects fabrics are ALL so pretty, especially those gold metalic Christmas prints!

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Lots of projects inside and out! I hope little Oliver continues to play nice. You’ve spoiled him!

  5. Pam Hanson

     Hi Carole-Just read your post and wanted to share this photo of a recent QOV I made similar to yours. It was a great scrap user! I enjoy your blog, sewing and living ideas. I live in SC, love being near the ocean but I’d certainly enjoy life in your setting. Stay safe, Pam Hanson.

  6. You are accomplishing so much. And that cheddar print is lovely! So many pretty things in your yard. Your pictures remind me to pay more attention to the detailed beauty of the world around me. Thank you.

  7. karenfae

    I wonder do you plant new tulip bulbs every year or do your tulips flower yearly? Many years ago my tulips would flower yearly and then they just stopped and I would buy new bulbs but found they would only flower one year and then it was just greenery after that no flowers so if I want flowers I need to plant new bulbs each fall. A lot of others say this happens to them as well I am in zone 7

  8. Sylvia Anderson

    Good morning Carole. I was so intrigued by your book review of The Bookseller, that I immediately ordered it from the library, and now I can’t wait for it to be delivered to our library, so I can pick it up. There is one available in audio, from a library not too far from our own, so it could be available within 4 or 5 days for pickup. Thanks so much for sharing it with us so early in the month. I’m very partial to metallic Christmas material, and yours will be very beautiful. It should bring a good price in the silent auction for your Mini club’s Christmas party.

  9. Linda B

    Your projects look great, Carole! Fun to see your teasers. Such a beautiful spring this year, and the recent rain and wind did not mess things up too much, thankfully! Going to look into that book too! Have a good weekend!

  10. Darlene S

    What fun. Nice to see Spring in your area, as well as hear your amazing deal shopping for garden plants. I feel like I’m noticing plants are getting more expensive in plant shops and finding myself walking away too! But you found a steal to make up for it. Oliver is getting pretty smart to come knock on your window to tell you he is ready for lunch. Sorry he knocked over a pot and broke it. Thanks for the sneak peak into an upcoming book review. I just downloaded it to my reader and will start reading it today.

  11. You have so many fabulous projects on your plate. You certainly did stoke gold with the flowers. Funny, I stopped at our local Lowes and Home Depot and picked up $1 markdowns on starter flowers too. That sweet, darn Oliver – I have to tell you sadly, we had to stop feeding our Ollie and Chipper. We seemed to become the community soup kitchen and began to get inundated with imposters begging for a treat, digging in pots and making a general nuisance. The blue and yellow fabrics are lovely and remind me of my grandmothers kitchen 🙂

  12. So many projects at your house Carole! We have a week of cold coming, so nothing much happening outside right now. I did go out yesterday and counted 10 asparagus and 3 peas sprouted. I have been carrying water to them this week, and it seems to be helping. Inside, I am ready to baste the lining back together on Girl £1’s wedding dress and send it for a fitting. Hoping it is very close in the bust and that they can get the hip area pinned for me, so I can deal with the actual dress.

  13. I just put that book on hold at my library! Sounds good! Your blooming things are so pretty. My daffodils have perked up now that they are fully open, and tulips are soon to follow. Have fun with all your projects! I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

  14. OMG….you truly define ME as a sloth. What wonderful projects and photos of blooms!! Thanks for the heads up on the book! Navy and Cheddar….will be looking for that one!!!!

  15. Joan Sheppard

    You are busy! The only holiday you missed was my birthday! Love to see how you change the Star Quilt into different colors. – and the blue and yellow look tantalizing. Blue and Yellow – Kiss your Fellow! Rain in the mountains. Beautiful and mysterious! I have 3 small quilts waiting to be quilted. Our Quilting for the kids meets at a school and we are FINALLY able to meet. Light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for all the “previews”.

  16. Nancy Bekedam

    So much fun sharing here, Carole!!! I enjoy seeing your flowers, as you’re ahead of us here in Minnesota. And I enjoy reading about all your quilt projects. I put a hold request in for the book you recommended–I’m 3rd in line for the audio version.

  17. Jo Anne Seccurra

    The daffodils and purple siberian scilla are emerging in the lawn and beds. So wonderful to see the yellow and purple together! I planted cold hardy greens and carrots last week and will be seeding marigolds soon.

    Worked on a king size quilt late into the night. Made good progress. I’ll label and bind today. I think this quilt weighs 10 pounds!

    Looking forward to seeing Pachanga, your super secret project and the To the Nines alternate colorways! Love the blue and yellow fabrics you’ve chosen for the latter.

    I downloaded “The Bookseller” and can’t wait to hear it!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and upbeat blog!

  18. Looks like you are extra busy with a lot of projects behind the scenes.
    And your garden is looking lovely. Great to score some bargains for the planters. You do have to watch out for those as it can be very expensive.

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