Scrap Dancing Individual Class Sign Up Open

How many scraps of material have you saved? Do you have uneven pieces from cutting, partial yard leftovers, old clothes you can’t stand to give away because of the fabric or a pretty embroidery, bits and pieces of this and that? Do you buy 4 yards of fabric when the pattern calls for 3?
“I’m going to use up all these pieces before I go buy anything else.”
“This year, I’m going to make all my holiday gifts.”
Have you ever said any or all of these things?
There is a way to use those scraps, but there are a few things you need to know. Large pieces all the way down to 1-inch square can be successfully used given the right project. Scrap Dancing can show you how!

The next Scrap Dancing on Zoom class for individual purchase is scheduled for Saturday, March 27th at 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time (3:00 Central, 2:00 Mountain, 1:00 Pacific, 11:00 am Hawaiian). Scrap Dancing is a program with patterns and ideas to use up the bits and pieces left over from other projects. Topics covered include scrap organizing systems, color matching and selection for making pleasing color choices, small projects up to larger projects with many ideas for gift sewing, home decor and more, featuring my Scrap Dance pattern line. This program will primarily cover cotton quilting fabrics, small projects and improv ideas.

The class is $10 per person, payable on Paypal. It is limited to 15 participants. I picked this time and day to accommodate those with working schedules, see the updated time zone chart below, adjusted for Daylight Savings in some areas. For the U.S. it allows time for the chores to be done before the class starts. Also, this time allows readers from other areas in the world to participate. It will be 7 am in the morning on Sunday in Eastern Australia, maybe a bit early but doable. In London, it will be 8 pm, not too terribly late. The class runs just over an hour to an hour and a half, depending on questions.

If there is a lot of interest, but you cannot do these times, please comment with what you would like and I’ll see what I can do for an April class. If there is enough interest in overseas readers, I’ll consider doing a Friday night late for me to give you a class on a Saturday morning. Click on this link to fill out the Google form for sign up – Scrap Dancing on Zoom March 27.

If you have taken my class, please leave a comment with your impressions, did you enjoy it and find some inspiration? If you are able to do Zoom, is there a time that works for you above, or another time would be better?

I am scheduled to teach at several guild meetings over the next few weeks too, and if your guild is doing Zoom meetings, please let your program coordinator know I may be available. Guild program chairs can contact me using this form.

3 thoughts on “Scrap Dancing Individual Class Sign Up Open

  1. AJ

    This is a fun class!

    Everyone has stash issues. Carole has many ideas and thanks to this class, I now look at my stash a little differently. As I plan new projects, I am incorporating things I learned from this class. Thanks Carole. My stash still has issues but those issues are improving.

    It’s also an opportunity to meet Carole. We all enjoy her blog and it was wonderful to finally meet her “in-person” and spend time with her.

  2. Mary Ed Williams

    This really is a good class. Carole is a great teacher. I love that AJ’s stash still has issues! I loved the class and, although I’m not sure of the status of my stash, it is sorta under control.
    Mary Ed
    I really enjoyed last Friday!

  3. phew…….you better prepare yourself for a big sewing weekend as I think I will be sewing Sat my time……..just sorting what the family are up to………

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