Zoom Class/Retreat Schedule

Now available on Zoom!
Virtual Scrap Dancing Class, and Virtual Retreats

Scrap Dancing is a program with patterns and ideas to use up the bits and pieces left over from other projects. Topics covered include scrap organizing systems, color matching and selection for making pleasing color choices, small projects up to larger projects with many ideas for gift sewing, home decor and more, featuring my Scrap Dance pattern line. This program will primarily cover cotton quilting fabrics, small projects and improv ideas. Please use the form at the bottom of this post to inquire about having Scrap Dancing presented at your guild. Scrap Dancing will also be offered as a class for individual purchase, dates to be announced. Follow my blog for the latest information when classes are scheduled.

How many scraps of material have you saved?  Do you have uneven pieces from cutting, partial yard leftovers, old clothes you can’t stand to give away because of the fabric or a pretty embroidery, bits and pieces of this and that?  Do you buy 4 yards of fabric when the pattern calls for 3? 
“I’m going to use up all these pieces before I go buy anything else.” 
“This year, I’m going to make all my holiday gifts.” 
Have you ever said any or all of these things? 
There is a way to use those scraps, but there are a few things you need to know.   Large pieces all the way down to 1-inch square can be successfully used given the right project. Scrap Dancing can show you how!

Please use the form below to contact me for possibly presenting Scrap Dancing on Zoom for your guild, club or group, for questions about the classes or retreat. If you have several friends who would like to take a class together or do a retreat day, I’ll be happy to work with you to host.

Virtual Retreats are a day of sewing in your own sewing room, doing your own projects, and sharing chat time and fun with other quilters on Zoom while we all sew. It is a day of sewing with others to cheer us on, share our progress, and maybe share tips and suggestions. Virtual retreats do not have a charge, just something to do for fun. These sew days are limited to just 12 participants at a time, so we can all chat. You’ll come and go as you please, with the Zoom call open most of the day. We’ll stop for lunch and chat time together, then resume our projects, just like you do on retreat. You can stay the whole day, come and go as you need to, participate for just a couple of hours, or whatever suits your schedule.

Follow my blog for announcements of future retreats. I usually plan them only a few days in advance.

5 thoughts on “Zoom Class/Retreat Schedule

  1. Mary Ed

    I don’t remember enjoying any class as much as I did today’s vilrtual class. It was so much fun and so informative. Judy, Vicki, and I are going to take up a challenge to make one of your patterns. I picked the pot holder – might, just might finish that. Maybe.

  2. Mary F pickering

    I do not quilt never tried. Recently retired. I would like to try to learn. Is this something I could join, or is it just for more advanced students?

      1. I don’t . . . I was thinking this was for anyone but this makes sense to do it for groups. Sad I missed the Scrap Dancing last month but hopefully will catch another when you offer them. I’m having issues with my blog/email connecting so thanks for letting me know there’s an issue!

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