Autumn Jubilee Sew Along – Finishing the Bag

Are you having a fun time with Autumn Jubilee (#AutumnJubilee2020)?  I have to say that I am and I think you are, too!!  I have loved reading all the comments and kudos from you all, thank you so much!  Today is the finishing for the sew along Strip Pieced Embellished bag.  When we left off, I had finished the embellishment of the accent stripe.  Now that the embellishment is complete, trim this piece to 38-inches x 16-1/2-inches.

Cut additional fabric for lining and handles as follows –
Lining fabric 38 x 16-1/2-inches, plus 2 handles 2-1/2-inches x 20-inches.
Batting scraps 1-inch x 20-inches for handle filler
Hook and loop tape strip set 16-inches long.

If you’d rather not sew handles, you can use two webbing strips 20 inches instead.

Fold the edge over the batting and press.

Then press up 1/4-inch on the other side to form a finished edge, fold that edge over the other raw side, and topstitch on the seam.

Fold the bag right sides together, forming a bag 19 x 16-1/2.

Sew the side seam and bottom.

To box the corners, pull the bag bottom open on the corner so the seam is in the middle.  Mark a line two inches from the corner.  Sew on the line.

Cut away the excess.

Do the same to the lining, sewing the side seam, bottom seam and boxing the corners 2-inches.  Leave an opening for turning.

Place the handle ends on the bag 5 inches from the sides.  Place the handle ends for each strap on the same side of the bag, one on each side.

Stitch down at about 1/8-inch, just for security.

Place the bag inside the lining right sides together. Sew the layers together all the way around the top of the bag.

Turn bag right side out through the opening in the lining.

Stitch the opening closed.

Push the lining inside the bag and press well.

Topstitch the top edge.

Add hook and loop tape closure on both sides on the lining side.

Topstitch in place.

All done!!.

Please review the Autumn Jubilee Rules and Notices for the entering the drawings. I have already had several disqualifications, and I don’t want to leave anyone out.

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Was this a fun project?  Did you stretch yourself using your machine’s stitches?

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58 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Sew Along – Finishing the Bag

  1. Julie

    What a lovely tote bag, the fabrics & accent panel are beautifully seasonal & the tape closure ensures the contents won’t tumble out. Depending on your hobby, you can be sure your knitting needles or embroidery hoop will stay safely tucked away.

  2. What a handsome bag. The button embellishment finishes it just beautifully. I will stash this idea for this practical and not-to-hard-to-make bag for after the holidays. Thanks for a great idea!

  3. Ginger Michael

    Sorry, you lost me at pull the bag through the lining opening. Directions say sew layers all the way around. Don’t want to screw it up at this point.

    1. Hi Ginger — Leave an opening at the bottom of your LINING for turning. Once you have turned it, you can hand stitch or machine stitch it closed. You might have missed it in the instructions “Do the same to the lining, sewing the side seam, bottom seam and boxing the corners 2-inches. Leave an opening for turning.”

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I finally found some strips in my stash that might work with this and will have to give it a try when I get a chance! Can’t have too many bags!

  5. Your Bag is Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing ..& doing this funAutumn Jubilee too! & I would like to try the Quilters Dream Fusible 80/20,sometime 🙂

  6. Mary D.

    Definitely a fun project! I liked having the main bag as one unit. Will use this tote bag pattern again for quick presents. Thanks for this pattern. 😊

  7. Love, Love, Love it! I’m saving the pattern & will make it after I finish the Autumn Jubilee Quilt. But in the meantime I’m checking out Embroidery to add as Accent.

  8. Lisa

    Love the bag! I’ll probably make more than just the one! Thanks for the pattern and instructions. You never disappoint!

  9. Mom C

    Such a fun bag. My granddaughters each made a similar bag, no embellishments tho, several years ago and seeing your finish pictures brought back really great memories. The excitement as they were finally sewing pieces together, sewing on the straps, the finishing stitch around the top, so much fun. Thanks for much.

  10. Pam

    I haven’t made this bag yet but I loved this tutorial. I like making bags, and I appreciated the idea of strips and decorative stitches. I liked the way you did the corners too. Thanks so much for this tutorial and for everything you share on your blog.

  11. Kathy E.

    I do enjoy using my machine’s fancy stitches! I often use them on table toppers or runners where they show up easily and can give great texture. Great bag and awesome way to use up favorite strips!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  12. socarmela

    Thanks for the bag project! I like to bring reuseable bags to the grocery store and this ones perfect fo fall produce!

  13. Annette

    Starting late but this bag looks fun. Have never bought a jelly roll before but think I shall.

    What a fun fall “event”. A huge commitment on your part to put it together.

  14. Sue Hoover

    Such a cute bag and i love the addition of the pretty leaf. Personalization always makes a project better!

  15. Nancy M

    I have the fabrics chosen and cut for this bag. Life got in the way but I’m going to get it done for a Christmas gift.

  16. Love your bag, Carole! I may have to try this later, I have no decorative stitches on Ms Necchi, but I like this design, so may try some hand embellishing once my plate clears a bit.

  17. Melanie

    Such a pretty and useful bag. I shall make one! I haven’t tried Dream Green yet, but sounds like a very good product. Happy pumpkin month, Carole.

  18. Teri

    I made a bag similar to this one a couple years ago and I’ve loved it. Thank you Carole for this cool design

  19. mimigael

    Hi Carole,
    I hope you and yours have been keeping safe and healthy. Unfortunately, I am so behind in my projects that I haven’t been working along with you and I will have to buy the pattern next month as we have also had a couple of heavy months with some home maintenance projects. Can’t wait for next month though.
    Happy Autumn
    Marion Hume

  20. I didn’t make the tote, but it sure is pretty and I’ll consider making it in the future. Not a lot of fabric in my stash so I’d have to go to a store or order fabric online.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. LaLani

    I am really enjoying Autumn Jubilee! This is my first year but not my last for sure! I like that there is a batting made with recycled plastic bottles and would really like to give it a try.

  22. Camille

    Autumn Jubilee always includes ideas for a variety of projects, techniques, crafts or cuisine. LOL… I gathered all of the unusual ingredients to make the pork noodle beangarlic dish but could not get ground pork from my grocer this week. Sometimes common commodities are unavailable.

  23. Susan

    Very pretty tote for Fall. I think I can do this. Maybe not with all the beads though. Thanks for the tutorial.

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