Safelight Project Update

It has been a busy time for the Safelight Project.  Lots of packages have come into the post office, and another delivery was made.   I hope I get the names and the pictures right, so much has come in I might be a bit off, but know that I really do appreciate and am very grateful for all the contributions to the project.  Bright prints and fun designs came in these shipments from Sue Crane, Nancy Grimm, and Bonnie Coleman.

Safelight Project Update at

Theresa Beddy sent gorgeous cards with wonderful messages inside.

Safelight Project Update at

I think these were printed from a computer, then glued inside the card, a wonderful way to get lovely sentiments without using stamps.

Safelight Project Update at

Here are some of the cards Lenora Scott sent, just beautiful.

Safelight Project Update at

Lenora Scott’s cards had handwritten messages of hope, or a lovely quote.

Safelight Project Update at

Just look at the creative openings on this one, and she sent several like this with a lovely quote of encouragement.

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The bulk order came in, prior to the lockdown, but it had a several things canceled.  So, I purchased enough items to complete 36 bags for women and 3 for the guys.  Boxes are so much easier!  I hauled home 174 items purchased off the shelves, and the staff at Dollar Tree was very helpful with this.  Thank you, Alicia.

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The men’s bags arrived as well.  I ordered five.  Each one has a zipper top and a pocket on the front.

Safelight Project Update at

I filled them with items that are more male related, like aviator sunglasses, two pair of socks, and masculine grooming items.

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I wanted to deliver three men’s bags in this shipment.  There were some masculine oriented cards in the ones I had received, and I made  few more to go with them, so each bag has two.  These sentiment stamps are from Impression Obsession.  IO has a number of stamps with the theme of Believing in yourself, see those HERE. See more inspirational sentiments stamps HERE (affiliate links).

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Sorting out the items on the table, I began stuffing the cases and assembling bags.

Safelight Project Update at

I put lipstick and nail hardener in the cosmetic case, sunglasses in the sunglasses case,  and tissues in the covers.  Then the bags were filled with the cases, two cards, pedicure set, hair brush, hair treatment, and aloe hand lotion.  I adore this Asian print, I wanted to keep them, LOL!!!

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Thirty six bags for women and three for men, all done.

Safelight Project Update at

We delivered them to Safelight, to the care of Sara Cole on the right, and her volunteer assistant that day, Morgan.  We kept our six foot social distance, and filled up her cart.  With the isolation orders now in effect, the next delivery will not be until at least the end of May.  Sara believes that these will get them through, even though the number of residents is going up.  At this time the shelter is at full capacity, as laid off abusers take their frustrations out on their victims.

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While we were downtown, we decided to get some take out food for dinner.  Main Street has a weird feeling now, beautiful flowers and empty streets.

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Very few people were out, most getting some kind of take out food to help support our local restaurants.  Normally we’d be walking downtown now enjoying these gorgeous plant beds, this one a riot of color.

Safelight Project Update at

Another planter full of purple tulips was on the other side of the street.  I heard my name called, picked up our food, and we headed home.

Safelight Project Update at

The post office had several packages for me, first this one full of cards from Niki Winchell.  Lovely, thank you so much!!

Safelight Project Update at

Niki did a great job both with her pretty designs and with the envelopes, too.

Safelight Project Update at

Susan Barr sent a big package of cards, thank you so much.

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I loved her handwritten notes inside, like this one.  This is so encouraging to the recipient!!  Thank you, Susan!

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More wonderful cards arrived from Judy McNamee, who used her photographs for the front, with lovely decorations on the envelopes too.

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More packages of case sets from Mary Deeter, Constance Bailey, Ruth Coleman and Brenda Ackerman get us closer to that goal.  Thank you to Pam Arbour and Kay Welch who also sent monetary donations as well.

Safelight Project Update at

These case sets from Susan Grancio and her quilting buddy Angie, and Kristy Smith arrived yesterday.  Kristy, thank you, I don’t have an email address for you to send you a personal note.

Safelight Project at

So, here is where the project stands at this time.  A total of 49 bags have been delivered, and we have 91 bags yet to go.  I have the canvas women’s bags and men’s black bags to complete the project.  Dollar Tree has suspended bulk ordering for the time being so I cannot get cases of items.  If they begin doing case orders by May, I’ll order what is needed to do all the remaining bags.  If they don’t, I’ll buy in-store for 36 or so at a time and deliver monthly until all 140 bags have been done.  Between what I have already received, what I know is on the way from emails received, and what I am making myself, I still need the following.  Case sets – 37, cards – 50.  A couple of ladies from the Impression Obsession design team may help with cards, and I’ll know for sure in a week or two.  If you mailed this week, I’m only checking the PO once or twice a week now, so there may be yet more waiting for pickup arriving today and over the weekend.  Financially, we have more money than is needed for this project, so with the permission of our largest donor, I mailed a monetary donation this week to Safelight for $350 so they can buy food and supplies for the residents.  With their thrift store and cafe closed, they are really in need of the money right now.

Safelight Button

Please let me know in the comments if you have cases or cards yet to mail, or mailed in the past couple of days.  I’ll draw the prize winners on April 15th so you still have plenty of time.  I hope you are all staying home as much as possible, staying safe and staying well.

What do you think of our Safelight Project and progress so far? 

17 thoughts on “Safelight Project Update

  1. Yes, amazing is the word for it! I love to see how women can come together and work to their strengths to support such a worthy cause. It does my heart and soul so good at this stressful time to focus on something else—someone else’s need. The sets and cards are all so neat! Cheers all around!

  2. Heidi

    I was wondering if you would be able to get everything for the bags and I am glad you did for this set. Victims of domestic violence have been on my mind during our stay at home orders. Thank you for working to get these done.

  3. Nanc

    Hi Carole! You have done wonderful and amazing things with this project! The flower pictures are so pretty & cheerful – it’s fun to see the coming bit of spring. Thank you! Just to let you know…I’ll send a few more sets shortly. Stay healthy!

  4. Connie Wolfe

    Congratulations on your Safe Light Project success. I’m sure that the agency and those who receive services are very appreciative of your work. Thanks for taking a lead role in this.

  5. cweber1033

    do the stay at home orders allow not allow you to drop off the items at the shelter on the way to or from getting food as you did this day? I know they encourage volunteers helping, so just wondered if this would be acceptable. just a thought. prayers for all you are doing.

  6. Kathe Howe

    Carole, I mailed 10 case sets yesterday. You should get them Tues. or Wed. Hope they will help. Thanks for the updates and for all the work you do.

  7. This is amazing! One close to my heart and the first read having just following your blog. Bravo to you and all the amazing contributors for this project. Prayers to all for safety and continued good health going forward ~

  8. Bonnie Coleman

    I am amazed at how much you work you have done! Sounds wonderful for the recipients, who are so blessed to have those who care! I’ll start on more case sets to send to you & if they turn out to be extra, just let the store there put them in the shop to sell. Thankful for you and your leadership! Bonnie Coleman, Georgia

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Almost every comment I read were praising you and what you are doing, especially at a time like this. They are correct, you are an amazing giving woman in everything you do. It saddened my heart when you revealed that the shelter is at full capacity and why. I have read the same message here in our town and on another friends post. It reminded me, once again, how important it is to help in any way that we can in our communities and in another’s community when they ask for our help! Thank you for leading such a supportive cause! Have a great day and continue to stay safe!

  10. Well done, Carole! I still want to sew some set for you, even if I don’t make this run. I was about to check supplies when I changed hats to become a sewing machine repairman. Velcro may be my missing item, but I think I’ve got some hiding somewhere!

  11. Beverly S.

    Your Safelight posts are so inspirational. As much as I would like to participate, there are lots of places here that need sewn items. One area hospital and hospice need masks, so that’s what I’m working on now.

    Please know that your encouragement is part of the sewing I’m doing. We’re all in this together!

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