Winter White

After the clutter of the autumn season, and Christmas, January is a time for scaling back, clearing the table, and cleaning up.  For many years now, I have decorated our home in all white for the first month of the new year.  I often say it is like a palate cleanser at the end of a rich meal, a way to take a rest from the abundant decorations of the holiday seasons.  This year, I pulled from items used in years past, setting the table with my everyday white stoneware and using the arrangement from last year in a new way.

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I made this snowflake arrangement in a milk glass container last year, and this year I put it in the ceramic basket found thrifting some time ago.  Snowflake picks are set with just a bit of green for contrast.  To cover the foam base, I wrapped the white poinsettia garland around the bottom, tucking it into the basket.

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Snowflake square salad plates sit on white stoneware dinner plates on silver chargers.

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Every day flatware pieces are placed with white napkins held by clear rings.

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Crystal glasses, coffee mugs and salt/pepper sets complete the settings.

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A simple, uncluttered table, pristine white is ready to be enjoyed all month long.

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Elsewhere in the house, I placed my Snowflake Table Runner on the coffee table, with a white Fostoria Fenton candy dish and a book of The Art of Andrew Wyeth.  That cover art piece is one of my favorite all time pictures.  There is a full size print of it on the wall in the library / dining room.

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No dinner parties this month, so the formal table is covered with my grandmothers lace tablecloth.  In the center are two sets of glass candlesticks with white candles, surrounding a bowl of pine cones that are painted white.  One set of candlesticks and the bowl are Fostoria Baroque depression glass.

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On the mini quilt stand, my White on White Mini Crazy Patch Quilt.  Click on that link for full instructions on how I made it and embellished it.

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Last year’s tablescape featured some cute mittens, and you can see that on Winter White 2019.   I did a more formal White Tablescape in 2018.  I am actually amazed, looking back to previous years, that we have not had snow yet this winter season.  By now we usually have had at least one.  But it is raining this weekend, so I’ll be content with sewing and watching the football games with overcast skies.

What do you do after the holiday things are put away?

The winner of the book giveaway from last Wednesday’s post is Rosemary B.  Congratulations, Rosemary, your book will be on its way soon.

22 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. anne Smith

    I really like your table settings and I especially liked the Andrew Wyeth book. Do you know where I can get a copy?

    1. Susan T

      More and more I am loving the white to beige decorating theme. So clear and fresh. Your decorating is so spot on. Each and every one is pure joy! Great job. I have a dish that looks somewhat like yours but mine is Fenton wear from a factory that is in south East Ohio….maybe Zanesville. I’m from Ohio and can’t remember but was very big back in the day. For wedding gifts I got the candy dish and a cake tier and that was 1974! Yikes!

  2. Gwynette in NWArkansas

    The white and cream is so restful after all the reds, greens and other exuberant colors of Christmas. Stunning in its simplicity. Our woods are coated in frosty white ice this morning and it’s especially lovely twinkling in the early morning sunlight.

  3. Linda B

    Such a pretty crazy mini quilt and good decorating idea for January and for incorporating different materials. Just love it! We are having our third snow event here in the Midwest so all our white is outside this morning. But I think it is supposed to go back up to 60 later this week.

  4. I love the snowflake salad plates! I was ready to put away decorations this year and get a fresh start. I celebrated by scrubbing the hardwood floors. I don’t really enjoy that, but it does give a huge sense of accomplishment! 🙂 we got about 3 inches of snow this week. I can’t complain though, because it does lighten things up during the “dark days of January.”


    Winter white is so elegant! I have some old off white china, will be setting my table. Thank you

  6. All white decor in January is a lovely idea. I think my mom owns the same crystal candlestick in your last photo. Have a great Sunday!

  7. Such a pretty tablescape! This makes me happy since I want to decorate in Blue and White for Christmas this (I almost said “next”) year. This lets me know the decorations can stay up for a lot longer if I do. This also reminds me I should start taking down the current decorations now too!

  8. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, As always your decorated tables always make me feel good. This table setting is lovely and it honestly did make me feel calm and just want to take deep breaths and sit for awhile. With each of the other white settings you showed us, I again got lost at the big table and its simple and delicate beauty. The lace tablecloth and candle sticks made me remember both of my Grandmothers. Thank you, as always, for sharing such a special part of your life and gifts. It always gets my attention and I never can say enough of how special these posts are! Have a special day!

  9. This is probably my favorite of all your tablescapes and I do enjoy seeing all of them. I hope you keep this blog going–enjoy everything from gardening, your car rallies, quilts and family.

  10. Chloe Crabtree

    We think alike, don’t we? I have done all white, but now I am getting tichy to start with color and all things spring! Bring on the color..SOON!

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