January in the Garden

January in the garden is not really very colorful, but here and there we find some things to make us smile.  The geranium didn’t know it was winter when it bloomed in December.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

And it still didn’t know in January, as it is still blooming.  I have high hopes of overwintering these again.  They are the same ones that I successfully kept alive over the winter last year.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I whacked off the parsley to harvest the last of it in October.  It is putting out new growth again, so I’ll have some fresh leaves for cooking over the winter.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

A rainy day found a cardinal sitting on a branch.  His color was so bright I noticed him from the kitchen window.  The picture isn’t that clear, as I was in a hurry to get it before he flew away.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Dawn on a cold December morning brought a beautiful sky over the mountains to the east.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Inside, the paperwhites began growing in December.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

And by the end of the month they bloomed beautifully.  As of now they have faded, but there might be two more buds that will come later.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Sunset one evening, the view across the valley to the far mountain ridge changes almost daily.  The sun is actually off the right side of the picture, but it is shining so brightly on the clouds that they are yellow in some spots and fade to pink and lavendar.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

My Sweet Babboo has a warped sense of humor, so this got added to my garden at Christmas.  I’ll let you know its progress as it goes along.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

On the kitchen island, the orchid still refuses to bloom.  It was really happy outside all summer in the warmth and humidity, putting out new leaves and roots.  I don’t know if it will ever bloom as I just don’t have the right conditions for it.  But I cannot just throw it out, so it gets to live in the kitchen over the winter.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The dark red amaryllis put up a new leaf, so exciting.  I got this bulb as a gift in 2014, and it has bloomed again every year since.  If it indeed blooms again this year, it will be the seventh year!

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The Thanksgiving cactus finished its annual show, and it is getting bigger. You can see the red amaryllis leaf is growing.  Unfortunately, the pink one I got last year appears to be dead.  Even though it has some green on it, the bulb itself is a bit mushy and it doesn’t have any leaf growth.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

After a month of no visits, a bachelor flock of male turkeys showed up a couple of days ago.  They’ve been here before as they were happy to get a handout.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

They were doing the cluck-purr thing while we threw them little bites of whole grain bread.

January in the Garden at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I hope to see more of them in the coming months, and I wonder where the females are.  It is always fun to see them strut and fluff while the ladies ignore them.

What is happening in your garden?

28 thoughts on “January in the Garden

  1. Rebecca Burch

    Just seeing Bob Ross (in your garden… right where he’d want to be with all the little creatures & animals) made my day… thanks!

  2. lynn bourgeois

    This morning he garden(such as it is), is being covered with a blanket of snow. Beautiful. Later today the wind is forecast to whip up a sea of swirling snow. It’s definitely winter now. Enjoy your remaining colours. They are lovely. Oh yes, 4 bluejays have been visiting our side yard apple tree feasting on what is left on the tree,

  3. I’m always envious of your spacious garden and all the birds and animals you see. I used to grow lots of orchids in the house but not so many now but I thought I would say that the Phalaenopsis orchid you have would probably shoot out a flower spike after a few weeks with a lower night temperature with less water at this time
    I usually have a lot of orchids in flower during autumn and winter.


  4. Rita C.

    Love seeing garden pictures all year long. We’ve seen the typical Canada geese in the river (don’t miss them at ALL from living in the former neighborhood), and have even seen dandelions along our walks, both flower blooms and seed heads. It’s still incredibly warm for winter weather in our region, so it’s no surprise, really. The sunrises have been particularly remarkable in our new dwelling, and I find myself taking a lot of photos in the mornings.

  5. June Neigum

    I always marvel at your photography and your garden. When we moved into our house in the Charlotte, NC area 6? years ago, I wanted a “old fashioned” type garden with wild flowers all along the front. It looked good for a couple years as I added daffodils and mums but now my back and knees can’t take the weeding and care it needs so I’m looking to convert it to a more care free azalea and camelia and mulch sort of thing. Wish me luck.

  6. patsystitch@gvtc.com

    Always, love seeing your pictures! The sunrise, beautiful! We have had some lovely sunrises but don’t have your beautiful trees.

  7. Sylvia Anderson

    Good morning Carole, and thanks for showing us all your beautiful blooming, and soon to be blooming garden beauties. I so enjoy seeing all the flora and the fauna you feed over the winter.
    We have 3 deer we began seeing during June, when they still had their spots, and they still visit, especially when it’s very cold and snowy, but are now almost fully grown, and mama isn’t standing nearby, watching out for them. I don’t mind that they find things to graze on, as there’s more than enough there, and we love watching them.

  8. Rosemaryflower

    Hilarious fun Carole,
    I love all of your plants. They look so well cared for. Great photos
    The turkeys are a riot.
    We have plenty of squirrels and deer in our yard. the squirrels come right up to the window and taunt Miles. The deer just stand right in the middle of the sidewalk or road. I think the squirrels are a bit more mindful than they are.
    We do not have many birds any more. Since Pierro died.
    The blue birds and finches used to sit on the screens and Pierro would sing to them. Now it seems the blue jays have taken over the whole area.
    Happy Sunday

  9. Lovely photos, Carole. Orchids are difficult aren’t they? I think they need some sort of “food” to help them bloom again, but I forget what! Our garden is still covered with snow from the November storm, inspire of highs in the 50’s one or two days each week! Nothing outside to do or see here, but a little more clearing and reorganizing down stairs. DH is going to make our small dead freezer into a cold storage unit so we can keep some potatoes, squash and such in it!

  10. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning and a Great, Happy New Year to you. It is so cold here but I know it is colder where you are. I have several cardinal families that come to my feeders and enjoy them so much, they are a beautiful bird. Had 6 young deer in my front yard earlier this week, and a big buck several weeks ago, don’t see him very often. Well, I’m going to be starting some new plantings this year, my Thanksgiving cactus didn’t make it so will be looking for a new one as well as hoping my cinnamon ferns come back, they are dormant right now so looking forward to them coming back. Have never tried to grow amaryllis or paper whites but think I’ll try those this year,, my cousin has always grown them so will give them a try, will be looking for a suitable container at the thrift shops when I go. Planning on trying to grow some ferns inside the house this spring, had a beautiful birds nest for awhile but it left me this past year, really enjoyed it too. Have some sewing to do so have a great day. Phyllis

    1. I put it outside on the veranda in part sun all summer, fertilize it with time-release granules, and let the leaves soak up the light.  In the fall, when the leaves die back naturally, I put it in the sunroom where it is cool most of the time covered up so it can rest for about 8 weeks.  Then I bring it back inside in December, and start watering it again.

  11. Love your turkeys! My DIL gave me a sprouted paperwhite in a bulb vase. Never had one before. It bloomed after a week or two, which was fun to watch. But that smell! Too pungent for me…but beautiful to look at.

  12. I think my mom’s orchids are late this year as they weren’t showing any promise when I visited her at Christmas, so maybe there is hope for yours yet. Most of my plants are just dormant right now, waiting for longer days.

  13. Nancy Jo Daugherty

    It is -10 below here in Alaska today. Snow in the garden, to cold to do much of anything. I liked your pictures of the flowers and outdoors of the turkeys. Up north in Fairbanks it is only 34 below, we haven’t this cold for several years. So hope it warms up.

  14. I’ve never thought to grow parsley in a pot – should try it next summer! Your photo of the cardinal gets a “Wow!” from me – he is just beautiful. Nothing much grows here this time of year, but I’m looking forward to seeing the crocus come up, maybe even as early as February.

  15. farmquilter

    You definitely have a green thumb!! I’m keeping the 4 flowering houseplants my mother left me with alive, but one seems like it is trying to die. Much of the soil had disappeared so I bought some more and filled in the holes…not sure the plant is happy with that! I don’t even know what kind of plant they are, but those babies flower all year long…red, hot pink, light pink and white. I normally kill everything off quite quickly, but these have survived 4 years in my care so far! I did put out a suet cake in a cage like yours and have been enjoying the daily visits to it of the various birds who winter here. The outside garden is mostly brown, completely normal for high mountain desert. the rose bushes need a good trim about the 1st of April.

  16. I like your posts so much! I live up in the Shenandoah Valley and it is very similar. I have many of the same plants as you, and you gave me a tip about the amaryllis. I guess I should just leave it in the pot and put it away in a basement cool place. I have never been sure if you should save them or not. Regarding your orchid: when was the last time you changed the bark? I had some luck with a few orchids by replacing the bark and also by adding orchid fertilizer. Orchids can be persnickety, though! Thanks again for your lovely pictures and suggestions.

  17. Lovely to see what is happening in the garden. Those orchids are particular aren’t they!! I have two here all blooming like mad, the lady who gave them to me could never get them to flower at her house.

  18. Niki W

    I’m not a gardener at all, and love seeing your posts about your garden. My son gave me an orchid for Mothers Day (he’s an optimist for sure!) The blooms died off by mid July. It has given me new leaves and surprise, surprise, a long stem that looks like it has buds on it. If it actually blooms, I’ll take a picture! I live in Colorado and thought it would be too dry here for it to survive.

  19. Cookie in the Piedmont

    Love your pictures of nature and flowers. I have an old Christmas Cactus that was passed on to me from family , it hasn’t bloomed in the past two years . I tried different things but no luck. Maybe next year (It doesn’t look as healthy and green as yours) Do you keep it in a warm and bright room?

  20. Enjoyed your photos so much. I get wild turkeys, deer and bear from time to time but right now it’s all white. The evergreen trees are so heavy with white some of the branches are almost touching the ground.

  21. Enjoyed seeing your garden photos, your plants are lovely. Here is Florida my hibiscus gives me love blooms of sunshine almost daily, the rosemary and lavender plants are thriving as several trees lose their leaves. I have only been in this house for a few months so not much has been developed in the garden yet, this Spring I hope to plant a few new beds. O my those turkeys are beautiful.

  22. Connie Bailey

    I love all these pictures! Especially the flowers.i always forget to save my summer flowers, must remember to do this and see if I have any luck! I also loved the cardinal, I try to take a picture but often I am too late! I thought I would see a deer in your pictures. ❤️

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