Finishing the Autumn Wool Work Table Runner

Yes, I got it done!  Finishing the wool work stitchery was a concentrated effort, working on it for several days to finish the details.  I don’t like to have UFOs, and I wanted this done to enjoy this season.  I left off needing to attach the last leaf, and get the veining and details embroidered.

Wool Work Finish at

I matched the DMC floss colors to the wool colors.  Five lines help define the pumpkin contours.

Wool Work Finish at

Leaf veins were embroidered on all the leaves.

Wool Work Finish at

After couple of days of concentrated effort, I finished the embroidery of both ends.

Wool Work Finish at

Here’s a close up view of one end.

Wool Work Finish at

Now, to decide on how to embellish using seed beads and buttons.

Wool Work Finish at

I didn’t want to heavily embellish the piece, just to add a sprinkling of beads to add just a bit of detail and shine.

Wool Work Finish at

Most of the leaves got just three beads each, along the center vein.

Wool Work Finish at

Odd numbers are most aesthetically pleasing, so most of the leaves have three seed beads, and the pumpkin has odd numbers on each line.

Wool Work Finish at

I had buttons in rust, pearl, and olive green to add.

Wool Work Finish at

I put five buttons on each end.

Wool Work Finish at

When all the embellishing was done, I added fusible web to the back, and fused on a backing in harvest gold.  The edge was stitched down all around, then I trimmed the backing to just 1/2-inch.

Wool Work Finish at

All done, I put it on the coffee table in the den.

Wool Work Finish at

My pumpkin cookie jar goes pretty well in the center for this year.

Wool Work Finish at

So, the last project for the Autumn season is finished.  Are you working on any hand stitchery?

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17 thoughts on “Finishing the Autumn Wool Work Table Runner

  1. It is very pretty. I agree with Susan about that light under layer. Makes a lovely frame. I have a very similar table, that is currently in storage, as the hubby needs to put some work into the base. The grandkids and the antique table didn’t get along well last summer.

  2. Mary

    Well done! I’m so impressed that you were able to get it finished before Thanksgiving. I really like the addition of the beads and buttons.
    Enjoy the festive week. Mary

  3. Congratulations. You finished with plenty of time to spare to enjoy this gorgeous wool table runner during Thanksgiving. I love you. You did an awesome job. Absolutely packed with #CreativeGoodness

  4. farmquilter

    What a beautiful table runner!! I don’t do much embroidery, so maybe this question is stupid, but is there a reason not to add the beads to the embroidery as you go? Or are the bead holes too small for the floss? I’m always looking for ways to make things faster and more efficiently!! Your beads and buttons add so much to the wool and embroidery.

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Just perfect. Just in time. Even my machine is not that even in stitching. Love the addition of beads – can never have too many beads. So if I start today I will have mine finished for Thanksgiving – next year!
    Have a very nice holiday. I am repairing to the kitchen where I will be chopping and “taste testing” all the yummies for the holiday.

  6. Susan Nixon

    Now that’s a lovely finish, and looks made for the cookie jar. I’m working on a redwork Jack ‘n Jill block and some CQ – just the usual. Planning some appliqué for the new year, though!

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