November Decorating with Quilts and Stitchery

Decorating in the fall is my favorite time, I just love these colors.  This year I got out the Autumn inspired projects, and used them to decorate.  Did you know that all the patterns I do for the Autumn Jubilee events remain free on my blog forever?  I’ll show you a few of those in a moment.  First, though, since the color outside this year is a bit dull, I put my Scrap Dance Two Step quilt on the bench with a little pumpkin as a welcome.  I didn’t leave it there for long as I didn’t want the quilt to get dirty, but I loved the way it looked in the early morning light.

November Decorating at

I put up a Harvest Wreath next to the door.

November Decorating at

The Pumpkin Star quilt was fun to make, and looks nice at the foot of the guest bed.  This was the Autumn Jubilee quilt along in 2018, and the pattern is still on the blog.  The quilt is for sale, click here for details.  And see my other Sample Sale items, still available by using the pull down menu at the top of the page.

November Decorating at

On the cookbook shelf, I place several items with a Thanksgiving theme.  A turkey sits on cookbooks of hearty meals, and a Thanksgiving cookbook (Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving Entertaining) is on the stand.  Under the candlesticks is my Miniature Mariner’s Compass.

November Decorating at

From 2016, my Pumpkin and Leaf table topper is easy and quick.  This year it graces a side table between the library chairs.

November Decorating with Quilts at

Another ceramic turkey sits on a Wool Work Penny Rug, alongside the little lamp with the re-covered shade from Autumn Jubilee last month.

November Decorating at

This miniature was the Pumpkin Wall Hanging wool work project from 2018.  On the wall behind is my Maple Star table topper I did for Moda Bake Shop.

November Decorating at

In the kitchen, my Maple Leaf Table Runner covers the pie safe.

November Decorating at

A matching one is on another little side table.

November Decorating at

On side tables are more ceramic turkeys.  I have quite a collection, more than anyone needs, so I donated some of them this year.

November Decorating at

This turkey is the oldest and most special.  It is a candle that my mother bought probably in the late 1950s.  It came out every year during my childhood and it came to live with me when I got married.

November Decor at From My Carolina Home

Do you have some special autumn or Thanksgiving decorating items from year’s past?

24 thoughts on “November Decorating with Quilts and Stitchery

  1. Your home looks so welcoming and festive! Thanks so much for the tour—there are many spots I would love to linger. My mom was not sentimental about her things and got rid of a lot of them as she moved over the years. I’m very sentimental about things, but that leads to too much stuff!! Our holidays are scrambled this year, so I’m not doing too much decorating. Just enough for when the grands come, so that it looks a bit cheerful.

  2. Brenda

    I love all your decorating, especially the quilts and turkeys. That turkey candle that was your Mom’s for year and then yours gives me such a warm feeling of family. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Mary

    Everything looks so pretty, Carole. I love seeing the beautiful quilts on display for the season. The fall colors are truly stunning.

  4. manasotavacation

    As usual, and no surprise, your seasonal decorations are spot on and simply lovely!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I really enjoyed seeing your home decorated in all of its Fall glory! It is to bad that your Scrap Dance Two Step can not remain outside on the bench with the pumpkin. That is a lovely display and it really creates a special welcome to our home message. I always appreciate your posts on decorating! I do not know how I missed it, but I never made the Pumpkin Star Quilt. I did not even print out the posts, until the other day that is. I need to get some fabrics in the pumpkin color way, I honestly do not have enough at all. LOL. Thank you for sharing and have a spectacular day!

  6. Mary

    Love your decorating ideas, they look so inviting. Especially as you are going into Winter they look so warming. (Could you please tell me ‘what is a pie safe?’)
    It is moving into Summer for our festive season and you have stirred me to start thinking about decorating for this time of the year. I have Christmas inspired Wall Hangings and novelty pieces that I have made and packed away over the years. I think they deserve an airing!!
    Must get a move on or it will be all over before I can blink. I have been baking for others and it is a busy time. Now it must be MY time. :))

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you!! A pie safe is a piece of furniture that has a cabinet with screen doors. They were used in olden days when there was no air conditioning, and no one had screens for windows.  The screens kept the pies safe from contamination from flies and other bugs, while allowing air circulation for them to cool after baking.  I use mine to store dishes and cast iron skillets.

  7. bonniecoleman

    Your collectible turkey ceramics are adorable!  I love vintage ceramics…..and have quite a few myself.  You are so brave to open up your home with photographs and share with us!  Just all so lovely!  Thank you for doing that!   I love setting up seasonal vinyettes in my home…little tablescapes, etc.   I don’t really entertain except family but that is plenty enough for me.  My problem is in finding room to store all the seasonal decorative items that are rotated out.  So Ive started using some closet space for vases, florals, etc.  My goal for 2020 is to get rid of some collected things from my antique shop days.  I’m planning on following your instructions and  brining a turkey for our family Thanksgiving.  It sounds fairly easy and so I’ve got the bucket and will get the turkey tomorrow.  Ill let you know how it turns out!  Bonnie in South Georgia  

  8. love all your beautifully quilted items and how wonderfully they are displayed.
    Regarding brining a turkey… I recently read the book “how hard can it be?” by Allison Pearson. A book of fiction, and yet some funny things. One of the excerpts told of the mom planning for a large family gathering, brining her turkey in a bucket on her back patio. All planning went well, she had the turkey sufficiently covered but her husband went to check on the turkey, neglected to re-cover, and the dog discovered the turkey!

  9. Joan Sheppard

    So lovely – like a movie set just waiting for the two strangers, guests at your table step onto the porch, he wraps the quilt around her shoulders against the evening chill…..cue the music.

    Lucky Turkey candle! all these years and he looks so fresh! Thanks for welcoming us to your home.

  10. Robin RK

    You have decorating down to a T. I also have the same Turkey that is with your 2018 mini. I had made it and 2 small ones (like yours) during my ceramic years (taking a short break from sewing). Our constant in my family are the Thanksgiving dishes my mother got in the early 50’s(?). I’m 65 and I always remembers happy times with the dishes. We use them to this day. (We also had Christmas dishes but 1 of my brothers took them 😕) Have a good one.

  11. Love those Turkey Tureens!! Your fall deco is great. I never really decorated for Thanksgiving except to put a few turkeys around. It’s such a short time between Halloween and Christmas (which starts the day after thanksgiving at my house). I have never been fond of fall colors except on trees.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

  12. Phyllis Smith

    Hi there,

    My friend gave me a velvet throw of leaves last Christmas and I’m planning on making some pillows in the shape of acorn from velvets and other colors suitable for the color scheme in the den. Want to make

    Some acorn and leaves runners for the tables as well. Picked up a velvet turkey at a store a few years ago and want ti incorporate it into the scheme of things.

    Have been on the computer just about all day getting some recipes which include your latest ones so haven’t gotten to much done as far as sewing and I’m falling behind so better stay off this machine, right?

    You and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving and talk to ya later.


  13. Rita C.

    As you know, I am adding to my collection of seasonal textiles. Love your quilt in the sunlight on the bench, and also how you used the table topper on the table between the two chairs.

  14. Susan Nixon

    A lovely autumn home, and all with your own needlework. The pieces you’ve chosen in ceramics and other materials really compliment your quilted pieces. I’ll bet it is fully Christmas now.

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