Sunday Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee Wool Applique

Sunday is the ideal day for hand work, sitting in front of the football games, sometimes with a warm quilt in my lap.  I had intended just to show this piece when I finished it, but I thought maybe a stitch along would be more fun.  I had hoped to find a wool supplier to do a giveaway for this project, but alas, not to be.  I know wool is expensive, so my tip for you is to buy at shows, get the show specials and get a nice variety of little bits instead of large pieces of a single color.  There are a couple of hand dyes that have lovely variations in the dye that give a lot of dimension to projects.  I like to buy several fat eighths, and if there is a good variety, maybe a wool bundle of squares.  I did recently score some pretty colors at the Asheville Quilt Guild show, plus I took advantage of the July event’s discount online.   So, I am awash in colors right now.  Of course, I am attracted to the autumn colors most.

Autumn Jubilee Wools -From My Carolina Home

First, we need a pattern, so I have made one for you!  Just download this pdf – autumn-jubilee-wool-penny-rug– .  When you cut out your base, make it a bit larger than the pattern, I just couldn’t make the base go to the edge of the paper, but it should measure 8-1/4-8-1/2 inches wide so the leaves will fit.  The leaf pattern pieces are the right size.  Select your colors for your base and leaves. I chose gold for the base, and a selection of autumn colors for the leaves.  I think it would be pretty with brighter leaves and a brown base too.

Wool Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Pulling out the floss, I chose matching colors. You can do this or do all the stitching in one color like black if you prefer.

Wool Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

I whip stitched the edges of the leaves, then put stem stitches in each one to simulate the veining.

Wool Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Working my way around the piece, doing each leaf with matching color floss.

Wool Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Four colors, each leaf is done twice.

Wool Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Almost done with this part, so I’ll get this done on Sunday stitching.

Wool Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee ~ From My Carolina Home

Next week, we will add embellishment and the week after will be finishing. The total stitch along will be completed in three Sundays, ready to use this season.

Update – click HERE for part 2.


Do you like to do handwork? What is your favorite?



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20 thoughts on “Sunday Stitch Along Autumn Jubilee Wool Applique

  1. This looks like a fun project that I can squeeze in and decorate with. Thank you for the pattern and wool tips. I will incorporate french knots (my favorites) into the piece – maybe with embellishments?

  2. Very pleasing idea, but no wool in my stash. I have been doing hand applique for the quilty365 project, plus a little decorative stitching on fused applique art quilts, along with lots of quilt bindings. It doesn’t feel so east-coast seasonal in the Bay Area, where low 60’s, some drizzle and grey skies are what we get!

  3. I love working with wool and right now I’m getting ready to work on a wool jacket that I bought at a thrift store in a larger size and then felted . Then I over dyed it and am now going to so sort of applique on it as soon as I figure out what design I want. Perhaps I’ll use a leaf or two you’ve shared here 🙂

  4. Okay….so after ya read my today’s post, THIS is the kind of little decorative things I need to start doing. I always plan such big projects. I love to hand stitch…wool, applique and binding. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration Carole.

  5. My handwork is no good at all, so I think I will do this in fabric and machine applique the leaves. Love those patterns. This is wonderful to see how it all goes along, and your fabrics are superb. Wool fabric here is very expensive, .

  6. I do still enjoy hand-work….especially if I’m waiting at doctor’s office, or stitching in front of tv…..I like embroidery and needle-turn applique, and of course, hexies. I’ve become lazy in my “old age” and really prefer machine work….especially machine quilting….my hand-quilting is lovely, but too time-consuming for most projects. The candlemat is very pretty…I have the perfect golden/green for the base.

  7. debrapugh

    I always enjoy seeing wool projects though I’ve not done any 🙂 I even bought a book about them a few years ago but have thus far stuck with ‘regular’ applique. Love seeing what you are doing with it! 🙂

  8. How kind of you to share your autumn penny rug. I have started a collection of wool of which I also found at quilt shows. I haven’t made anything yet, but it was too hard to resist. I love doing handwork. It is hard to pick a favorite.

  9. dezertsuz

    Thanks, that’s a great pattern and I’ll look forward to doing it during my year of applique next year. I actually have the fall colors out to finish the pennies on my snowman, so maybe I’ll at least kit a project and be ready to go. The Wooly Block events might also provide some good pricing between now and February, and there are about 200 shops across the nation which are doing it. I used to do buys of various things, including wool one time, with several friends, and it was really great because you can get more for the same amount of money when you buy together. Someone has to do the dividing work, though.

  10. liz brown

    Thanks for the pattern. I also might kit it to make later, am now getting ready for our guild’s Quilt Show in Rochester, NY.

  11. Ooooh!! I love this — and it’s right up my autumn-loving alley! Great colors you’ve picked, too. Isn’t working with wool the best?!? Thank you SO much for sharing your darling pattern! 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing your pattern and your project! I have a bit of wool that I am loathe to cut into, but I will one day! I purchase it a bit at a time. I love all kinds of hand stitching – it’s so relaxing! Thank you for sharing!

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