Quilted Art Project Finish!

Yes, it is finally done.  I actually worked on it through the week before Memorial Day, and was able to get it mounted and hung last weekend.  From the beginning, I wanted something to go on the wall that was large, and I also wanted to use a large oval hoop that has been sitting in my sewing room for literally years. Sewing on so many small buttons and elements by hand took a long time, as I just couldn’t sit and work on it for very long at a time.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

The hoop is too large for hand work, not that I do any hand quilting anyway, but it didn’t have a stand.  In reality, it is useless to me, except as a frame.  So, I started the project with the hoop and some sewing motif fabrics. Now that the piece is finished, I used the hoop to measure out some heat activated paper-backed bonding adhesive.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

The paper-backed adhesive was ironed onto the art piece.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

This is primarily to keep the stitches on the silk ribbon embroidery from getting pulled from the back as well as to hide the mess on the back from all the knots and threads. Peeling the paper off, you can really see the quilting.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Using a similar print in a dark purple, the backing was bonded to the piece with the iron.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Then, I used the hoop to determine where the piece would fit best, and measured out from the edge a few inches all around to allow enough to fit in the hoop and turn inside the back.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

I cut the piece in an oval shape along the line I marked in chalk.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Then, I serged the edge to finish it nicely.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

I wasn’t bright enough to sew the label on before I bonded the backing, LOL, so I had to do that by hand.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

It almost didn’t have enough on the top and bottom, but I stretched it into the hoop.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Pulling the fabric to the backside …

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

I ironed in creases around the hoop to force the overage fabric to the inside of the hoop.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Hanging on the wall! Working on the buttons and beads took the most time.  I finally got enough elements on the project to have a definite comet shape going through the center.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Lots of buttons, ribbon roses, silk ribbon embroidery, lace and trims all put together.  Note that most groupings have odd numbers, as this is more pleasing to the eye.

I used those little plastic motifs you get in some button packs that are difficult to use elsewhere.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

It now is hanging on the brick wall around the fireplace, along with two of my antique sewing machines, and some other vintage bric-a-brac.

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you have hoops you don’t use?

Want to see the whole project?  Click on Quilted Art Project to see it from the beginning.

Joining Slow Stitching Sunday for the finish of the Quilted Art Project, my last link up for this month.

Slow Sunday Stitching

Quilted Art Project Finishing ~ From My Carolina Home


20 thoughts on “Quilted Art Project Finish!

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    I love how you finished this. I think the hoop really keeps in with the piece. Looks wonderful.

  2. Lesley

    Your art looks fantastic in that hoop on the wall and I love how your hat picks out the lilac colour. Hope your med tests go ok and I look forward to your return – take care and best wishes ((hugs))

  3. Melanie Tehan

    Carole, your project turned out so beautiful and it looks great on your brick wall. I just saw a post about framing in a hoop and the demo showed basting those edges behind the hoop with long stitches to hold them down and in place. Thought that was a good idea.

    Good luck with your medical tests and completting your continuing ed courses. I love your posts, always interesting and fun, educational and inspiring! Melanie xx oo

  4. Mildred Plaskett

    Your quilted art project is beautiful and what a good idea to use the hoop. Hope you are happy with it. Good luck with your tests. Take care.

  5. Deanna Bishop

    That turned out beautiful Carole. The buttons and embellishments does look like a comet. You did very well and am glad that you shared it with us.

    Have a great Sunday

  6. Good Morning Carole! Your project turned out beautifully! I had not guessed that you would finish this project in this creative manner; but it is a brilliant idea and does show off all of the fabric and special detail of the doilies, buttons, beads, stitches and fabrics. I have a giant sized hoop that hangs on my wall waiting for me to figure out a project, such as yours, to do with it. Plus, several other hoops that I just do not use for whatever reason and have discovered all sorts of ideas on the internet of creative craft ideas to do with them also, if I can ever just find the time to do them.
    I truly do think this project you created is beautiful and adds so much charm to the area you hung it in. You did a fabulous job in creating it and I appreciate it that you shared the journey with us. It really gave me some great ideas to try on some future projects. I will miss you while you are away, yet will not at the same time…knowing you have written and prepared the various posts for us to enjoy during this time while you are doing all of your testing. Wow….that is a lot of time required to study and spend updating your education, but being in the medical part of the work force, it is reassuring to know that it is required at the same time. Sorry that it requires all of this amount of time, but Thank You for doing it for our sakes also! Thank You so much for thinking and caring so much about us followers of your blog to set up these preposted links. We will definitely appreciate them! Have a fantastic creative day!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    It looks snazzy. My mom made a LOT of these types of masterpieces.. Now that they are both at Ashby Ponds the elegant independent living retirement extravaganza, she is able to share a lot of her makes at the art exhibits they share in the gallery for about two months at a time.
    You can think about that, Carole…. when you are in the senior neighborhood. 😀
    I would move to this place in a heartbeat, but it is too expensive. really.

  8. Your hoop project is very pretty. I have a hoop that appears to be the same size and shape, but it goes with my quilting stand. I think you made good use of it. I used to sell hooped fabric creations at craft fairs in the 80s and early 90s. I still have a few of them left that are on display around my home.

  9. This is beautiful, Carole. The buttons, ribbon roses, silk ribbon embroidery, lace and trims all together, make a lovely wall hanging. Love the oval hoop. Your project looks wonderful hanging on the brick wall. Hoops are such a fabulous idea for showcasing a stitching pretty.

  10. It’s beautiful….even more than I expected…well worth the wait to see the end result. I have a “multitude” of hoops…not only mine, but my mother’s when she passed. I’ve actually 3 large ovals and several large round ones. What a wonderful idea…I’m thinking Christmas presents for all those family members who have asked for quilts! Won’t they be surprised!!! lol. I do sincerely hope you enjoy your break from blogging and all your health issues are taken care of quickly and easily. Study hard, get those “CEU’s”. You will be missed. Looking forward to your return….many blessings from southeastern West Virginia.

  11. Trudi

    Very nice indeed. All the best for your medical tests and your CE.

    I am a bit perplexed why people would celebrate Christmas in July in the nothern hemisphere. It kind of makes sense here in Australia where Christmas is in summer and few Australians ever experience what a winter Christmas is like. The skiing season in the Snowy Mountains officially starts on the Queen’s Birthday weekend, which is this coming weekend and Santa arrives at Thredbo over the weekend of July 19 – 22 https://www.thredbo.com.au/festivals-events/santa-claus-is-coming-to-thredbo/

    But away from the skiing resorts, I don’t know anyone who celebrates Christmas in July.

  12. Barbara

    The decor for the hearth is lovely. I fully appreciate your journey to complete the quilt. The hat is perfect. My attention was drawn to the old sewing machine. I have a similar one that my Grandmother used. I have cleaned it up, but have not restored it to be functional. Maybe I’ll get that done someday, too. Enjoy your break.

  13. Sharon Schipper

    Beautiful, and I was just given TWO large antique hoops, an oval and a round, meant also for hand quilting. I didn’t want to tell her they might be used for display and not actually worked on… you have given me inspiration! I have done loads of folded star hangins in hoops in the past, but this is prettier, plus I have a collection of old doilies and hankies, hmmmmm….. have a lovely vacation

  14. Congratulations on the finish! It looks great in a place of honour by your fireplace! What a lovely room!
    Can’t wait for the big reveal for Scrap Dance Tango!

  15. I somehow missed seeing this one finished!! It look great “framed” in a hoop and hung on that brick wall. You inspire me to do more small projects to decorate my home with. 🙂

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