Miniature Mariner’s Compass

It is the start of the online bloggers quilt show, so get ready to have some fun!  The Bloggers Quilt Festival is sponsored by Amy’s Creative Side blog with giveaways.  There are eleven categories you can enter.  My first entry is this little Mariner’s Compass quilt completed earlier this season.  The center is a compass star with flying geese surrounding the sashing.


Oh, did I mention that I am insane?  This is paper pieced.  The center compass is about 3 inches square!  Total size is 8-1/2 x 8-1/2.  A true miniature.Miniature2

I quilted it with stitch in in the ditch around all those baby geese and the sashing, and the star.  Then I added tiny feathers to the outer border.


I found the pattern in this book, Easy Paper Pieced Miniatures by Carol Doak.  It is on the cover, and I modified the border and changed the colors.


A couple of closeups to show how small these pieces were.



This was fun, and I just might do another one!

22 thoughts on “Miniature Mariner’s Compass

  1. Oh, you must be insane! Me, I’m just crazy! Such tiny pieces. But you don’t have as much to store as when one makes a full size quilt!

  2. I love Carol Doak’s designs especially when it comes to working on this small a scale. This one is a stunner! Thanks for sharing it again!

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