Stamping Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  I love the Macy’s parade, the football games, the turkey dinner, and the anticipation of the holiday season ahead.  The fall colors are blazing, and a cold day means a fire in the fireplace too, with any luck.  I’ve been sending Thanksgiving cards to my family for years, and they look forward to getting one every year.  That means starting early, and I got out a selection of papers and card stock to get going.  These looked good together, a mix of light, medium and dark.

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The gratitude words paper is mounted first, with a band of light paper like a ribbon across the middle.  A chipboard leaf with a nice sentiment is glued to the dark brown, and centered on the card.

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I have a lot of chipboard elements to use up, so a leaf went on this card.  The sentiment is stamped in the upper right, with a leaf ribbon set nearer to the bottom.  A fall vignette is stamped onto cream card stock, then framed in gold and set to one side.  The sentiment is from Impression Obsession.

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Pumpkin pie is a tradition in many households.  This chipboard element is glued to the top of a framed paper which is on a polka dot anchor.  The sentiment is stamped on the printed paper.

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These two went together so well, it is kind of a double meaning isn’t it?  The scarecrow might be stuffed with straw, or he could be stuffed full of pumpkin pie.

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I like making my own designs on plain paper, and this one was just simple.  Using a leaf stamp, I inked it in a rust color ink, and stamped away.

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The first stamped image is darker, and without re-inking, I stamped again producing a lighter image for filler.

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Leaf ribbon is added across the middle, then a framed leaf sticker is placed on top.  This card is my entry in the Impression Obsession ‘So Thankful’ card challenge for November.

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This one has patterned paper, framed in brown on an orange card.  Turkey dinner is ready, with a little gravy boat in the corner to finish it off.

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Last one, two framed elements and a stamped sentiment, with a couple of extra paper elements to add interest.  This card also has an Impression Obsession sentiment.

Thanksgiving Cards at

So, more cards for you to enjoy.  If you have ever wanted to just buy handmade cards, I’ll have some for you on Monday.  I’ll be participating with Quilt Shop Gal’s Virtual Fall Craft Show, and my booth opens on Monday IS OPEN, Click here! .  It will have some of my quilted items, crafted items and handmade cards.  I hope you’ll come shop!  Tell your friends too.

Do you send or receive Thanksgiving cards?

Impression Obsession has wonderful stamps for Thanksgiving and Fall.  It is fun to look at all the stamps available.  They also have the perfect Sentiments for our Safelight Project, and yes we’ll do that again next year.

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13 thoughts on “Stamping Thanksgiving Cards

  1. Love your cards! I like the light-medium-dark values you’ve used here, just like in quilting. Makes the designs more interesting and grounded, IMHO. I have made some TG cards this year using Stampin’Up’s Paper Pumpkin kit in the mail. Was so fun to do and send just a little remembrance of good times and memories with family and old friends. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Joan Sheppard

    For all the boxes of stamps and ink I have I don’t think I own a single one of fall. You have just inspired a whole new direction. Thanks for this. I have used them for embroidery patterns and melting them into fabric. Have you ever used your stamps to “stamp” fleece and velvet? Super fun. Put the stamper face up, put fleece or velvet over it back side up and press with vigor with a medium heat iron (not your best Olisa or Rewenta). It melts the fleece hence not a good iron. Cute for kids wear.

  3. I used to stamp cards. It was so much fun and gratifying. When a friend’s daughter wanted to start stamping it was just when I was thinking I should limit my crafting focus so I gifted it all to her and my grandson’s youth group. your cards a just so lovely. I can tell you enjoyed making them.
    xx, Carol

  4. I send Thanksgiving cards to a few people in my family when we don’t get to see them over the long weekend. It is also my favorite holiday for many of the reasons you stated. Love your cards – especially the stamped leaves in the background. Really pretty Carole!

  5. These are so beautiful – and so creative! What a nice way to celebrate the holiday…which is also my favorite, by the way! Thanks for linking up to Best of the Weekend. Your post was one of my features. I will also be pinning and sharing on Instagram stories this weekend. Thanks again for joining us and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Angela Bode

    You created beautiful Thanksgiving Cards! I love how you created a leaf background for the card you entered into the IO Challenge! In case I don’t stop by again I just want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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