Autumn Jubilee Sewing Project – Hot Pad Gifts

Sewing gifts for the holidays is fun, and one of the holidays it is really fun to sew for is Thanksgiving. What better time to break out the fall prints, and make some Autumn Jubilee hot pads to take to the family gathering! So, today, I’ll show you how to use the insulating batting and make hot pads that not only really work, but are beautiful for the season.  Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!!

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You need five layers – your focus fabric for the top, two layers of regular cotton batting, one layer of insulbrite or similar heat resistant batting, and a bottom layer.  The bottom can be heat resistant fabric if you wish, but a plain cotton works fine.  The key is to place the heat resistant batting in the middle, with layers of cotton on either side to absorb steam.  It does not matter which way the insulating batting faces.  I cut mine at 8-inches square.

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Take the top two layers (your focus fabric and the first layer of batting) and quilt them together.

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Then align your other layers in order in a stack.

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Run a line of stitching around the edge to keep the layers together.

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Make binding as usual for a quilt, using strips that are 2-1/4-inches wide to make a thinner finish.

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Apply to the back side.

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Sew around in the usual fashion, mitering the corners.

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Overlap the ends, leaving about 4 inches for a loop.  Stop sewing before you get to the first binding strip.

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Cut off one end and tuck it under the extra fabric for the loop.

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Stitch the binding down on the top.

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Finish by folding the raw edges under on the end of the loop, and sew the seam all the way to the end.

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Fold back, creating a loop and stitch down.

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Voila!  There you are, a pretty new hot pad for enjoying fall color.

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Large enough to hold a hot pot…

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and flexible enough to grip a casserole dish.

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It makes a nice hostess gift for your holiday hostess.  Do them up in kitchen colors for holiday gifts that will be used and appreciated year round.

Sewing Hot Pads at

These are also a fun way to use small panels too.

Sewing Hot Pads at

What is your favorite gift to sew?

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67 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Sewing Project – Hot Pad Gifts

  1. Thanks for the inspiration to make seasonal potholders. In my home, these are really neglected. I just keep using the same old ones and put them in a drawer when I am finished so they are out of sight and out of mind!

  2. I made a batch last year for my kitchen when the hubby complained about the old “store bought” ones feeling thin. He is my primary oven operator, lifting pans and such in and out. I think he deserves another new set. I quilted through “all the layers”. I wonder now if that reduced the effectiveness of the insulbrite?

    1. Linda B

      I was thinking of quilting the backing and the bottom layer of batting…would want these to hold up to washing. Would appreciate any advice on that! Thanks for a great idea, Carole!

      1. That’s sounds like a good idea to me. Carole did stitch the 5 layers around the perimeter before adding the binding . Remember on lot holders to use cotton thread and cotton batting and cotton fabric. No polyester

  3. lewisnancy54

    I too, love making potholders for gifts. Thanks for the tip on how you do your loop. It looks really sharp!!

  4. connie wolfe

    My favorite gift to sew is the baby quilts that I’ve made for the many great nieces and nephews. Thanks for the information on working with insulated batting. I might give this a try for the holidays.

  5. Hi Carole! I have found my favorite quick sewing gift to be a cozy. Either for a bowl or most recently plate-sized! Thank you for all the tips you shared! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. stephzw

    Pin cushions are my favorite gift to sew. I just finished 40+ every one is different, all from Christmas fabric all for my guild. Hope they like them.

  7. Janey

    Making bed-size quilts for my grandchildren one Christmas was a favorite project of mine. We have added a few more grandchildren since then so I need to get busy so they can be finished by next Christmas.

  8. Diane H

    Thank you for the great tutorial, Carole. Currently, mug rugs that can be sent along with a little homemade card have been my favorite gift to sew and give.

  9. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I like making your duffle bag pattern for friends and family. I think all the ladies have one, so moving on this year to small 12 inch table quilts for our little stands.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful potholder instructions! How fun to be sharing your knowledge and writing a series for another blog as well:). Christmas is coming, I really need to buckle down and sew! My favorite handmade gifts are usually the pjs I make each year. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!!:)

  10. Kathy Inozarks

    I enjoyed this tutorial and will be pinning-I went to the site but couldn’t find where a blog or where you are on there.
    I used to sew quilts for friends. now I mostly make food goodies lol

  11. Isis Elisbeth Pluut

    I like making bags as gifts, or placemats. Like the hot pad idea a lot. Never thought of putting insulation layer in between.

  12. Loris Mills

    These hot pads are great! Thank you so much for the tips and tutorial.
    I love to make quilts and table runners for gifts. and maybe some hot pads 🙂

  13. Helen G

    My favorite gift to give is a baby blanket to a new mom and dad! They are small, and usually easy to make and the new parents are always pleased to receive such a special gift! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Brenda

    I really love making mug rugs. Coming up with designs is fun to me. I try fitting the focus fabric to something that the recipient is really into or a theme for a raffle for an event. All the beautiful fabrics out there are amazing and so much fun to choose from. Thanks so much for your tutorial for the hot pads. I will have to try that.

  15. I’d have to say that my favorite item to sew for giving is a small tote, called the Pick-A-Pocket (if I’m remembering that correctly) from All People Quilt. One year I made over 60 of them. I haven’t made any for awhile, but I still keep the pattern handy. I may have to see if I have some fun fall fabric and make a few pot holders.

  16. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Such a wonderful tutorial you have shared! Plus, you taught me something new, I always thought that the batting went in the middle of two pieces of the insulbrite. I enjoy creating Pot Holders for gifts and for myself…whenever I think about making them! Thank you for another great tutorial and fun project! Have a superb day!

  17. Kathleen Kingsbury

    I like making pillows as a special gift, but for a small gift, along the lines of a hotpad, I like to make the oval ones that have a pocket for the fingers at one end and a pocket for the thumb at the other. I use all the layers you use, but never thought of quilting only the top two layers. Thanks for the tip!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  18. Amanda W

    This pattern is adorable! I love making gifts for my friends, often cute totes or makeup bags, but these hotpads are next up on my list of projects for family and friends too!

  19. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love sewing mug rugs as gifts. These pot holders would also make great gifts to coordinate with a friend’s kitchen! Thanks for the great instructions!

  20. My favorite gift to sew would be pajamas! The potholder tutorial is great; mine are looking really sorry, and I already have the insul brite, just need to make sure the batting I have is 100% cotton. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  21. Teri Krugman

    My favorite and most frequent gifts are baby quilts! I usually do an “I spy” style. I make them out of flannels which makes them super soft. They’re fun and educational.

  22. Kathy E.

    Great hot pad tutorial! I’ve made many of them, but need to add a loop on mine next time! My favorite gift to make is a personalized mug rug. I embroider the name on top and use their favorite colors for fabrics. They are always a hit!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  23. Paula

    I just discovered Madam Sew and placed an order this weekend. They have some great sales! My favorite gift is quilts, but for smaller gifts I like potholders and bowl cozies.

  24. Alexandria

    I think I’ll make these for Christmas gifts, they may be my favourite sewing project. Your instruction for sandwiching the insulated batting is something I have wondered about for some time. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. Debbie Miller Meyer

    My favorite gift to make are table runners. I give them for all occasions. I just gave two to my friends J had lunch with recently. They loved them!!

  26. What a sweet and easy gift! Thank you for the tutorial. My favorite gift to sew is flannel rag quilts. I have made 14 of them so far and every one in my family has one. Thanks!

  27. Great idea for a hotpad! I think I have some insulbright “somewhere”…planning on looking for it today. My favorite gift to sew are table runners….I always keep 6 or 8 made ahead to quilt in a hurry—and sometimes I go crazy and make them extra long to double as bed runners. Thanks for all you do and share, Carole. You are appreciated!

  28. Pot holders are a great gift idea. And I have all the ingredients in the studio! I like to make travel sets for gifts which include a curling iron holder, laundry bag, shoe bags and small draw-string bags for cords, socks, odds and ends that you want to keep together. I like to use decorator weight-fabric so the bags will hold up to traveling and cotton knit for the shoe bags, so they will cling and mold to the shoes. The sets have been well received, and they make the hotel room pretty!

  29. Hi Carole, I love making small gifts that can be used in the home — I tend to gift more table runners and placemats than anything else! I make lots and lots of potholders for myself I find it a great way for me to try new quilt blocks! I use the same steps you mentioned except I do quilt together the back fabric and second piece of batting. I have a hard time with oven mits so I created a pattern for a potholder mit with pockets — I love it♥♥

  30. Christi

    I make a lot of pincushions, potholders and dish towels. At Christmas it’s ornaments. I need some new ornament patterns to make. Ideas welcome.

  31. dezertsuz

    What a great tutorial, thank you. If only I could end quilt binding with a loop! LOL I don’t think I have a favorite gift to make, but I do seem to make a lot of baby quilts!

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