Carolina Panthers Training Camp

It is getting close to football season with the Hall of Fame game last Thursday night.  Once again this year, DH took me to Spartanburg to the Panthers Training Camp for a first look at the new rookies, and some veteran players injured last year.    This time I took my good camera, and had a ball taking pictures.

Panthers Training Camp 2019 at

Quarterback Cam Newton is rehabbing a shoulder injury and surgery.  The practice had him doing some easy passes, not the rockets that he will throw later.

Panthers Training Camp 2019 at

The four quarterbacks on the team were wearing red jerseys so it was easy to find them.  One is new this year, Will Grier is wearing #3.

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Kyle Allen, wearing #7, went through a rehearsal of a play.  At least I think that is what they were doing as they didn’t have helmets on.  Kyle has been one of the backup QBs for a couple of years now.

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The players seemed to walk through the play, perhaps getting the feel of it.

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On another field, Graham Gano (#9) practices kicking balls over the goal post.

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Later, the helmets went on, and the practice became a bit more physical.  Head coach Ron Rivera is in the white Panther shirt.  Here, #17 Wide Receiver Terry Godwin runs a route under the watchful eye of head coach Ron Rivera while #46 tight end Temarrick Hemingway attempts a block on #74 Offensive Tackle Greg Little.  Yes, I have a program with all their names and numbers, LOL!!

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Getting to know the players is part of the fun of following a team. More plays were run with offense and defense looking like a real game.

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Coach Ron Rivera in the white shirt watches, then talks to the players.  Ian Thomas, #80, is a tight end that has really been fun to watch.  He came on strong last year in his rookie year, and I am hoping for good offensive plays from him this year.

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The rookie QB Grier got his turn, and he looked pretty good.  Here, Cam takes the ball again while the backup QBs watch.  One of my favorite players is #59 Linebacker Luke Kuechly.  His performance in defense is really extraordinary, often crossing the entire field to make a tackle.

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It was fun when a running play came right at us on the sideline.  Here #40 Fullback Alex Armah takes the ball to the end zone.

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Another running play, there are a bunch of running backs on the team, and some will not make it through the cut days.  So each one has to shine as soon as possible.

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It was exciting, although brutally hot.  We had a spot in the shade to go sit while they regrouped for the next practice exercise.

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Greg Olsen looked like his foot injury has healed.  I hope so as he is essential to the team.  The players are so gracious to the crowd, most will come to the fence at the end of practice to sign autographs.

Panthers Training Camp 2019 at

I don’t collect autographs, so I just took some more pictures of my favorite players.  You can see the huge bandage Cam is still wearing on his right shoulder.  We’ll see how he progresses as football season gets underway.

Panthers Training Camp at

The Panther’s first preseason game is this coming Thursday.  Whooppee, autumn isn’t far away now!!  Are you a sports fan?  Who’s your team?


22 thoughts on “Carolina Panthers Training Camp

    1. Barbara Mazzone

      Great photos! Showed them to my hubby who wishes he had been there with everyone. From N.Y. we like the N.Y. Jets.

  1. Why the New England Patriots, of course, with our eternally young, forty-two year old quarterback, Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T. :-() Go Pats!!!

  2. Mary Stori

    I’m NOT dissing the Panthers…..but I gotta stick with my home state team….and say
    GO PACKERS!! Grinning….

  3. That looks like a fun day! You got some great pictures, Carole. You know we are Christian McCaffrey fans because he is a Colorado boy, but otherwise it is the Denver Broncos all the way! We’re interested to see if the new coaching staff and new quarterback situation will make a difference this year.

  4. Sylvia E Anderson

    We are Bears fans, through and through, but your coach Ron, was drafted by the Bears in 1984, and I remember him as a player and DC coach. Hope your team does well this year.

  5. Joy B

    I’m delighted to see that you’re a football fan, as I am I really enjoy watching football although I usually watch college games rather than pro. I grew up going to Georgia Tech football games with my father and grandfather (who taught at Tech.) Watching the training camp practice would be great fun, I enjoyed your photos.

  6. Way way back in the day(pre-digital camera & cell phone), I went to spend a day at Cowboys training camp in Austin, TX. It was a fun day, and the best part was meeting Jason Garrett (who was the third string QB at the time). He was accompanied by Joe Theisman who was interviewing him. They stopped to sign autographs for some fans. JT asked me if I wanted his , and I politely declined 3 times, even when he said he wouldn’t charge me for it. I finally had to explain to him that he was at Cowboy camp, had played for the Redskins, and I absolutely didn’t want his autograph. We all chuckled, though JT did not. I ran into Jason later, and I got a picture with him. I’m glad to see he has done so well with his career – it ain’t easy working with JJ (owner). I have many fond football memories. You got some great pics from your day.

  7. What a fun post! And how can I not be a football fan, with a husband and 2 sons who played H.S. Football and are fans. Oh, and living in New England, it’s hard not to be a Patriots fan! Such great photos, as usual. Love Football season!

  8. Laresa Griffin

    I love this, Carole! Go Panthers! I’m not a fan of the fall and cold weather that follows but I sure do love some football!!! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  9. Have been a Broncos fan since I grew up in CO, but now we are in the Stanford camp since Girl #2 lived next door to several of the foot ball players and got to know them….some quality young men, I’m pleased to say.

  10. What a fun day! Redskins camp is here in Richmond but, as an Eagles fan, I have no desire to see them. But you know that the Panthers are my second favorite team since I was living in Charlotte when they were formed. I just finished watching All Or Nothing on Amazon and it was really interesting to see inside the Panthers last season. So glad to see Olsen is back and hope Cam is ready to go next month.

  11. Great to see these pictures and know the season is getting closer. Here in Australia we rarely see the preseason stuff. But we will get a range of games when the season starts. I follow the Dolphins.

  12. Hi Carole! Love, love, LOVE the idea of football season coming and it can’t come soon enough. My team is the Packers and I haven’t been to training camp in ages. Thanks for sharing all your photos. It looks like it was a great day! ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Patricia Evans

    Just not a football fan. Our nearest team is the Buffalo Bills and lets just say, they haven’t given the fans anything to cheer about since the Jim Kelly days. I’d rather quilt on Sundays anyway.

  14. Sue Hoover

    I’m a sports fan but not of football. I like watching my St. Louis Cardinals and I really enjoy watching the four major tennis tournaments — Australian Open, Roland Garros (France), Wimbledon (England), and the US Open. My “team” would be Roger Federer followed by any American, male or female.

  15. Rebecca Burch

    While I’m a die-hard Denver Broncos fan & would never “cheat ” on “my boys” (LOL!), I’ve always really enjoyed Cam Newton. And to think you got to see his BEAUTIFUL smile in person! Yes, I think he has the most beautiful smile ever! Here’s hoping he’s healthy soon & your team has a great season (shhh… act like I didn’t really say that… LOL!)!!!!!

  16. louverna

    I’m glad to hear that Will Grier is doing a pretty good job. He played last year for the West Virginia Mountaineers and was a great Quarterback. He is married and has a little girl and a nice guy. I don’t have an NFL favorite team. I like college games and love the “Mountaineers,” I live in Ohio but was born and raised in West Virginia, You can take the girl out of the state – but you can’t take the state out of the girl. LOL

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