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Yesterday was a fun day as we packed up the goodie bags and made the delivery to Safelight.  For those new to the project, Safelight incorporates many services for domestic violence victims and sexual assault victims providing counseling, case management, court advocacy, support groups and job training under one umbrella organization.  These bags provide much needed support for residents who are going through a terrible time in their lives, betrayed by someone they loved, fleeing abusive situations with their children and many times virtually nothing else.  These bags are filled with special items, to help someone feel like someone cares for them.  The project wouldn’t be possible without the support of readers, and I want to thank you all again for your help!  I got some organizing done, laying out the cosmetic bags on a large cardboard foldout laid on the longarm.  I set out 60 sets, placed the tissue covers with them and started in matching the sunglasses colors to the cases.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Then I placed  nail polish, emery boards and lipsticks with the sets.

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At this stage, I had the longarm full, with the bags to one side, and the goodies on the cardboard top.

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It filled up the backside of the longarm, too!

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Sam went to work on these, putting the sunglasses into the cases, filling the cosmetic bags with those items, then placing the cases and tissue covers in a bag.  She then handed the bag over to me, and I added the other items off the table.

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Each bag got two cards, hand lotion, pedicure kit, lipstick and nail polish, emery boards and a new hairbrush along with hair treatment, new sunglasses, and most got an extra travel size goodie in their cases too.  Adding those items to the sewn cases and tissue covers makes a nice gift.

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We tried to match the color of the canvas bag handles to the sewn cases inside, also picking similar colors for the hair brushes and the pedicure kits.  Sorry this pic is a bit blurry.

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The last thing in the bag is a piece of glittery tissue paper, to hide the items inside and make it more like opening a gift.

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Two men’s bags were done as well, I packed those a while ago and showed them to you on a previous update.

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So, we started in filling bags…

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and more bags…

Safelight Project at

and more bags.  At this point, Dear Darling Husband came down to the basement and began carrying all these bags upstairs to pack the car.

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The trunk was full…

Safelight Project at

and so was the back seat and floorboard.

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Shelter Director, Kristen Goossens (on the left) met us with a cart and helped transfer the bags.  Sam is next to her, then me, then Kat Nevel, Resale Store Manager.

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Kat got a box of the extra case sets for sale in the thrift shop boutique.  She says they are a big hit with customers as they are so well made, and she loves that we have extras for her to sell.  I pin the sets together with a safety pin, and attach a label saying they are made by readers of my blog and all proceeds are donated directly to Safelight.

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So here we are, delivery made!!  One of the case managers took the photo for me, and I am sorry but I didn’t write down her name.

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Kristen, myself, Sam and Kat want all of you to know how much we appreciate your help and donations!!

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These bags won’t last a year as the need is ongoing and unfortunately increasing.  I have enough cases, cards and extra goodies to do another 10 bags later when they start to run low.  I plan on doing it again next year around April, so you can start sewing!  If you are just finding me, please follow by email or blog reader, just see the sidebar for ways to follow so you won’t miss the fun coming up or next year’s project.  This project wouldn’t be possible without donations from readers like you.

Give yourselves a round of applause!!  Thank you!

27 thoughts on “Safelight Project Delivery

  1. Marty

    Carole, Do you have patterns for all of the sewn items that you put into these bags?  I do a lot of quilts for the Shriner’s Hospitals, my husband is a Shriner.

      1. Wow, Carole, another successful project! I love the pictures of rows and rows of bags ready to go! I’m glad there are extra sets, too – it’s always fun to make those.

  2. Patricia Charles.

    Hi from Patricia Charles, just saw your post on my email. What a wonderful job you are doing for people. You and your friends are amazing. Patricia, Australia.

  3. Vicky Smith

    What an awesome project. Sad that it is necessary but wonderful that it is happening. I hope some of the women make it to safety.

  4. Loris Mills

    Such a wonderful gift of inspiration, time and compassion! These are sweet items to cheer someone. Thank you for sharing the news of it all with us.

  5. Cindy Beal

    WOW!!!! That is so impressive to see them all laid out! Great job everybody! And thank you Carole for organizing this project and letting us participate. The pictures say it all!

  6. Such a wonderful project! You’ve accomplished an amazing way to help locally with support from far afield.

    I’ll keep my eyes open when continually reshelving my current and newly acquired fabrics for likely candidates for cases for your next round. @susansquiltstudio

  7. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done to you and all the ladies who sewed up so many items to be included in each bag and not forgetting the card makers 🙂

  8. manasotavacation

    Carole, yet another wonderful project !!! Safelight is such a good and needed organization with a full array of services. Many of the women are in shock when they enter, and can’t manage for themselves. Safelight gets them back on their feet and empowers them. I cannot say enough about THIS VILLAGE . The generosity of this group humbles me and I know their efforts are deeply appreciated!! Kudos to all , SAM

  9. What an awesome project! I enjoy reading your posts, and the Safelight Project provides such great and caring services. Our guild participates donating to several local agencies that provide much needed services to those less fortunate, and it does all of our hearts good to be able to help. Keep up the good work.

  10. dezertsuz

    That is fabulous! I know this is going to make a little difference in the life of every person who receives one. No doubt some of them haven’t had anything just for them and to them for a very long time. Or they’ve left every comforting thing behind in order to be safe. Thank you for all the work you have done, and thank your helpers, too, especially that DH who carries the weight. LOL

  11. Nancy

    Those bags, what are the sizes and do you need or will need? I make bags also and would love to make some for you. Let me know the directions that you use for them. Our church group also sews so possibilities are here for you.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Daugherty

  12. Melanie

    Congratulations on a big job well done! Very inspiring, and know the gift bags will be happily enjoyed!

  13. Fantastic! Wonderful work and it is heartwarming to see this in progress. I think that it seems like the need is increasing, but I rather think that the need has always been there. But they are beginning to be able to help more of those people. Whether more people are seeking out help or some other reason, it is a great charity.

  14. Peter and Carols Email

    Carole, what a wonderful project. I have never fully read about it and this blog entry is so inspiring and uplifting. There are so, so many good, good people in this country, and mostly we hear about the ones causing destruction. I know you will continue your lovely project. I am going to look into your patterns and either join your workers or see how it might apply in my own little community. Carol in Texas ❤️

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