Safelight Project Update, Something Amazing and Winners!

This past week has been like Christmas with every trip to the post office.   More and more cases and cards have come in, so much that the project has way more than it can use for this delivery!  So, once again, I’ll be doing more bags in a couple of months with the items left over.  I’ll be hitting up my friends for some monetary donations to cover those costs, but I have plenty of cases and cards for this year.  Lenora Scott made even more cards for the project, her second shipment had a couple that were really guy friendly.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Kathie Laposata and Bernie Kringel sent these pretty cases.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Becky Harbour mailed cases with these lovely prints.  I love this watercolor print.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Susan Grancio raided her stash of orange and pink and sent six case sets.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Janine Huisjen made her cases with a bit of style.  So clever, Janine!

Safelight Project 2019 at

Susan Dotson made these four case sets.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Then Nikki Mosher sent in a boxfull, on the left. On the right, another boxfull from Canada! Thanks to Jannette Binder who mailed these from Ontario.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Judy McNamee made these stunning cards with her own photographs.  I love the images, and she sent 40 of them!  There were some guy friendly ones too, so I pulled those out and put them in the guy bags.

Safelight Project 2019 at

Then a total surprise came in a large unexpected box.  Betty Giacomino sent 70 tissue covers, all stuffed with travel packs of tissues!

Safelight Project 2019 at

The amazing thing is that most of them went with the cases like they had been made together!  Just look at the color match on these!!

Safelight Project 2019 at

All I had to do was set out the cases, then match up more and more.  Awesome!!!

Safelight Project 2019 at

I did the shopping and picked up the online shipments, now I need to organize the stash for packing the bags and delivering this week.  I want to acknowledge the amazing monetary donations that made this part of the project possible.  I couldn’t order the bags or the goodies inside without your contributions.  Thank you Cathy Luff, Amy Donohue, Lesley Gilbert, Sharp’s Busy Needle, Melony Funk, Doreen Alexander, Vicki Welsh, Patricia Evans, Susan Grancio, Susan Barr, Joy Breedlove, Donna Taylor, Mary Jo Leonard, Susan in E TN, Becky Harbour, Nancy Beckham, Lenora Scott, Carole Leverton, Patty Nemeth, Elizabeth Dix, Ruth Coleman, Pam Arbour, Elizabeth Gilstrap, Kristy Smith.  As you can probably tell, most of these ladies gave far more than the $10 to fund one bag, and I am very grateful for the fabulous support!!

Safelight Project 2019 at

My dear friend Gail did some amazing cards and delivered them to me last weekend.  She had ordered some of the Impression Obsession sentiments for them, and they are perfect!  There are a lot of Believe sentiments like the one below available at Impression Obsession, see them HERE (affiliate link).

Safelight Project 2019 at

Gail said she really liked that she could order the stamps just one at a time rather than having to buy a whole set just to get one sentiment.  She saved money this way too.  These are just perfect for the residents of the shelter, giving encouragement to keep working and moving forward.  See more inspirational sentiments stamps HERE (affiliate link).

Safelight Project 2019 at

She gave me 40 spectacular cards for the project, thank you so much, Gail!!

Safelight Project 2019 at

She put wonderful image stamps inside some of the cards as well, and the envelopes were decorated too.  She didn’t sign hers as she wasn’t sure, so I went through them and signed them for her.

Safelight Project 2019 at

So, with the shipments in and delivery scheduled for this coming week, it is time to draw our winners for the prizes!!  As the donations came in, they were given a number, and listed on a sheet with the name of the donor.  Then, I used a random number generator to pick winning numbers for each prize, writing the number next to the prize.  Then I checked to be sure that the quilting items were won by quilters, and the stamping prize was won by a stamper.   I did switch two winners prizes, so a cardmaker got the stamps, and the other prize went to the winner who had it as her first choice.  Amazingly, all the others came out as the winner’s first or second choice for those who gave a preference.  If you are a winner, I sent you an email yesterday.

First, the queen size Dream Green batting goes to Becky Harbour!!

Dream GreenDream Green

The Fat Quarter Shop $50 Gift Certificate was won by Vicki Welsh! This week Fat Quarter Shop has 20% Off Kona Cotton Solids, August’s Basic of the Month, and 30% Off Nature’s Touch, the Notion of the Month, plus check out the Daily Flash Sale – something new at clearance pricing every day!

Fat Quarter Shop Daily Flash Sale Impression Obsession, Inc. is sending a $25 gift certificate to their online store to Judy McNamee. They have a wide variety of wonderful images and sentiments for any occasion. Stamp and die sets are available as well, and the site has a blog of card ideas with monthly challenges where you can win products!

Moda Fabrics has given the project a Sweet Violet Layer Cake, a beautiful set of fabrics by designer Jan Patek! (Psst available now at FQS – Sweet Violet Fabrics)  I’ll be mailing it to Kristy Smith.

Donna Taylor, Betty Giancomino and Patty Nemeth will get two issues of Milk Street Magazine, recipes and lessons from Christopher Kimball’s newest cooking show.

Susan Barr won the copy of one of my favorite Gooseberry Patch gardening and crafting books, For Bees and Me.  So, now all that remains is to organize the items, put the sunglasses inside the cases, stuff some items in the cosmetic cases, and assemble the bags.  My friend Sam and I will do this and deliver the bags this week.  I’ll bring you that soon.  Thank you to everyone who was a part of this project!!!

One thing to let you know, the reason I’ve been able to work with companies for such great prizes is you.  Numbers make a difference, and having enough readers and page views for the vendors to want to support the projects is key.  Please let your friends and family know about my blog and encourage them to follow especially by email, but also Bloglovin, or Feedly.  The more verifiable readers the blog can show, the more vendors are willing to support events.  Autumn Jubilee is coming up, and I am currently working with several new vendors for their support and some really great prizes for the event.  So tell your friends, follow From My Carolina Home for fun, freebies and chances to win!!

Isn’t our community amazing?!!!

20 thoughts on “Safelight Project Update, Something Amazing and Winners!

  1. I am totally amazed at how this project came together. The cards are beautiful and you can see the love put in them. And the tissue covers. How awesome is it that they would match the case sets like that. That could only be by divine intervention. I hope all of the recipients can feel the love of God in these packages made just for them,

  2. Like Pam, I’m amazed, too. And heartened by the enormous response. In these mean days, to know that people will reach out to help people they don’t even know is priceless. Thank you, Carole, for initiating this project and providing the opportunity for your readers to participate. Goodness all around!

  3. Patricia Evans

    The timing of your post is very welcome. It is so important that we all remember that there are caring people ready to help anonymous others when the events of the day seem to reflect only hatred. Thank Carole for giving the rest of us the opportunity to assist with your heartfelt project and thank you to the many donors who participated and the vendors who offered prizes.

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Congratulations on such a successful donation year for the Safelight Project! Plus, Congratulations to all of the winners of the wonderful prizes! Have a fantastic day!

  5. Susan C

    Thank you for allowing us, your followers, to participate in such a worthy cause. Congratulations on the success of the Safelight Project. Looking forward to participating in the future!

  6. WOW – you have really stirred the fire and the heart of your readers Carole! My “senior stitchers” are slow with their cases and won’t have them done this time, but they will be “ready” for the next round, as I know you will keep doing this project. (My fault really as I gave the “wrong” directions and goofed up the placement of the velcro…so have some “unstitching” to do on their behalf). Honestly you have got a wonderful group of card makers and sewers involved and I think that is incredible. Will help in the future as I am able. So happy that this project you are spearheading is taking off to be such a success.

  7. Donna

    What a huge success Carole!!! I am proud to be a part of this worthy cause!!! Thank you for all the work that you put in to make it do successful!!!

  8. dezertsuz

    Wow, people really came up to the mark for this project! I love that the tissue case match the others without pre-planning! What a great year this is for Safelight. Thank you for doing this again.

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