Redwork Project for Christmas

I am finally getting to this project I’ve been wanting to start for over a year.  I got this adorable pattern from Red Brolly some time ago.  Unfortunately, Bronwen Hayes has closed her store, no longer posts to her website, and has abandoned her Facebook page.  The ‘temporary closure’ was in January 2017.  Messages to her have gone unanswered. I wish I could find out what happened to such a talented designer.  This was a free download, and I wish I could give you a link to it.  It is just so cute!!

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

To make the project, I got a package of Evenweave fabric.  This stuff does ravel, so the first thing to do is to stabilize the edges with a zigzag stitch around the edges.  I also put a straight stitch right at the edge just to ensure that it would hold up.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

The pattern is pinned to the fabric on the bottom edge, and then the tracing paper is slipped behind the pattern.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

The package says to use a ball point pen to go over the pattern.  One advantage of this is I can see where I have traced and what is left to go.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

Lifting up the pattern, I can see that I need to press harder, so I go over it again.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

Next, choosing a DMC thread to stitch with, I decide on color #498, a nice deep burgundy red.  I pulled some beads in red to embellish it when I am done with stitching.  I might have a few red buttons to use, too.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

The tracing is light, but I can see the lines.  These should come off with water, but I did choose the red to trace with just in case it doesn’t.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

Thank heaven for needle threaders, LOL, even with the larger eye of this needle I find it difficult to see well.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

A few stitches are done, just so I could say I got started.  These were running stitches, and x-stitches.  Most of the piece will be done in a backstitch for a smooth line.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

I’ll be working on this for the next few weeks. I think it will become a mini quilt with some patchwork around it, but I haven’t decided for sure yet.

Redwork Embroidery Stitch Along at

Redwork goes pretty quickly, so I may need another one before football season starts.  Are you doing any handwork?

Slow Sunday Stitching

33 thoughts on “Redwork Project for Christmas

  1. That is going to turn out really nice and I am sure you will have it ready for Christmas. I know the site you are talking about. I am sorry to hear that she has left without a word. I hope she is doing well.

  2. Linda B

    Very cute and what perfect timing to finish before the season! I have trouble deciding what to start/work on next but like to do handwork. Have a largish bag of mending (holes in socks mostly) to work on while watching the TV. Now that another season of NCIS is on Netflix, maybe will have more socks to wear this winter! And discovered DVDs of Pie in the Sky at our Library, a BBC series from the 90’s that is pretty cute. I need to get out applique squares from a class I attended years ago and finish them!

  3. I used to love those Red Brolly patterns and blog posts. Wonder what happened??
    I haven’t seen this method of pattern tracing, so thanks for sharing it!
    Enjoy your hand stitching!

  4. I am so glad you shared how you used the tracing paper! I am sad that red brolly and Bronwyn are not heard of since early last year… I have one of her quilting patterns to do and am sad she isn’t still creating! She is VERY talented… I love your free download you got and am glad you had printed it or saved it before things went haywire! Enjoy that beautiful and fun stitching on that evenweave fabric you zig zagged 😀 Kathi

  5. That’s one of my favorite Christmas redwork patterns. I like your choice of floss color. By the way Bronwen Hayes closed her shop, blog and social media while under going treatment for cancer.

  6. Donna

    I read about Bronwen Hayes when she closed. Such a creative woman. I miss her blog. I wish her well. Her patterns are delightful. Hoping Red Brolly makes a come back. The Redwork I have never done before. Thinking about doing some handwork soon.

  7. I seem to recall that there was a serious health issue going on with her or someone in her family. I remember that there was some announcement made at the time saying such. The blog was charming and a delight to look at; I am sorry it has been lost to us.

  8. Lee

    Nice holiday project and good time to start holiday stitching! I am working on a garden stitching right now.

  9. That is a lovely pattern, red work is so cool! What do you think of the even weave for pure embroidery? I’ve only ever used it for counted cross stitch and hardanger. Do you like it better than muslin? Inquiring minds, you know!😉

  10. Janice

    I finally realized the tracing paper you are using is not “regular” tracing paper used for drawing, but for marking patterns in dress making! Duh!

  11. Patricia Evans

    I have a snowman piece I started maybe two years ago, but I traced the pattern very lightly in pencil and I can see the design well enough. I need to retrace with something that will show up better. Right now it’s buried in a UFO box. Right now my handwork project is stars made with EPP diamonds.

  12. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole, Goodness but you just reminded me of a project I started and haven’t finished in red work. I found a booklet of santas in red work and have forgotten about it.m It is a quilt pattern with several different Santa figures. I originally thought about just making pillows with the designs and got some made but something diverted my attention so I put the project into a picnic basket and planned to work on at another time and guess what, I forgot about it till now, sometimes it doesn’t pay to have too many projects on the fire, right. Have a great day and stay cool.

  13. I would love to find a needle threader that works with beading needles. The one that I have doesn’t fit through the tiny eye of the beading needle. Does the needle threader that you show work with them? By the way, this project is going to be adorable.

  14. I’ve done this redwork pattern and I love it. But then I’m a big fan. Have you ever heard of Mandy Shaw at dandelion designs. She designs some beautiful redwork!

  15. Very neat project, and doable in a short period of time, maybe. I often try to do holiday projects that are too complex, and then don’t finish them. Sorry to hear that the store you liked closed.

  16. I loved Brolley too! I’ve got a few of her free patterns downloaded. You’ve reminded me to go back and see what patterns I’ve got on file. Love a little embroidery to keep my hands busy.

    1. Pami Green

      Bronwyn Hayes has retired due to very poor health. What patterns are currently available are the last. Very sad indeed, she is a gifted and lively lady x

  17. Elaine Nemeth

    Started another Hawaiian Needleturn quilt 3 bright batik blocks are cut and basted on white . Block one is halfway completed.

  18. Beth T.

    I’m so glad you reminded me of my Red Brolly patterns. And, reading this and learning of Ms. Hayes’s health struggles, I feel prompted to send healing and thankful thoughts to her as I work on her creations. She put so much good out into the world, as a gift. I hope that goodness comes back to her when she needs it most.

  19. Thank you for sharing your Redwork! It’s on my bucket list! I so appreciate you taking the time to explain your pattern transfer process as well! I am working on a #1yearofstitches that I call Still Stitching and a yo-yo quilt. 🙂

  20. Lovely red work project. Sorry to hear the designer had to close up shop. Hopefully she is recovering. Hum, right now I’m knitting my first small bear. I’ve got the head and body done and only need a little bit to finish the first foot. The pieces go very fast so I really don’t have a reason to not be done with the little guy!

  21. Mildred Plaskett

    I have this pattern and some others from Red Brolly. I need to start on one now. Thanks for sharing.

  22. It is a lovely design. And I agree, it is a shame we cannot access the website for patterns.
    My understanding is that Bronwyn has not been well, but not sure of any details.

  23. dezertsuz

    Gosh, I thought I had every single free thing she ever put up! I don’t have this one. Bronwyn is/was very talented, and I’ve missed her, too. This is going to be such a wonderful piece when you’re finished. I do have one I like that has an angel, and another with a tree and snowman from 2011. I might think about doing those this fall. Yes, I always have handwork. =) Way too much, but I love it, and don’t know where to stop!

  24. Cheryl L Buchanan

    I have one started and I use it when I need small project to carry with me. You can find tons of these type of patterns on Pinterest. I hope to turn my project into a quilt one day too. For now, I’ll just carry it around in a zip lock baggie.

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