Odds and Ends, and Quilting Goes Couture!

Next up on the frame is another Hurricane quilt.  This top was sent to me by sweet reader Phyllis Donohue (who is in her 80s!), a lovely patchwork with gold sashing.  I loaded it, but before I could really get to quilting, something happened.

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I twisted my knee somehow, not once but twice, and pulled at least two ligaments.  I put myself into a compression brace for a couple of days, but that wasn’t doing the job, so now I have a bigger brace.  It is getting better, but activities are curtailed for a bit as I am spending many hours in my chair every day instead of quilting, sewing or crafting.  I can do a bit, then I have to rest and elevate the knee for a while, so all is slow going.  I even had to go to the medical loan place and get a cane to take the weight off when I am walking outside of the house.  Maddening!!  But the good news is that I can write while elevating the leg, and will have a long post this coming week on color and fabric selection for you.  I’m getting some continuing education done too, so that is good.  But I need to get back to activity, back to the treadmill and back to hiking.

Odds and Ends at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Looking at a recent Vogue magazine, I was amazed to see quilting make a big splash at some top end couture houses for this year!  Chanel has brought back their iconic quilted bag.  I remember having a knockoff of their older one with the chain strap many years ago.

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Jimmy Choo has quilted stars on a purse.

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Coach is showing patchwork on their bags.

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Givenchy, too, with a quilted diamond pattern on their summer handbag.

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Then look at this!  Dolce and Gabbana, a really high end couture house, is showing this little number that looks a lot like the crocheted granny squares we made a long time ago.  Amazing, what was old is new again.

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On the thrifting front, pickings have been slim lately, but I did score some sushi plates recently.  These are melamine with gold emblems.

Odds and Ends at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

This lemon motif melamine platter has been at the Safelight thrift store for quite a while. I’ve seen it several times and passed it by.  This time I figured if it was still there, I’d get it.  Not bad for $1.40!!

Odds and Ends at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

On a recent recipe post, reader and internet pal Susan sent me a note on the Asian Ramen Noodle Bowls.  She breaks up the noodles inside the package with the flat side of a kitchen mallet before opening it.  I tried this and it worked great!!  Lightly beating the package produces small noodle bites instead of long noodles.  The back of a wooden spoon works too.  So much easier to eat, and DH approved!

Odds and Ends at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

One last thing, since I had the time, I figured out how to use DH’s tablet to get on Instagram.  I will primarily be using it to give sneak peeks of projects that feature my affiliates and vendor sponsors, like Aurifil Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, Moda Fabrics, and other events in which I’ll be participating.  Coming this summer, a quilt along for which I have designed an original block, a sew along for a fun remix event, and in the fall, a Row Along.  So, now you can see little bits of things there too, but the main content will still be right here on the blog.  Find me at frommycarolinahome on Instagram.

What is going on in your part of the world?


30 thoughts on “Odds and Ends, and Quilting Goes Couture!

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    Sorry to hear about your leg – hopefully you’ll be hopping about again real soon. I started following you on Instagram and was the first to click ‘like’ (aka kitchbaby) – I’ll be looking out for more posts from you 🙂

  2. Take care of that knee; hope you are back to walking and hiking soon (and quilting too). I crunch up the ramen noodles in the bag with my hands; I can usually get most of them crunched that way before I use a mallet. That quilt is a beauty!

  3. Oh no! Knee injuries are the worst. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Is there a way you can do some hand work while elevating the leg…. maybe time to start a hand pieced project =) Wishing you quick healing.

  4. Karen Marlow-Goad

    hope your knee is better soon I assume as you know it is ligaments you saw the doctor for this and glad you are letting it rest so it will heal. It is amazing about the quilted bags – all of us can make our own and save a lot of money on them!!

  5. Sylvia E Anderson

    Good morning Carole – I was so sorry to hear about your knee problems, and being no stranger to them, can really sympathize with you. Be a good girl, and don’t try to rush things, or you could make it worse. I’m sure DH will take good care of you while you are recuperating. Are you putting ice on it? I know how anxious you must be to be outside, working in your garden and being the busy little bee that you are, but please take care and don’t overdue. Hugs

  6. Oh dear; I KNOW the pain! I have a closet full of old people stuff; canes; braces etc….and I used an old wooden cane the day I injured my knee. My hubby has sciatica and occasionally walking of any type sends it into a big flare up; and I bought a cane for him, with a seat. He was missing out on car shows because he could not walk any distance without sitting (100 ft tops). Now I pack it in the vehicle when we go to a show and carry it “for him” until he is ready to use it. Once he uses it the first time he carries it ~!~!!~!~ (I do hope you heal quickly; and allow yourself time to recover). Great post – love all the high fashion !

  7. connie wolfe

    Your blogs on reading have provided good suggestions in the past. Hopefully this, too, will help to occupy your forced down time. Prayers for a full recovery.

  8. Mary Stori

    Oh dang….sorry the knee isn’t healing faster…..aging challenges can be frustrating!

  9. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Forced down time certainly cuts into gardening and craft time. Hope you recover quickly. Will you be showing your new ideas on the blog, as well as instagram and Facebook? Not all of us do social media. Blogs eat enough time…LOL!!😃
    Enjoy reading and planning with a notepad handy for all your new ideas!!!

  10. Rosemaryflower

    OH MY GOSH !! I would be crabby. Nope, I cannot do injuries.
    Last evening I bit the inside of my cheek, and that has me whining like a baby. Seeing you braced up and chair bound makes me want to cry in a rage haha
    I do have a lot of “sitting activities” to do…. I joke and say, if I ever break my hip… but knee injury I would accept. Like, going through my computer and cleaning out boxes of clutter and well, the list is endless. We never sit. I don’t. You are a nurse too, and with obviously massive more training than I. Please be good. Then, get some good PT exercises to get your groove back. I treadmill daily as well. I used to walk 5 miles around the neighborhood, back in the day, but I got tired of my neighborhood hahaha. Treadmilling we get our secretarial work done.
    Today I am leaving daddy to his own devices this afternoon, so after church, I am going to get a zillion things done, finish a quilt top, stay focused, clean house and prepare to drive out and spend a few hours with my younger daughter and babies tomorrow. They are 18 months and 6 months and very adorable. I am blessed.
    I will be praying for a full and strong recovery, Carole. You deserve it. Injuries make me very grumpy.

  11. Bummer about your knee, hope you are up and moving easily very soon.We had a sunny week so I did a lot of weeding, but this morning it was sleeting AGAIN! This week I finally finished the storage bags for our Dutch ovens. For the first one, I didn’t measure, and it looks good. I did the math on the second one, and it is a mess. Actually it looks OK and will work fine, but I am displeased. 😡 No upcoming tutorial on this, just some advice!

  12. Catherine

    Feel better soon, Carole. I hate when that happens. Hopefully, you will be on the mend.

    Love the lemon platter. I remember having one of those quilted bags and I have crocheted many granny squares in my day. Nice memories.

    You take care now….

  13. Loris Mills

    Hope your knee heals up fast! I have injured mine over the years and stopped using it much to the point it wouldn’t bend very far…not the brightest move! But I went through some work with a physical therapist recently and got the function and comfort back. I’m still doing those exercises and icing. I’m not losing function again!

  14. Melanie

    Carole, I am so sorry about your knee! You are so creative and active, it is frustrating. I have an ongoing problem with my feet that prevents me from staying on them for long periods, so I have fabric cutting projects I do while sitting, hand stitching ready to grab and sit, “reverse sewing”, aka seam ripping(ugh, darn), reading Carole’s C’s blog and my Kindle. Hope you mend soon and can resume your usual activities!

  15. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I am sorry that you hurt your leg in the way that you did and sure do hope that it heals quickly and you get back to doing the activities you truly enjoy. Like quilting that fabulous quilt for the NC Hurricane Quilts. She did a lovely job with this quilt and whoever receives it will be blessed and kept warm for many years. I have never been one to pay attention to fashion, at least since my early 20’s LOL, yet it was fun looking at all of the fashion items that you shared that are quilted. Maybe now a couple of my family members will not be so critical of my skills and beautiful items that I have made! LOL. I just always shrugged my shoulders and told them they were the ones missing out. I also loved the bit about breaking up the noodles, how fun to break them in her manner. Excellent way to relieve some stress also! I have always preferred mine broken in small bits also and just used my fist pounding on the package. I enjoyed all the ways that everyone commented on how they did.
    I am spending a great deal of time at my Mom’s now, Carole. I am getting farther and farther behind on every project I was working on. LOL. I am not worried at all about catching up when I have the opportunity, but it may be awhile. I have a feeling that Mom’s recovery time is going to be quite a few months. Kevin and I totally called off moving to Wyoming and are starting to look for a place closer to Mom, but holy Toledo’s rent prices are over one thousand dollars for a two bedroom in town. We still have some other areas to search and so forth, but I have a feeling we are going to be staying right where we are. Our landlord loves us as tenets and has never raised the rent on us and has said we can stay as long as we want and he never will as long as we continue to be the great tenets we are. So that is where we are right now.
    I do not have access to the internet while I am at Mom’s, well actually she has internet, I just do not have a moment to get on the computer. LOL. So until next time…please, take good care of yourself! I know you will…you are a Pro at this stuff…hee,hee,hee….just being a concerned friend. Have a spectacular day!

  16. I guess the best thing with your knee, the brace can come off for a shower. I had a similar one for some time, the ortho man had to adjust the steel inserts to fit, and after he left,I found he had the left and right sides the wrong way.NO wonder it was so uncomfortable. Rest is the answer, and long times standing or walking aggravate it so much. Lovely quilt on the frame too, maybe just look and admire from your chair.

  17. Joy

    Oh, i’m so sorry about your knee. Rest and ice and elevation are part of my daily routine these days, since I just had knee replacement surgery! I hope yours will heal quickly and it sounds like you are making great use of your time in the meanwhile. I love the picture of the crocheted granny square clothing. I remember when I was in middle school getting my grandmother to make me a purse out of granny squares. Yes those fashions are all coming back around again!

  18. Gertraud Bell

    Hope you get better soon. I love granny squares and they’re super hot again. I don’t know if it is the same in the US, but crocheting has become very trendy here in Australia

  19. Lisa Clark

    sorry for your injury Carole. We make a great pair. I had gallbladder surgery Thursday. This recovering is cramping our style! Best wishes for speedy healing.

  20. dezertsuz

    I’m glad it works for you, too! I can hardly wait to see all your blocks and pretty colors together for Minuet. Fun to see all the fashion houses getting on board with crafty looks.

  21. Hi Carole! Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your knee. The timing is never perfect – we hate to be laid up don’t we?! But I did like the update you shared about Vogue and quilting being featured. It seems all things are circular in nature and everything comes around as new after a certain period of time. I’ve lived through bell bottom pants twice now, and the happy face and peace symbol. It’s quilting’s time again – yay. Maybe we’ll have more new young designers and their outside-the-box thoughts! ~smile~ Roseanne

  22. You have a lot going on in this post Carole! I hope your knee heels up quickly. As quilters we need our sewing therapy:)

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