41 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Minuet Mystery Quilt Along

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    I’ve been saving floral fabrics the last 2 years so I may be able to do this, even if only a table runner. I love the fabrics you have chosen 🙂

  2. shoshana

    hi! so glad to be quilting with you again! would a mustard yellow work for the background? thanks, shoshana

  3. Shared the link to your post with my Queen Bees. Several have said they want to work on this project. I will be dancing….a bit slowly, and not doing a king size “this time” . Need to get all my cutting done before next Thursday when I have hand surgery and will be out of commission with a rotary cutter for at least 6 weeks. I’m going to dig in my scrap storage first! I think a throw would be delightful!

    1. Anywhere will work, my mystery quilt alongs are always scrappy so mix it up as you like. I’ll be using all those prints in mine. There is no need for certain things to go certain places beyond scraps and background. Thanks for asking, and welcome to the quilt-along!

  4. Your fabrics of soft flowers are so happy and full of spring hopefulness! I love the pallet! I never knew how to actually dance the minuet but this is so much better than learning the dance. I get a quilt in the end of this one…

  5. I had the same fabric pack, but alas only a few scraps left. I made five crib sized quilts with it, so pretty. I’m sure I can find some more springtime prints in my stash to play along.

  6. Donna Senters

    Carole, I have a beautiful fat quarter 20 piece bundle from craftsy, Mystic Dawn, will this be to dark for the project and is one bundle enough for a full to queen size? Also approximately how much more scrappy fabrics will I need to toss into the mystery to make a queen size (let’s say that size to play it safe)?
    I see the background amount listed on your tables and that is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately, I only do the math for the scraps, I haven’t done any yardage math except for the background. You would need to figure out how many of each piece you could get from a fat quarter, then figure how many fat quarters you would need for the size you want to do. Perhaps do that for the table topper size, then multiply up to the larger sizes. Then you would know if 20 was enough or if you’d need more. I am sorry, but I just don’t have the time to do all that math too. And I have not sewn the entire thing myself yet, so I don’t know how far my fabric bundle will go. Just a guess, but I think I can get a full size from mine, but I do not know for sure.

  7. Brenda

    I am with Mary Jo. My first thought when watching the video was can you imagine any man I know not running the other way upon seeing this dance. I love it and the music and that beautiful fabric you have chosen. At the moment I can’t think of any scraps that I have that will fit. I will have to think about it, but it sounds like so much fun.

  8. Give me about 10 days, and then I’m in. I may have questions once I read, but it will be at least a week before I do even that, so I’ll check back here and se if my questions have already been asked. 😄 Love those prints!

  9. thedarlingdogwood

    Looks like fun! I’m a strong maybe for playing along. I hate to miss one, but I have so many projects that need finishing. I’m also not sure about a light background; I was planning to go dark this time and your warning has scared me off. Regardless, I’m looking forward to watching the dance unfold!

    1. When I did the design in EQ8, I tried it with a black background and it just overwhelms the design since there is so much background used. You know that I go slowly, one clue a month, so you’ll have time to catch up later, or finish steps between your other projects. Just have fun!

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Of course, I am going to join in! I know that I have some great scraps and plenty of white yardage. My only thought is moving in the process of this. LOL. I love the video clip you chose to share. The spectacular gorgeous gowns and dancing balls!! Such a grand time to have lived in, well only for some of the very rich and…enough said. LOL. Have a fantastic time with all of your beautiful fabrics for this fabulous Mystery Quilt!! Always Love Them!!

  11. Melanie

    I’m intrigued….beautiful selection of fabrics you have. I have scads (an oldtimer’s term for “lots and lots” — lol) of odds and ends of leftover floral fabrics…..have scraps, will sew! I’m also humming the minuet music….lol

  12. Rosemaryflower

    I think I might…. maybe a baby quilt or a lap size. Mainly bc I have SO much going on over here. I did print out the first pages
    Thank you Carole

  13. Lynda

    I will be dancing the minuet with you! Looking forward to going through all my floral scraps and putting together a full size quilt for my granddaughter!

  14. Helen Glover

    I have picked my fabric for this and have 1/2 yard pieces, 3 yards in all. Will this be enough you think? Also, do we cut fabrics randomly or such as all lights for one particular size? Is the background the only one that should really be light? Will mediums and lights work for the blocks also? Thanks for your help with this part. Loved the video. I actually danced to that one a long time ago!! haha!! Love music from that time period. Thanks! ps I am that former Carolinian…just further to the south…..South Carolina! God’s country up that way for sure.

    1. Scraps should be medium to dark as you wish, the background should be a good contrast light. I do not know about total yardage, I did not do that math. Right now all I have done are four blocks, and I have lots more to cut. You may wish to add more prints, like some fat quarters, as my patterns look best with a wide variety of colors and prints. I do my patterns to use up leftovers. Cut random scrap prints for all sizes, there are no color requirements for certain pieces like Bonnie Hunter does. Mine are just scrappy. Hope that helps.

      1. Darci Marshall

        So happy to be quilting along again. The last couple years have given me some adorable quilts and I can’t wait for a third!

  15. dezertsuz

    The fabrics really are beautiful and would be perfect for another pattern I’ve been looking at. I look forward to seeing what they become.

  16. Melva Nolan

    You fabrics for this mystery quilt really call out my name! And the pace seems like one I can maintain. Count me in!

  17. Lynne

    I love that you do table topper size. I have so many bigger quilts that I struggle to find places to display them all. A table topper can always find a spot or make an easy gift. I’ve picked almost all of my fabrics out of may scrap stash already cut to size! I’m not a pastel person, so my choices are quite a bit darker in value. Looking forward to seeing what is to come!

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  19. Debbie B

    I’m not sure how I missed this post, but I plan to join in on the fun. I love your fabric choices. Lovely! I have printed out your info and hope to follow along. Thank you!

    1. Beth LaMotte

      Oh my goodness. This sounds so intriguing. Mine will definitely be scrappy with an emphasis in the blue family (as blue is my favorite color, and I have plenty of scraps). By the way, I just finished listening to Water Music. It is simply breathtaking! Thank you for offering such a mysterious QAL. Now to continue with sewing the four patches and your fabric group is simply delightful. I’m looking forward to everyone’s creation.

  20. anudge

    So that’s where the origins of square dancing came from. An interesting video featuring one of my favorite pieces of music. I think I will minuet, however a small size. Thanks.

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