Safelight Spa Bags

Last week I found out that Safelight had run out of the bags we made them last summer.  We did Summer Fun bags with lots of goodies and cards inside that were uplifting and encouraging.  I delivered 52 bags to the shelter then, and had enough cards, cases, lipsticks and balms, sunscreen, and money left in reserve to do 15 more bags.  I ordered more bags when they went on sale last summer, and just stored the supplies for when the shelter ran out. I had found a bonanza of lipsticks at the thrift store last fall, still sealed, and they gave me a wonderful deal on them, so I took all 70 or so that they had.  I’ll be able to add one to these bags, and have plenty for the next go as well.

Safelight Project at

I ordered more goodies online and got busy while I waited for the shipment.  Assembling all the items together, I began stuffing sunglasses cases with sunglasses that went well with the prints on the cases.  The cosmetic cases got a lipstick, a lip balm, nail polish and emery boards.

Safelight Project at

The shipment came last Friday, and I picked up the hairbrushes and pedicure kits, along with more sunscreen.  Every bag got two cards too.

Safelight Project at

Here are just some of the wonderful cards I saved from last summer to use now.

Safelight Project at

These are all so cute, each one unique.  The ones below are decorated inside as well as on the front.  Thank you, Barbara!

Safelight Project at

I needed a couple of guy friendly cards, so I made these with my little pickup truck and one of my favorite inspirational stamps.

Safelight Project at

I stamped the outside of the envelopes with Thinking of You.  I added stickers to those envelopes that didn’t already have something on the front.

Safelight Project at

I made two more guy bags as well, using nice black shoebags and putting in male style sunglasses in hard shell black cases, new hairbrush, and some toiletry items in black vinyl zipper cases.

Safelight Project at

So, there they are, 15 ladies spa bags and two men’s bags all packed and ready to go.

Safelight Project at

I hope these will last a couple of months, but the shelter tells me they are seeing more clients and that those clients have shorter stays, so the turnover is increasing.  I hope to do this project again later, perhaps in late spring or early summer.

What are you working on now?

11 thoughts on “Safelight Spa Bags

  1. Your tender heart for these clients is SO inspiring. And you don’t just THINK about doing something, you actually do it! Kudos to you for your faithful commitment to this project. What size are the cards that you usually include?

    1. That is so very kind of you! I’ll be asking for donations for the Safelight Project in a couple of months when we come together for year three of our annual effort. In the meantime, if you’d like to donate now, I’ll put it aside for the project later this spring. Donations can be send to my address which is on my contact page, or a paypal donation to my email address, also on my contact page.

  2. Wonderful that you were able to make up all these new bags. I am sorry to hear that they were all used up already, but glad this project is available to those who need it.

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