Teacups Quilt Along – Teapot Block 7

This month I wanted to do a teapot, but multiple tries with EQ8 was frustrating yet again.  For some reason, the program refuses to print the entire pattern when it goes over one page.  I have sent yet another bug report to them, but still no fix.  I was also going to make another applique pattern from my lovely little teapot with its graceful lines, but I cannot find it.  I suspect that I have donated it since I’m not really a tea drinker.  So, I give up and will use a pattern from the Cups and Saucers book. This one finishes at about 9-1/2-inches square.  As an alternate to the book, you can use one of the free patterns from Equilters.  There are two teapots and a teacup available on their website that you can use to substitute for the patterns in the books – click HERE (not an affiliate). Just add a border to get to 9-1/2-inches square.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The pattern crosses over the book spine, so you’ll need to copy both and tape them together.  If you have this version – Cups and Saucers first edition – the patterns are on pages 50 and 51.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

In the Cups and Saucers book revised edition the pattern is on pages 52 and 53.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I use thin foundation paper for making the pattern copies as it is easy to tear.  Be sure to mark a 1/4-inch seam allowance around the outside of the pieces.  After I did this, I remembered that they needed to be taped together, so do that first.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I color my teapot to remind myself of what goes where.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

One thing I wanted to do was be sure the print was nicely placed on the body of the teapot.  Using a clear ruler helps me figure out where I want to cut.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I can also put the newsprint pattern over the fabric and hold it up to the light to be sure it is close to where I want it to end up.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Paper piece as usual, beginning with #1 and working in numerical order.  I won’t go through all the steps today, so if you need a refresher on paper piecing, click on Paper Piecing Basics and Tips.  I will give you a couple of tips.  The pieces #12 and #13 are large and irregular, so be sure you have pieces large enough to cover the area.  Also, piece #10 should be a dark color to denote the line between the teapot and the lid.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

When you are finished piecing, stay stitch around the edge within the seam allowance, then tear off the paper.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

All done.  I think I need a teacup in this print too.

Teacup Quilt Along at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I am thinking to add some plates and maybe some food to the mix.  What do you think?  Perhaps a piece of cake?

14 thoughts on “Teacups Quilt Along – Teapot Block 7

  1. Diana Short

    I like the idea of some dishes, but I don’t think the food would work out. I think it would either look fake or odd with a bunch of dishes. How about a cream and sugar set?

  2. Songbird Designs

    Love your teapot! We had a basic paper piecing class at quilt club this week, so I can no longer say I’ve never done it! It was fun and turned out pretty cute!! Now I may have to go back and pick up all these blocks and give it a whirl! After I get caught up, that is! Thanks, Carole!

  3. Sylvia E Anderson

    Good morning Carole…I just love the fabrics you are using for your teapot, but agree with Diana, regarding the addition of food. Her suggestion of a cream and sugar set sound spot on.

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Love your Teapot!! I have something similar that I could use, although it is not paper pieced. Plus, I do have a couple of cream and sugar sets that I would be willing to share. Plus, give me a tad bit more time and I may have some more printed out or on my Pinterest Boards in Hand Embroidery or Applique. I love these type of delicate old style intricate patterns to embroider by hand. Plus, I did find an Apple Pie that I have printed out to applique into another quilt project I am doing which is also tea themed. Let me pull out some of my already printed stuff and see what other ideas I can help come up with. Have a great day!

  5. June Neigum

    When I think of tea and teapots, I think English, maybe a scone?? Or finger sandwiches for some food blocks.

  6. Anne in Colorado

    Well after looking at your blog today I need to get me my cuppa tea quickly. You quite wore me out. ggg Oh, and a scone with a little home made strawberry jam but a load of clotted cream on top. Well, darn it Carole, now you have me hungry as well. Love your fabric, and yes you do need a cup to match, even the sugar bowl and small milk jug (believe you might call that a creamer but it MUST have milk in it if you are having tea). Can’t live without my afternoon cup of tea, Typhoo tea bags made in a teapot, not a cup. If you do a sandwich it should be a cucumber sandwich. So good in the Summer time.

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