Fun at the NC Mountain State Fair

We went to the fair multiple times this year.  Between the days to take in competition entries, pick up days, cooking contests, volunteering in the log cabin Heritage Center in the quilting booth, and a day just to see the sights, it has been non-stop for the past two weeks.  We don’t ride the rides or do the midway games, but even so there is plenty to do!  I like watching the crazy people on those rides.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

We heard a bluegrass band play one evening…

Mountain State Fair at

and a trio on another night.

Mountain State Fair at

We watched the llama competition as they had to navigate an obstacle course.

Mountain State Fair at

We missed the chicken judging, but this guy was literally crowing about his ribbon.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

The cloggers have so much energy!!

Mountain State Fair at

One of the new things at the fair this year is the Monarch exhibit where you can go inside the netting and feed the butterflies.  They get nectar that you hold out on sponge brushes to them.  At one point I had four of them on two sponges, and no hand free to take a picture.   The day was overcast, but the colors can still be seen on these beauties.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

Then we watched the guy cook molasses for a bit.

Mountain State Fair at

DH wanted to watch this guy cut planks of wood from tree sections. Men love machinery, don’t they!  The saw blade could move from vertical to horizontal, and he deftly switched back and forth to cut long boards and trim size pieces.

Mountain State Fair at

For the competitions, I ended up with 26 entries, and about half won ribbons. None of my photography entries made the grade.  I’ve already shown you a few of my ribbon winners, and I thought you’d like to see how the other quilts and crafts did.  Sakura Tsuki won a third place! I was surprised to see that the ribbons are rosettes this year in the quilting division.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

Square Dance won a second place ribbon.  I entered five quilts and three of them placed.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

In the clothing division, my set of Caliente chili pepper purse, Caliente hat, and sunglasses case won a first place, and a Judge’s choice!!

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

In the crafts division, Stars On Autumn Lane from last year’s Autumn Jubilee snagged a second place for a Quilted Item. I had to put a lot of things in crafts as I ran out of quilting categories.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

Also from last year’s Autumn Jubilee, the Wool Stitch Along project of a wool penny rug won a second place ribbon too.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

My Bird Nest Art Project project got a third place in Natural Materials.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

From last Christmas, my Nine Patch Star Christmas Runner won a first place in the Holiday Decorations category.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

At the last minute, I decided to enter my Watering Can into Metal Painting, and got a first place and a Judge’s Choice too!!

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

The Colors of August placemats and improv table topper set from my blogger bundle with Bernie was awarded a first place in Table Linens plus a Judge’s Choice.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

This was my first year to do a shift in the log cabin where the Heritage Crafts have booths.  There are woodworkers, dulcimer makers, glass blowers, ceramics, doll makers, knitters and weavers, and more.  In the quilting heritage booth, there were two raffle quilts from our local clubs.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

The booth also had two featherweight machines, and we would let kids make a simple four patch block from squares they selected. Mary Ann was in full heritage costume.  We had a fun shift together teaching the kids and talking to spectators about quilting.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

We had a great time during the fair!  We visited the animals, watched the crafters, saw a few shows while we were there on different days.  I’ll leave you with this sweetie, just 8 hours old and hadn’t yet attempted to stand. She was observing her new world in the Mooternity Ward.

Mountain State Fair 2018 at

Do you enjoy your local fair?

27 thoughts on “Fun at the NC Mountain State Fair

  1. Kathryn Laposata

    Yes, I had a good time at ‘The Great Allentown (PA) Fair.’ I took blue ribbons for my lap quilt, full apron and half apron.

  2. Janice

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a fair. Your fair reminds me of when I was a kid and going to the state fair in B’ham, Alabama. It really was a big deal, and there were so many events (just like you describe). Only difference, my daddy and I did get on those crazy rides!!!! Janice

  3. lv2bquilting2

    Good morning Carole, and congrats on all your be-ribboned (not a word, but sounded good) quilt, craft and food entries. Where was DH when you were feeding the Monarch’s? That would have made a great photo. You will have to make sure he accompanies you into the display next year. lol We have a huge Fair in the fall in Sandwich, IL, and used to go and enjoy seeing all the exhibits, watching entertainment and Demolition Derby, etc., but neither of us can walk for any extended period of time, (back problems) but do miss going.

  4. Myrna Watson

    Wow, congratulation on all your entries and wins. A lot of work and organization to get that all finished on time and entered. Yes, we also look forward to our local fair, I head to the craft building first to make sure I get to see it all. The miniature flower arrangements is always fun to see. The smallest was in the sewing thimble, another use. lol
    cheers and stay safe

  5. Rosemaryflower

    We did not go to any fairs. I loved yours though. congratulations on all of the wins. Well done
    I kind of would have liked the wood cutting even though that kind of machinery freaks me out (you know, adventures in nursing days?)
    I love baby cows.
    Thank you for sharing all of your State Fair

  6. Melanie Tehan

    Congratulations on your ribbons, Carole! Well earned, and looks like you had a great time at the fair. ________________________________

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Congratulations on all of your great ribbons and the extra Judges Choice twice! You deserved them all with your talents! I am just beaming for you and so proud of you! I enjoyed looking at all of the events that you shared photos of. We do not go to the fair any longer. Great job on all of your entries and thank you for sharing everything! Have a fantastic day!

  8. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I have never been to a fair although our county has a large one and there are a few little town ones, but I’ve never gone. Maybe next year I will make time! Congratulations on all your ribbons and winning several Judge’s Choice must be extra special!

  9. What a wonderful day out, so much to look at and enjoy. Well done on the ribbons you won. We have the Agricultural Show in Geelong next month, not as big as yours but it is fun. The Guild has a srand and I will be there one morning to talk about quilting.

  10. Nancy

    Looks like a great fair this year. We (hubby) and I went up top Palmer for our state fair but the truck over heated and had to be towed to repair shop. So didn’t get to see ours. Your entries were wonderful also. Nancy from Alaska

  11. Congratulations and well done, Carole! I did not make it to our county fair this year, no entries either…we were heavy into the roofing project that week, but there’s always next year! Loved the llama obstacle course!

  12. What a wonderful fair, I’ve been to a few on my visits to America and always enjoy taking in the sights and atmosphere – perfect 😁. Wow, you entered so many amazing pieces and your quilts and makes are stunning, so beautiful 😀. Many congratulations on all your wins and wishing you a wonderful week! J 😊 x

  13. dezertsuz

    Yours sounds like lots of fun! We just had our E. TN fair, but I was out of town for most of it. I’ve never gone, though I loved both state and county fairs in Arizona. You did just the kinds of things we always loved to do, except we rode the Ferris wheel, and liked demolition derby night. =)

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