Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt

Japanese and Asian inspired fabrics are more easily found in stores now as well as online, or maybe I am just paying more attention to them more than I used to.  Beautiful prints with metallic accents are so appealing to me.  I have several pieces that I received from a friend before she passed, and I wanted to use them in a manner that she used to do.  She would make art quilts by taking panels or yardage, splitting it up, and sewing framing into the picture in various sizes.  Taking that idea, I applied the Japanese preference for odd numbers, and a framing fabric that reminds me of the bamboo screens in homes.  I began with this wonderful fabric of cherry blossoms and a night sky. I had two pieces of it.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I wanted the art piece to only have one moon, so I cut the fabric into a large piece and several smaller ones, cutting the first piece as large as possible.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I continued cutting around the other moon motifs, leaving as much of the cherry blossoms as possible.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

When I had all the pieces, I arranged them on the floor to figure out the best design.  The fabric is a one-way design and I needed to be sure I didn’t get any upside down.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

When I was happy with the placement, I labeled each piece, trying to figure out the best order to sew them.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Making a diagram helped.  The pieces marked 2c,d and e ended up being pushed up higher, and 3 was wider than my original design idea.  But, this was a good idea of how the bits went together once I had them laid out on the floor.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Then, using the same procedure as putting on borders, I cut each sashing strip one at a time.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I sewed it between the two pieces it was meant for.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Then, after pressing the seams, the pieces were laid out again so the next step of construction would be easier to see.  Here you can see that row 1 needs to be sewn to row two, before the piece on the right can be added, and that the right edge of row 1 needs to be trimmed.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I did that, and made sure the next piece was the proper length by measuring and trimming just a bit before sewing.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The assembled top part was just a bit too big for the third piece going across the bottom.  I measured and trimmed the top piece to match, then added the sashing strip.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Row 4 was one piece as well, and it was the same width as the #3 piece.  So, they were sewn together.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All pieced, the next thing was to add the same one-inch wide sashing to the outside of the piece to complete the frame.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Then I added this gorgeous Oriental style metallic gold on black border.  I liked how it picks up the gold on black branches of the cherry trees.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All assembled and ready for quilting. The cherry blossoms seem to flow and fall from one panel to the next.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I am naming this quilt Sakura Tsuki which means Cherry Blossom Moon.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

For this project, I am excited to tell you that there will be a giveaway!! Prize awarded.  Quilter’s Dream is offering a giveaway prize of a queen-size Dream Orient bamboo blend batting.  Quilter’s Dream Orient Batting is a soft blend of Bamboo, silk, tencel from eucalyptus and cotton with a beautifully silky drape.  It is machine washable in cool water, and can be put in an air fluff dryer cycle. Very stable, it can be quilted at 8″ apart.  It is light in weight and seems like it would be perfect for summer quilts.

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home

While we are on the subject of Rafflecopter Giveaways, the winner of the Margaret Goes Modern book giveaway from last Sunday is Sheila O who left this blog post comment – “I haven’t read anything, except a couple quilt how tos and magazines. Too busy quilting 😀”.  Hopefully a book of short stories will be easier to read for this busy quilter.  And one more note, the first winner chosen was disqualified as she clicked on the “I commented” button, but didn’t leave a comment on the blog post.  You can leave the comment before or after clicking on that entry method, but the comment does have to be there when the entry period ends and the drawing is held.

Asian Inspired Fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop Plus – Basic of the Month – Bella Solids 20% Off

Quilters Dream Batting at Amazon

I thought this art quilt was the perfect time to try the Dream Orient.  I have loaded the quilt on the frame, and this batting is soft and has a lovely drape, I cannot wait to begin quilting it.  More on that later.  The pretty print on the right in the pic above is the backing for this quilt.  Update – See the Finish HERE.

Have you done any quilting with Oriental inspired fabrics? Have you ever used Dream Orient batting?

Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt at From My Carolina Home


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76 thoughts on “Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt

  1. Teri Krugman

    I think this Asian inspired quilt is gorgeous. The way the blue color running through on an angle came out is spectacular! I am so impressed with your creativity. Wow!

  2. I love using Asian inspired fabrics and have a small stash of them. I put a beautiful large koi fish panel on the back of a quilt I gave to my brother after his home was damaged in the Houston floods. I’m so happy with how it came out, but my sister in law says she’s getting tired of him saying “Carp-e Diem!” every time he looks at the quilt 🙂

    I haven’t used any Quilter’s Dream brand battings.

  3. Your quilt is much larger than it first appeared, it is quite lovely. Will you keep it?
    I have not used that particular batting but would love to give it a try, as I use a quilt all year
    around, living with Santa man has it’s disadvantages.
    I have never sewn anything with an Asian feel, while I do have a few small pieces of fabric
    that actually came from over seas. China I believe, it is old and I have saved it to maybe
    make a couple of Babushkas out of. Well that lite a light bulb.
    Enjoy your Sunday,

  4. shoshana

    i was just saying that i needed to try a new type of batting and then i opened your email!!!! must be a gentle hint!

  5. Karen

    Yes, I’ve used several Asian inspired fabrics in quilts. Yours is very striking. I have not used the Dream Orient batting before but would certainly love to. It is supposed to drape beautifully. Will check back for your impressions.

  6. Karen A

    Great use of this lovely fabric. I always hesitate getting large prints because I don’t know what to do with them.

  7. Jean

    Your Japanese inspired quilt is gorgeous! I use Quilters Blend and love it best! Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Love the way you created this beautiful quilt! I have this type of Oriental fabric that I made a pillow & a top finished & ready to quilt for gifting to a friend! I have not tried this batting! Thank you for a wonderful quilt idea – I have a lot of fabric left over – this is perfect! Thank you, Susan

  9. This is just beautiful ! I love what you did with it 🙂 As to Quilter’s Dream I love their cotton batting for hand quilting. Someone recommended it a few years ago on a blog and I’ve never used any other brand since then. This “orient” sounds wonderful 🙂

  10. Rita

    I bought some oriental fabric about 10 years ago and have held on to it through about 4 or 5 sewing room clean outs. I think the way you put this quilt together is the perfect way to finally use it. Thanks for the awesome pictures and explanations.

  11. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful idea for that gorgeous piece of material! Makes a truly gifted idea, you are so smart!


  12. Debbie Miller

    Love your art quilt-the one moon looks so dramatic with all the cherry blossoms. I have only used Oriental fabrics in small pieces in smaller projects and have never used Dream Orient batting.

  13. Patricia Smith

    Carole, the oriental fabric is beautiful. I love how you cut it apart and put it back together. I would love to try the Quilters Dream batting.

  14. jrp53

    I have never used the Asian inspired fabrics, nor have i ever used the Oriental batting. The fabric is gorgeous and you have done it beautiful justice in your layout and your border is even more spectacular. I can hardly wait to see how you quilt it.

  15. I created an Asian fabric quilt for my daughter and had enough leftover blocks to make another for my friend. I have plans for more.

    I have used bamboo batting but not that brand. I was quilting it on my DSM and caught myself petting the batting as I worked. It has a very silky feel to it.

  16. SoCalQOV

    I wonder if that was me with no comment. I just tried again for this contest. And it didn’t let me type in anything before or after I hit the button for I commented! Barbara W

  17. Susan Stanton

    I have not quilted with Oriental fabrics for quite awhile and still have some in my stash. You have done a great job with the layout of your fabric and quilt. Very inspirational. Thanks.

  18. Love the quilt! I used these types of fabrics a lot in the past,mbut not recently. I am looking forward to attending Pat Beyla’s (Okan Arts) Yukata Quilting workshop in WA in Sept, where we will work with Japanese yukata cottons, the ones used for kimono.

    I also have a beautiful piece of fabric from Mona Luna that I am planning to hand quilt and thought to try silk batting in it. @susansquiltstudio

  19. Helen Glover

    That is one gorgeous quilt! I too love oriental fabrics. I have bits and pieces, not many, waiting for the right inspiration. This may be it!! Thanks for sharing it. So beautiful! I have not made anything yet with oriental fabrics but am planning to soon. Never used the bamboo batting either. Would love to try it!

  20. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Such a soothing design. I love cherry blossoms. I have made several Asian wall hangings and have fabrics in my stash. Those are from several years ago and really haven’t noticed Asian fabrics in the last 5 or 6 years. Probably depends on the area we live in as to availability. Thanks for the batting info.

  21. Debbie Miller Meyer

    This is stunning! My friend who is Japanese/American would love to have a quilt like this one. Now I am inspired to make her one with similar fabric as she has just finished her cancer treatments. I have never tried this batting, but would love to try it for hers. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  22. What a gorgeous quilt! Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this. I want to make a Japanese themed quilt for my son, so am always looking for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your design process.

  23. Danielle M.

    This is a gorgeous pattern, I am always amazed at the speed and creativity with which you complete these quilts.

  24. sheilaoxley

    I love how you designed the quilt! What a beautiful tribute to your friend. I’ve heard of bamboo batting but haven’t tried any yet. I’m curious to know if it’s lighter than cotton and keeps you warmer.
    Thank you for the win! I look forward to taking some me time and reading!!!

  25. This is an amazing behind the scenes reveal of how to go about working on this kind of project. Excellent job. Yes, it does look like the blossoms are flowing. Beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing the quilting. Fun that there is a give away too!

  26. This quilt is going to be beautiful, Carole. I love your arrangement of the gorgeous fabric, so clever. I have a weakness for Japanese fabrics and design. I cannot wait to see how you quilt it.

  27. Dian

    Beautiful quilt top. The moon gives it great focus and yes, the cherry blossoms do appear to move from one area to the next. Await your thoughts on the bamboo batting. Wonder if it would hold up in utility quilts? Like the idea of using bamboo, a renewable resource.

  28. Love the quilt design and fabrics! What’s the final dimensions? Yes and yes to your questions! I have a collection of Japanese fabrics I use all the time. Quilter’s Dream Batting is my go-to. I’ve used Dream Orient in several summer throw quilts.

  29. Sarah Corley

    Your quilt is lovely – what a great idea to cut and frame using those two beautiful fabrics! I have not used the bamboo batting previously – it would be interesting to see how it quilts at different densities of FMQ.

  30. Sarah Gray

    I have never tried working with Asian fabrics. Yours is beautiful. Will be interested in how you find the batting.

  31. Margaret

    I have not sewn any Asian fabrics, and have not used Quilter’s Dream Orient. Quilter’s Dream is my favorite batting, and I definitely will use this batting at some point. Btw, your design for the panel is perfect – I wish I had your imagination!

  32. Lynne Stucke

    My daughter and son-in-love went to the Beijing olympics, and brought home a bag FULL of Chinese silks for me to make a quilt with. I made two, and even used Quilter’s Dream Bamboo batting in one. It is SO soft, has a beautiful hand, and is super light, yet warm! I’m completely ‘sold’ on bamboo batting — it’s wonderful stuff!

    Your design is just stunning, Carole! You didn’t say, though. How large did your quilt end up being? Love, love, love it!!!!!

  33. I have lots of oriental fabrics…I really like your quilt, I’m going to bookmark it for future inspiration. I’ve never used a bamboo batting.

  34. Evie H

    I love your quilt! And, yes, I have a stash of Asian-inspired fabric and have made a couple of quilts using others. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  35. nancyangerer

    I have not quilted with Asian theme fabric, but I actually have a 3 yard piece that I would like to use. I also have several FQ’s of cotton that I bought in Taipei that I would like to make into something special. I also have not used this batting, but it sounds wonderful.

  36. I love the Asian inspired fabrics. I think it is the way the golds glimmer that inspire me. They are PERFECT for 1blockwonder quilts too. I love the way you deconstructed the pieces you had and reconstructed with the borders. It takes a great deal of thought. You need a big design wall so you can get up OFF the floor! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I love how that quilt looks. I have seen many beautiful fabrics that would be perfect with this technique. At the times I saw them, I didn’t think of this. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future reference!

  38. sharon schipper

    Daughter Jessi is working on an oriental print with kokeshi dolls on it, making a wall quilt. Currently she is finishing up a quick blanket of fleece with a crocheted edging for my grand niece in CA due next month. I have a panel I want to do a wall hanging with, but it’s way at the bottom of my to-do’s. Jessi goes right to the cherry blossom prints! of course, Jessi was born while we were stationed near Tokyo…

  39. sharon schipper

    PS love the work you did, and it’s long like a japanese wall hanging rather than more symmetrical as we usually do: you will need a nice wooden rod at the top to hold it, and a gold tasseled cord to hang it!

  40. I love your treatment of the cherry blossom fabric…the inserted strips to give the window pane effect really set it off…..just beautiful. I’ve never used (or seen in local shops) the Dream Orient batting—-but I would LOVE to try it. Thanks for the giveaway….you are so generous.

  41. lewisnancy54

    I have not used Dream Orient batting, but would like to. I also have not made any Oriental theme quilts, but have seem some that are really pretty and are calling to me.

  42. Celeste Delostrinos

    What a lovely piece of fabric! One of the last quilts I made for my Dad before he passed away used antique kimono fabrics.

  43. Wow! This is really pretty! I love how you were able to put the sun in the middle, and work out the other areas. And the addition of the gold and border fabrics really finish it nicely – very well done!

  44. Judyk

    I have made a quilt with Oriental fabric before but have not used that particular brand of bamboo batting. Bamboo batting is just wonderful to sleep beneath. I always recommend that quilters try it at least once to compare it to their preferred batting.

  45. Such a pretty window! I like how you used only a single moon! I haven’t used Dream Orient batting, but I do love working with oriental inspired fabrics.

  46. I loved watching you explore the oriental theme.Also appreciate your insight into a new batting. THANKS for joining us at Tuesday Archives this week. 🙂

  47. Sallie Minnich

    Your thought process and planning made a beautiful quilt. I hope to make an Asian inspired quilt someday

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