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I have been trying to figure out what to do with the Asian fabrics I got recently from  the estate sale.   Some of the pieces are large, but some are just fat quarters, but all of them are beautiful.  I had an idea of making a quilt or a wall hanging of Japanese teacups to showcase the pretty prints with fussy cuts.  To see if that idea was good, I got out a book of paper pieced designs called Cups and Saucers.  The book has several designs, and this particular teacup seemed pretty simple as a test.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

I printed the pattern on newsprint sheets, and pulled some scraps left over from my Sakura Tsuki Art Quilt to test the idea.  I began with the first piece of background marked #1.  One thing I like to do is put a few stitches on either side of an oversize piece to keep it in place at the beginning,  This will be cut off later.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

One trick to making paper piecing a bit easier is to fold back the paper along the stitching line, and cut the piece to a 1/4 inch seam after it is attached.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

You can then fold the paper back on the next stitching line and trim if you need to. This gives you a perfect line to place the next piece as well.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

So, continuing around the first several pieces forming the handle, stitch them in place going 1/4-inch past the endpoint.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

On the front, it looks a bit like a mess, but it will get cleaned up with the next few pieces.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

Again, I don’t trim the piece before it is stitched, I do that as I get to it.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

The main body of the teacup will have the best part of the print showing.  Fussy cutting a bit, I made sure that the flowers would come out near the center.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

Stitching it in place.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

The saucer section will be next.  The cup is taking shape well.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

Just follow the lines and sew in order by number.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

All done, I stitch around the edge of the pattern as well.  This creates a stay-stitching line to help keep the block from distorting as I rip off the paper from the back.  I trim to 1/4-inch past the stitching line, the remove the paper.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

I added a border in black, just to make it a bit larger.  I’ll show you the quilting later.

Paper Pieced Teacup at

Would you be interested in doing a Teacup of the Month as a quilt along for the next year or so? Your teacups could be sewing related, cooking, seasons, holidays, or whatever theme you wish. We could do paper-pieced, applique and traditionally pieced teacups.   The first couple could be from this book, or this one (essentially the same patterns) and I can do some in EQ8 for later.  Anyone want to do a quilt along and stretch yourself just a bit?  Update! – Click on Teacups Quilt Along!

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You may have noticed that for the piecing, I am using a walking foot.  I got my Walking Foot at Madam Sew.  There is a sewing blog there as well where I have posted several articles on various topics.

40 thoughts on “Paper Pieced Teacup

  1. Jan Snell

    I would love to do a tea cup a month. I have just this week downloaded some free paper piecing patterns.

  2. Mary C

    I would love to try this. My paper piecing skills are a bit non-existent….time to become more comfortable with this technique. Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Rosemaryflower

    this is a very cute pattern, I think I have tea cups stashed away somewhere.
    This turned out very very sweet. I made a few a long time ago with the intention of making
    drink coasters. I should dig those up….
    I read your blog often but not always time to comment

  4. I love paper-piecing but I do not have this book. I might consider buying it, if you have a quilt along. Your tea cup turned out lovely and looks Japanese.

  5. What s fabulous use of this beautiful fabric!!! I have more if anyone is interested….multi- colored bundles of about 7+ yds each reading mainly ; green, tans or lights, pinks peach, blues. Most feature gold metallic accents…ALL quilt shop quality from name designers. Contact me and I can send photos, and their bargain prices. They need homes!!!

  6. Hi Carole,
    This block is just stunning. The fabrics you chose is perfect, and I HAVE to make one. A good friend at work loves all things tea-related and I haven’t found the time to make her something. Thank you for the inspiration – I will check out this book! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. shirley schepers

    What a wonderful idea! Making a teacup block has been on my to do list. I would be interested in doing a teacup quilt along. Your fabric choice is perfect.

  8. kathyinozarks

    hi My mom loved to paper piece blocks like this and she was into those teeny tiny pieces too lol this would be a good one to share with the t party people next tuesday if you care too-just need to have a photo with a beverage init

  9. Sue Ann Boitnott

    Yes, I would love to try paper piecing. The Asian fabrics are beautiful. I would love to make mine from scraps or fat quarters. I am partial to civil war and reproduction fabrics.

  10. I would be interested in the teacup a month quilt along. I have a bunch of Asian-themed fabric that would lend itself well to that type of project.
    I am doing a block a month with the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge and am very much enjoying myself. While I am not following their patterns, I am posting each month the challenge color.

  11. Oh wow what a pretty teacup—and I love teacups so I would love to join everyone in doing some–and though paper piecing isn’t one of my favorite things–I can do it and would do it for teacups!!!
    enjoy, di

  12. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    That teacup is so pretty and looks so dainty. Just like a teacup should look! I enjoy paper piecing but don’t do it often. I have a PP project planned, but might do a few teacups for my mom’s kitchen.

  13. manasotavacation

    Both books are delightful. I think I have one and will go on a search for it. I would love to sew along….either or both on the books……

  14. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Your tea cup turned out so beautiful! I love the way you fussy cut the flowers to make sure they were shown the way you wanted them to be. Plus, adding the that special gold material as the saucer just really made that whole tea cup gorgeous! It has been quite some time since I have done paper piecing but would definitely be signed up for a block of the month! Just tell me when to get everything ready! Have a fabulous day!

  15. Mildred Plaskett

    I enjoy paper piecing and would like to do the sew along, will look for one of the books. Your teacup turned out great. Good work!.

  16. Nanc

    Count me in! You have a gift for teaching, Carole, and these tea cups seem to be a good place to learn more about paper piecing. Will watch your blog for more details. Thanks for being willing to share.

  17. Love your blog and would love to join in the fun.I was born in Asheville and lived in Hendersonville until college. So I always vicariously remember the area through your blogs.

  18. HI, Carole,
    Your teacup and saucer look great, love the fabric you have used again!
    I have decided to not play iin BOM, qal,, or other ongoing block projects for a while.
    My goal this year has been to knock down a good few of the ufos/PHD’s from prior years – so far, I have 20 of 60+ checked off!
    However, I really want to focus on original work going forward. Plus, I really only use FPP when I HAVE to – it sure works, but not my favorite method.
    Love to read all your posts and will continue to jump in to your calls for help wilh Safelight projects,

  19. I love your tea cup, and a BOM does sound like a great way to try different techniques. Unsure that I would join for the entire project, but I might! I have some idea of how to use teacups!

  20. Priscilla

    I love the idea of a BOM teacup quilt. Let me know if you plan to do this–I’ll join in! Thanks for getting the juices flowing.

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