QOV Stars and Bars

I’m working on two secret projects right now that I can’t talk about yet, so it’s a good time to show you the last of the Quilts of Valor completed before the holidays last fall.  Normally I am not a fan of jelly-roll race quilts, but this one found a way to be interesting with a bit of pizzazz in the stars on the ends, and blue bars flanking the jelly roll strips in the middle.  Update note – this was pieced by a quilter in  Myrtle Beach, I cannot take credit for the design, I only quilted it.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

I used a pantograph that has a nice amount of curves and good for a guy quilt called Woodgrain from Willow Leaf.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

Essentials thread in a medium grey with Aurifil in the bobbin.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

The batting is Warm and Natural cotton.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

The quilting blends well with all the colors in the quilt.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

All finished, I trimmed it, now ready for binding.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

A closer look at the stars, they all have crumb centers.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

Each star has the same red print star points, and a nice variety of reds overall.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

I hope that a veteran will keep nicely warm with this one.

QOV Stars and Bars | From My Carolina Home

I am going to file this idea away for a future charity quilt. It looks like it went together really fast!

What are you working on?
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21 thoughts on “QOV Stars and Bars

  1. Donna Weeks

    I have made several Jelly Roll quilts. The quilts are filled with character and color. The design is crazy creative and not even planned to that way. I think they create a lot of interest. Nice job.

  2. I agree with you about the “jelly roll race”. Not a fan, because I like piecing blocks! I can see the “excitement” of the “race”, but in my world I would chop the darn thing up and make blocks. This particular one was given a little “depth” with the addition of the bars, and the angle joins on the strips. I love the crumb block stars too! Maybe the racer is a scrap lover! Thank you for your service to the Quilts of Valor project. As a veteran myself, I can tell you how much that means. 🙂 I worked on some QOV blocks for my guild this weekend, and I am so happy to be able to be a part of a QOV effort.

  3. Sherrill Pecere

    HA! I’ve got one just like that in process!! But my stars aren’t going to be crummy!! LOL I like the jelly roll race quilts and, when a quick finish fits the bill, this one will do it! Once it’s done, that’ll be #4 for the longarmer.

  4. That is a nice final projects. The Stars really finish it off nicely. I prefer piecing….actually I could just piece quilt tops and be happy, but that doesn’t work out so well in the end!

  5. Such a different take on a QOV. Really like this, I just joined the QOV group and will try this as my first. Thank s for the beautiful idea.
    Snail mail on it’s way from Ky.

  6. EllenB

    Thanks for the inspiration that I can use for a JR quilt that I wasn’t fond of! I did the jelly roll race for fun at a retreat and didn’t realize there was a way to make it look good.

  7. Phyllis Smith

    Hello again,

    Like you I’m not a lover of stripes but this one is gorgeous. May be the lay out with the stars on the side that makes it so appealing to the eye. Thank you for sharing your talent with th ones who gave so much to our country.

    Phyllis Smith

  8. I never would have thought of adding the stars borders. It makes a huge difference! I wonder if she took snips of various strips to use in the star centers…it all matches very nicely. Could make that Canadian by making maple leaf blocks instead of stars…hummmm! Ideas!

  9. SoCalQOV

    Is there an actual pattern or just wing it? Especially curious how many strips it took for the center jelly roll!

  10. Joni

    This is a great design and I love the quilting motif. I can’t wait to show it to my valor quilt group. Inspiring!

  11. dezertsuz

    It is beautiful and that’s the perfect quilting design for it. I think another thing that makes it so interesting is the angles go different directions on the strips.

  12. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Your quilting on this quilt is spectacular! Even though, I understand that shipping costs alone would be outrageous, I still always think of you first and foremost to quilt my quilts. But then, I get mine all basted and begin my boring straight line quilting on my quilts…that in the end I love. LOL. I can hear you giggling also.. heee,hhheee. I hope others are LOL also! This quilt itself is very beautiful! Like you, I am not a big fan of these types of quilts, but when quilters take that extra step and turn them into beautiful they are fabulous! I am fighting a sinus cold first and foremost, which is why I really have not been commenting or anything. Keeping my energy for finishing the boys quilt, yet it took me almost 3 days to finish making 8 kissing fishy blocks. That is so pathetic…but today they are being sewn onto the quilt and the quilt is being pin basted. I hope that I can start quilting it also. But that will most likely be a tomorrow. Thank you for the links to Craftsy. Plus, thank you of course for sharing your spectacular talents on this QOV Quilt that this quilter made beautifully! Have a splendid day!

  13. Melanie

    Amazing, too, how the quilting just makes it so beautiful. Your work is lovely and from the heart. I am finished with my QoV which will be delivered to our coordinators on Saturday along with 2 others and pillowcases to go with them. Our coordinator asks for pillowcases for all the QoV quilts. We can’t thank our veterans enough, in my opinion. :o) I am working on some boutique items for our upcoming quilt show this summer–such fun!

  14. I must agree with you about the jelly roll quilts. But this is one of the few I have seen that look great. The stars around the sides make a huge difference.
    And great work again with your quilting to finish it up.

  15. sharon schipper

    Love your work on this. I’ve done a jelly roll with 2.5 inch squares of the same color between strips, then I split it with a wave shape and put in blue fabric with an appliqued branch and owl on it, well loved. I did a watery green one from batiks I came up with from somewhere (remnant bin?) with orange squares between and an appliqued frog for another baby. Fast piecing means I can concentrate on special adornments! on Bing, search Jenny Doan race track quilt, look at images. There’s one in shades of blue and green with a large zig zag set into it and she did another with white triangles set into the rows.

    One of the baby quilts I have left to do is a picket fence (you remember your advice for that bright red white and blue?) and I”m doing a friendship star in the corners where they meet with red pindot fabric. Turning out really cute for a little boy just born on Sunday (he was supposed to be here about the 22nd, couldn’t wait!) two just back from the long arm that I’m binding and two just about done to go off to her. I also have a flannel I am strip quilting in rows on my own machine. I promise I’ll send pictures.

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