Black and Yellow Geometric Quilt

A friend recently asked me to do a quilt for her, and I was delighted.  She is a fantastic piecer and this beautiful black and yellow quilt just showcased her skills.  Look at all those little bits in the middle of the rectangles!  She’ll slap me for talking about her, so I won’t reveal her name, but this quilt was an absolute joy to quilt.  I spread it out on the longarm bar to make sure I had the backing oriented correctly.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I loaded the backing, then unrolled the Warm and Natural all cotton batting over it to cut to size.  I find this works better than measuring with a tape measure, and I can cut a straighter line.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I floated the top as usual, and stitched the top edge down. Then I did my normal check, folding the bottom edge of the quilt up to the bar to see if there will be any adjustments to the quilting for borders.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Look how flat it is, heaven to quilt!  Didn’t even need a single spray of Best Press.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

She chose a medium grey thread Essentials thread, and I used grey Aurifil Thread in the bobbin.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is called Halcyon designed by Hermione Agee for Lorien Quilting.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The dragonflies in this pretty yellow tone on tone…

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

and the bees in this print made the quilting look a bit like flight paths.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph design brings clouds to mind over the greys.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

One more look at the quilting, the side borders are nicely flat too.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

The grey really does go well in the wide grey outer border.  Taking it off the longarm, I trimmed it up for her.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All done, the quilting is nicely subtle from a distance, and gives some lovely texture and pattern to the solids and tone-on-tones from close up.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

She is coming to get it this week, and I hope she likes it.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

What are you working on this week?

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23 thoughts on “Black and Yellow Geometric Quilt

  1. Carolyn

    Truly a spectacular quilt top – and the over-all top-stitch pattern was well chosen, and executed, for the entire quilt! GREAT job, ladies!

  2. debdevo

    You did a BEAUTIFUL job on that quilt….looked perfect! I just finished Time Travel from AQS and am trying to figure out what to work on next. While I”m deciding, I’m just doing patriotic 1/2 square triangles. I figure once I get enough of those I can complete any number of designs for a top.

  3. Julie Holahan

    Beautiful quilting. I am a novice long armer. Strictly FMQ since my machine is mechanical. Doesnt even have a needle up/down button. Every quilt I learn something new. I’m gifting my Autumn Stars quilt to a friend. I know she will love it.

  4. manasotavacation

    I’m working on the same pattern….slow going with other things popping up taking priority…..but the pattern is WONDERFUL….lots of bang for you buck in the piecing!! Great quilting on this beautyk!!!

  5. Melanie

    Well, if she doesn’t like it (of course she will!) you can always send it to me! LOL What is the name of that nice pattern??? Maybe Manasotavacation knows….. I’m working on some QoV blocks to send to you, Carole. I am trying to get a few loose ends tied up before I have urgencies going on with Christmas coming. I’m also making ornaments, one for each of my mini quilt group members which I need finished by our holiday meeting next month. The pattern is in the current Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine — have you seen it?

    1. HAHA – Melanie, I was going to offer to take it off her hands but I see you beat me to the punch. So, if you find you just can’t use it . . . send it my way. ~smile~ Roseanne

    2. manasotavacation

      Fat Quarter Swap by Marlous Designs… lap/twin-double/Queen sizes Fat quarters leave room for lots of choices!!!!

  6. Hi Carole,
    I hope your friend gets to see all the lovely comments about her quilt! Not only did she do a fabulous job, but I really love the color combination and especially the fabrics she chose. Those subtle tone-on-tones, the polka dots – just everything – I love it. And the gray thread choice and pattern – just perfect. I am 100% sure she will love it! How can she not?!! Thanks also for reminding me about that light for my sewing machine. I have to start nagging someone that I REALLY WANT ONE, and wouldn’t it be the perfect thing to get me for Christmas??!! Otherwise, I’ll just order the darn thing for myself and be done with it. I think of it every single time I sew. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Denise Force

    Love the pattern and colors. Right now opening boxes and trying to find places to put stuff. Just moved cross country. Hope to be able to start quilting again by Dec.

  8. Oh my, what a stunning quilt. The piecing is amazing and those fabrics and colours……just beautiful. The Halycon pantograph is the perfect choice. Your quilting on this quilt is stunning, Carole.

  9. The quilt and quilting are both beautifully done! This afternoon I am sandwiching practicing for next week’s Suzuki concert and sewing DH’s birthday shirt, out of a Pendleton plaid he found on eBay. I also want to frog the cardigan I started on Friday; it has a lacy pattern, but it is just too fussy for what I had in mind. I’ve decided to go with a rib and plain knit…then there is that wallet and kindle cover laying on my table!😆

  10. Cheryl

    Beautiful quilt pattern,Carole. I’m sure your friend will love it. Her quilt top was lovely. This week I am trying to decide what quilting stuff to pack to take to work on while away for the next few months. Wish I could just take everything, so I would not have to think!Lol. Many tops need quilting but I’m limited in space. Hope your day goes well. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  11. sharon schipper

    Love the pattern! I have fabric chosen for two baby quilts, a pink and green for March baby girl, and the same colors as your friend’s quilt for a neutral first quilt for my grandbaby (we won’t find out the sex until January, but I can’t wait!) Also need to work on some stuffed animals asap, as well as a Christmas tree wall hanging and some other projects. I’m taking next week off… hee hee! the March quilt can wait a bit, but I need to be faithful with the rest of the projects.

    Love your spring bulbs. I think I can still get some in, cold, but barely penetrating the ground yet, roads all clear, and high 60’s this week.

    Sharon in Colorado
    PS looking at a new machine…. for ME! with drop feed dogs capability and a larger harp…

  12. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    I’m going back in time a bit to 11-12-17 about the yellow, and black quilt, this is a very pretty design and I love the quilting you chose. The swirl looks almost like the top half of a heart and is so pretty. Love

    The way the swirls form the design, great thinking on that design.


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