More cards in November

Stamping more cards in November, I decided that the prize winners from Autumn Jubilee needed a card to go with their prizes.  Since I was mailing several at once, it was easy to go down to the stamping workbench and have some fun with paper and ink.  Pretty paper bits were utilized in these cards.  I liked the one with the words Harvest and Apple Picking, so I built the card around that piece.  I used a leaf  paper on the side, and stamped a harvest image on the cardstock.

November cards at From My Carolina Home

I decorated the inside with a harvest image, just to add some interest.  I planned to hand write a special note to each winner.

November cards at From My Carolina Home

Sometimes I think if I don’t show you the back with my stamp, you’ll think I forgot it.  I hope you aren’t tired of seeing it!

November cards at From My Carolina Home

Using the same leaf paper and harvest stamp, I started the next card.  This one got a curlicue sticker on the top, and a dragonfly sticker for dimension.  A few falling leaves were added too.  The inside and back got the same stamps as the previous card.

November cards at From My Carolina Home

Stamping isn’t limited to cards.  I used a couple on the label cards inside the seed bags.  I hope that the seeds are good.

November cards at From My Carolina Home

Cute garden birdhouse and butterfly.

November cards at From My Carolina Home

One more for a special prize going out of the country.  Having international readers and winners is so much fun for me!  The sentiment ‘thankful for you’ sums it up perfectly, as I am grateful for every reader of this blog.

November cards at From My Carolina Home

I am still in a stamping mood, maybe a few more Thanksgiving cards will be done before we begin on that red-and-green one.  Not ready to go there yet!!

Are you having some stamping fun?

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November cards at From My Carolina Home

8 thoughts on “More cards in November

  1. Rosemaryflower

    very sweet. Oh that must be fun making cards. Do you keep your inks in a sealed container so they do not dry out so quickly?
    I love the colors of these.

  2. dezertsuz

    Great cards. I like the layering with leaf stamps. I did get to stamp a little a couple of weeks ago, and plan to again a week from tomorrow.

  3. I enjoy seeing your cards very much. They give me ideas for the cards I make every once in a blue moon! 😄 It’s comforting to know there are a couple of blogs I can look at for inspiration that won’t make me want to give up before I start. I “see” fabric with ease, but not paper!

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