More Fun at the Fair

Going back to the the Expo Building at the State Fair while the judges tasted the offerings in the cooking competition, I wanted to search out the two quilts I hadn’t found on my previous visit, and get some better pictures.   Be My Carolina Neighbor was hanging with its second place ribbon.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

The Scrap Dance Two Step in black was entered into the wall hanging category and won a third place.

NC Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

I was really thrilled to find that the pumpkin and leaf quilted table topper from last year’s Autumn Jubilee won a first place as well as a Judge’s Choice ribbon in the crafts division table linens category!! In the interest of full disclosure, almost half of my entries did not win anything. Competition is pretty fierce, and that makes the ribbons won even more special.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

I wanted to show you this extraordinary quilt.  It won Best of Show, a gorgeous fan quilt pieced and hand quilted by Willoree Risley.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

Here’s a close up of her outstanding work, ghosted fans that complete over four block in a Baptist Fan design with extra embellishment. This must have taken months to complete, something I just cannot do.  Unbelievably intricate and outstanding work!  Congratulations, Willoree, on a stunning quilt.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

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Happy Cloud Quilt Batting by Fat Quarter Shop

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Fat Quarter Shop's Notion of the Month Sale

In the photography category, one of my photos got a third place ribbon in the category of State Fair photos. Amazingly, this one was a last minute substitution for one I decided wasn’t that interesting. Good decision, wasn’t it!!

NC Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

In the clothing category, my Jelly Roll Market Bag won a third place.  This is a free pattern I did for Moda, and is available for download at the Bake Shop.   Click on the sidebar link to get the pattern.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

There were more things to see and do every time we went. A street entertainer was playing a one-man band, with an assistant pulling his speakers behind. The Chicken and Waffle vendor is right behind him, and yes I did have one the first trip to the fair.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

The Davis building where the cooking competitions are held has all kinds of exhibits and vendors. The one on the dinosaurs was really impressive with animated figures.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

One last ribbon, this Moda project pillow won a second place in the Holiday Decorations category. I’ll show you how I embellished last year’s project when it gets a bit closer to the holidays.

NC Mountain State Fair 2017 at From My Carolina Home

Next time I’ll show you the first cooking competition, and share the recipe.  What are you working on now?

24 thoughts on “More Fun at the Fair

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done on all your winning items and sharing lots of lovely photo’s. I’ve been busy lately and only had time to read your emails but no replies. Today I thought I better make an effort to congratulate you on all your fine work, so once again well done and keep it up 🙂

  2. Shirley

    Congratulations! You were well rewarded for all your work. This brings back memories when I was in 4 H in high school and had entries in the county fair.

  3. Linda B

    Yes, congratulations on getting so many things there and winning what you did. I am sure you inspired folks you will never know about. I remember going to the county fairs nearby in Maryland when I was young. It was always such fun. Everything from jellies to all the animals and all the rides, a horse show and auctions for the 4H cattle etc. Don’t know why they don’t have county fairs here in Missouri…just a state one across the state in Sedalia. My mother entered one of my grandmother’s quilts one year, and it won first prize. Don’t remember which quilt it was! Anyway, well done!

  4. Carol

    Thanks Carole for sharing these pictures! Beautiful Quilts & very talented work!
    Can’t wait to see the pictures from the cooking competition!
    Congrats on your wins!!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    This is a wonderful and fun event. I knew you would win a lot of ribbons. I know it is great fun to meet other participants as well.

  6. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Loved see the exhibits from your point of view. Congratulations!!!! Ribbons are always fun to get. Looking forward to the cooking event!

  7. Wow! Thank you for a mini trip to the fair. I couldn’t make it this year because I am quilting, quilting, quilting!!!! Congratulations on the ribbons your beautiful quilts won. Nice!
    Mary Jo

  8. Brenda Ackerman

    CONGRATULATIONS Carole!!! This is such fabulous news, I am so happy for you. Of course, I believe and know you deserve them you are a magnificent quilter! I also did like the photo you chose to enter; it is such an interesting piece that draws one to look closer and really see what each item is and see how much detail is available! So you made an excellent decision! So Dear Friend I believe you deserve a Standing Ovation with Lots of Clapping…… now lets see what happens in the next categories you entered. Today, I am finishing a block in a Quilt Along and then sewing pieces together to make into blocks for one of Dads Quilts. It is going to be a fun day! I hope you have a great day!!

  9. kathyinozarks

    wow you took home loads of ribbons-congrats!! I do love the fan quilt especially that lovely hand quilting very special.

  10. Mary Crawford

    I am working on my flowerbeds! They need cleaning up and today a new Limelight Hydrangea Tree was planted in one. Yea!
    Along with finishing up the canning, I do get a block sewn every so often…usually thru the Moda Blockheads or the 365 Challenge which is a whole different subject! Congratulations on your ribbons! Its been a while since I have entered anything in our county fair – always fun to see the outcome!

  11. dezertsuz

    Congratulations on your ribbons. If you have a ribbon scrap book, and you certainly ought to, these will fill a few pages! I worked on Holly Cottage Christmas today and that and my other Christmas quilt will be most of next week’s progress, too. And I started two college classes – often wondering what I think I’m doing! I look forward to a cooking lesson next time as I am an abysmal cook. =)

  12. Carole! I am dying to hear about the cooking . . . but how exciting about your ribbons and wins. So many nice things to see and share, and I really love the Be My Carolina Neighbor. I remember how you made last minute changes before you quilted it, and that second place ribbon shows it was worthwhile. I’ll be back for your next post! ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. I love seeing all those beautiful quilts. Hubby and I are going to go to our local fair today. We tried yesterday but the traffic was too difficult to get through.

  14. Thanks so much for touring us around, and sincere congratulations for all your entries. How thrilled you must be with a judge’s choice ribbon! You do beautiful, creative work; it was indeed well deserved!!

  15. Dasha

    Congratulations on all those ribbons! I’d love to come to visit your Fair. We have country shows in Australia but I haven’t been to one in ages. The Royal Easter Show is held in Sydney each year, and is both a fun fair and an agricultural show. Quite prestigious to have something exhibited let alone win a ribbon. Love walking around the animals and the craft Hall too.

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