September in the Garden

The garden is winding down, and the hurricane has helped to move things along.  A few critters did their share too. DH modified the bird feeder so that less seed would spill into the tray, which made it a bit more difficult for the larger birds like the cardinals to eat. So, feeling sorry for them, he purchased a second feeder, and mounted it below the first one.  The little birds like the goldfinches began using the new one pretty quickly. The cardinals continued to go to the big one.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Then later, success, they figured it out.  He later added a larger perch to this one to make it easier for them to land.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

The red heirlooms ripened beautifully.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Another Cherokee Purple is getting close to ripe.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Caprese salad was even more delicious with Cherokee Purple tomatoes and fresh basil from my own garden.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

There are still more tomatoes yet to come.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Some of the larger tomatoes were harvested before the hurricane so they wouldn’t be lost. These are now sitting on my kitchen windowsill to ripen. Well, OK, I ate the red one.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

A few of the potted plants are giving me a fall show, like this red one.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

A few more calibrachoa, these were blooming right up to this week, before the rain and wind came.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

A flock of female turkeys visited last weekend. I stepped outside carefully and began talking to them, and tossing bits of bread to them. They weren’t real interested in the bread, but they didn’t run away when they saw me. So, progress with my turkey pets, LOL!!

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

A couple of them did finally eat the offered bread. Then, of course, the others wanted the same bite, LOL!

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

There was this skink sunning himself some days ago, I haven’t seen them since it began raining.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

More tomatoes harvested all at once became my first attempt at tomato pie.  I wasn’t happy with the result, the crust came out soggy and there wasn’t enough creaminess in the filling.  So, I’ll keep trying until I get it the way I want it.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

OK, I ate one of these too before it made it into the pie. It was too tempting on a bed of fresh spinach.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

I found this sweet cutie pie in the garden a couple of weeks ago.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Then the next day my petunias were nibbled down to the nubs. Oh well, at least he didn’t eat my tomato or basil plants. I just want to pick him up and cuddle him, but I don’t think he would like it.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Just this past weekend, I finally was able to have the camera in hand when the hummingbird came by for a visit to the still blooming torenias.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

The torenias are almost done, some parts are starting to die off, but the tops are still blooming. This hummingbird stayed quite a while, visiting all four hanging baskets for all the nectar available.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Irma’s winds reached a peak on Monday night, really howling through the coves and woke me up. Luckily, there wasn’t any real damage to the flowers on the veranda.  The begonias must love the cooler temperatures, as all of them are blooming more than ever.

September Flowers at From My Carolina Home

Even the pink ones, although this isn’t really a fall color.  Still, the blooms are welcome.

September Flowers at From My Carolina Home

The yellow torenias are also putting on a show for the cooler weather, and seem to be just a vigorous as before, unlike their purple cousins in the hanging baskets.

September Flowers at From My Carolina Home

My parsley and yellow calabrachoa were beat down by the wind and rain, but I expect them to recover shortly.

September Flowers at From My Carolina Home

I put the Thanksgiving cactus out on the veranda over the summer so it could get more sunlight.  It seems to be perking up well now, maybe it likes cooler weather too.  I’ll bring it inside in about a month, and it should bloom in November.

September Flowers at From My Carolina Home

One more flower to show you. DH went to the store for me, and came home with a beautiful bouquet of white roses, one of my favorite cut flowers. Gorgeous aren’t they? Their fragrance is so sweet.  He’s a keeper.

White Roses at From My Carolina Home

Volunteer day at the book sale was last week, and I did pretty well.  Note that large binder on the bottom left, that is a Master Gardener manual! Specific advice for North Carolina, also in another North Carolina Gardening Month by Month book (on top of the Cooks Country Best Lost Suppers book), will hopefully help my efforts to plant more native plants and more perennials for my area.  Cookbooks, novels, audio books, and a DVD of Gosford Park completed that day’s haul.

September Thrifting and Shopping at From My Carolina Home

Last Friday, I worked the book sale, and of course came home with an additional score, books on hiking in our area, plus another gardening book for the Carolinas. We do plan to do more hiking in the fall and next spring.  I’ll be going through my cookbooks and other books to cull some out for the garage sale this weekend at my friends home.  If you are local, look for us on Dawnwood in the Haywood Knolls Neighborhood garage sale on Saturday only.  I’m taking dishes, quilting and cooking books, fabrics, notions, stamping sets and lots more.

Hiking Books and Gardening Books

Hope you are doing OK after the hurricanes, both Harvey and Irma. We were lucky that the path turned west, and the storm weakened. The fair closed on Monday for the first time in many years as the winds were too high for safety. But it is open again, and the cooking competitions will go on this week as planned. More on that later.

September in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Hows your week going?


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26 thoughts on “September in the Garden

  1. The garden continues to look beautiful. We’ve noticed the migrating birds have left as our summer winds down here.

    Our tomatoes are really producing now – a late harvest for us.

  2. karenfae

    your garden plants are all so lovely – I have not tried tomatoes in pots but yours look great – do you prune your tomato plants so they do not get too tall. I leave mine in the raised beds with cages but they always overflow the cage and grow (if I stood them up) over 8 feet tall – I never think to prune them or cut back until they are like this and then afraid I will ruin them if I do.

  3. debdevo

    I am TOTALLY jealous of your score….Cooks Country Best Lost Suppers book!!! I love Christopher Kimbel and am very sad he is not on America’s Test Kitchen any more.

    Also jealous of all of the tomatoes!!!

  4. Tomatoes! I like the bun and the birds, too. We should be putting our window feeders up in a few weeks. I look forward to that. What a nice garden you have.

  5. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Happy to see Irma didn’t get you. We had a lot of high winds, I spent two days getting things off my back patio and front porch that might get taken up by the wind. Took me a while because of my back problems. Took down all the bird houses and feeders as well, didn’t realize just how many things I had till I started taking them all down, goodness, what a chore. Anyhow it gives me a chance to repaint some of them and freshen them up.. Took down the hummingbird feeders and the birds kept coming back to the spot so I put the feeder back and they stayed thru out the storm. There had been 3 of them but I’ve only seen 2 of them since the storm. Had a Red Hat friend send me an e-mail of some interesting facts about the hummingbird that was very informative. Your tomatoes look delicious, I love to eat them with cottage cheese, I spread the cheese over the plate and slice the whole tomato onto the top, salt and pepper them and have a feast, love those tomatoes! Talking about getting books on places to go to , I watched a movie last evening about the mountain people up in the top mountains around Ashville about their mountain music of ballads from the old countries they came from and how a Dr. of music was trying to save them and the hardships she had while trying to record the music and how the people didn’t like her but she finally won them over and they helped her save the songs. It was filmed up in Maggie Valley and surrounding areas, my Uncle Charlie lives in Waynesville for a number of years and retired to the Ashville area a few years before he passed away so all his family lives in that area now. His wife is the only living relative left outside of all the cousins. I want to go see and visit with her before she is gone from us, she is 91 now and I have a few questions I’d like to ask and go to The Biltmore again, its been years since I was there and would like to get some more of their wine. Guess I’d best get started with my chores and putting things back out so have a great day, Phyllis

  6. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; I am so glad to hear that did not get much damage from the hurricane! Deanna and I talked about you all weekend long while we were sewing. I adore all of your pictures of your flowers and your wild life. You do such a fantastic job at growing these beautiful flowers and I think it is a great idea to learn more about it. So great job on a fun selection of books to learn from. My garden is all dead for the year; for the fires, I stopped watering outside (except enough to prevent fires) to help the lowering water supplies throughout Oregon. Love all of your tasty tomato dishes that all look and I am sure taste incredible! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous day!

  7. janice

    Another home run from my favorite blogger! I so enjoy all your nature photos ( and the quilts too of course). As always, thanks so much for posting!!

  8. You can tell you are much more southern than my location, as I have started to need to pull up many of the summer flowers. They are fading in our cool nights. We have been down in the 40’s quite a bit lately and even if it is warm during the day, the flowers seem spent. Your flowers still look great! Love all the little critters too. Does your feeder keep the squirrels out?

  9. Deb

    So glad you weathered the storm.
    We had lots of wind and rain in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.
    I have lots of debris from pine tree branches and limbs in my yard.
    My son lives in Houston area and he was fortunate to get no water in his home.
    He will probably need to replace his roof.
    Your tomatoes look delicious.
    I love the mountains of North Carolina!

  10. somethingrosemade14

    Your post was refreshing and welcoming to see, my eyes were tired of seeing sadness. Thanks for sharing.

  11. dezertsuz

    Another wonderful visit to your yard and library. =) I also enjoyed looking at the tablescape from the last post.

  12. Hello, I just stopped by to see that you are Ok, glad to see that things are humming along very nicely, that the bunnies are happy and the only bother is a flock of turkeys! Best read I’ve had all morning 🙂
    Wren x

  13. Irena Mangone

    Love your. Garden and the birds. We do not have Cardinals here i. Queensland Australia. But we have Rainbow lorekeets brightly Colours green red Orange Purple its Spring here and warming up.

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