Preparing for the Mountain Regional State Fair

Turn-in day for entries into the Mountain Regional State Fair is Monday, and I am getting all my entries ready. I have decided to enter 14 crafting, quilting and photography competitions this year. This means getting hanging sleeves on the larger quilts, and labels on all the entries. Scrap Dance Two Step is finished up with a permanent sleeve, in black to coordinate with the backing.

Preparing for the Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

Having this blog is really helpful to remember what I made in the time frame eligible for entry. I didn’t think I had that many quilts and wall hangings to enter, then I remembered Autumn Jubilee from last year! Here is the mini-quilt from that event.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I am working hard on the autumn inspired quilt along for this year, look for the fun to begin in October.  There are already some fantastic prizes committed by some fabulous sponsors.  Click on the Autumn Jubilee category on the sidebar to see all the fun from last year.  (Smart phone users, the sidebar is at the bottom below the comments.)  The table topper can go into the Table Linens category.

So I gave it a label.  This is my handwork focus this weekend, labels and sleeves.

Preparing for the Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

The ‘Be My Carolina Neighbor’ quilt will be entered too, in the Mixed Techniques Quilt category as it has both piecing and applique along with the button embellishments.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

So, it gets a label and a temporary sleeve.

Preparing for the Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

I have a tutorial on doing temporary sleeves HERE. I hand whip them on with a large stitch that is easy to take out, and arrange them so there are no raw edges of seams showing.  Folding back the overage makes the sleeve useful for almost any size finished quilt.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

More labels are sewn on for my Patriotic Scrap Dance Tango, (patriotic pattern is a free bonus with the Scrap Dance Tango pattern) and Scrap Dance Two Step.

Preparing for the Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

I decided to show Magnolia Attic Windows too, so it also needed a temporary sleeve.

Magnolia Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I’ll be entering five photography categories, plus Scrap Dance Waltz will be in the quilting competition.  Find the pattern for Waltz in my Etsy store, link on the sidebar.

Preparing for the Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

My wool penny rug from Autumn Jubilee 2016 will be entered into a needlework category. Yes, there will be another design for this year’s event.

Autumn Jubilee Stitch Along Wool Applique ~ From My Carolina Home

Competition is fierce at this fair!  I really enjoy seeing all the entries.

Preparing for the Mountain State Fair at From My Carolina Home

I have a fall wreath for that craft competition, and this year for the first time, I am entering two cooking contests.  I have to make the recipe and deliver the food on the assigned days for evening judging.  I’ll be there in the evening on Tuesday September 12 and Thursday September 14 with my efforts.  I am entering the Egg contest and the Blueberry contest.  Yes, I will share the results with you!  This is going to be fun, and I cannot wait!

Do you enter competitions at your local or state fair?

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29 thoughts on “Preparing for the Mountain Regional State Fair

  1. karenfae

    14 entries wow good luck I entered a quilt a couple years in a row – years ago and got a best of show and a first place – never did again after I found out a quilt had been stolen and that they had very little security and the prize money was so pitiful it wasn’t even worth the drive to the show to enter

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of entries! I’d be so scared dropping them all off. Good luck!

    I have entered a few entries to a local fair. None this year – I’m really gunning for a blue ribbon, and nothing I’ve done this year is up to par.

  3. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Good luck!!!!! I hope you have a great time at the fair, and win something, too! It’s cool here today and I just saw a leaf that has already turned red and yellow outside on the patio this morning (at first I thought a squirrel had dropped part of a ripe tomato until I put my glasses on, LOL!) and that autumn penny rug has me inspired!

  4. What a great showing you are contributing to your fair!
    I love fall fairs and usually enter three small fairs and this year am judging at four fairs.
    Such an exciting time of year!

  5. lois92346

    How exciting, Carole!! I would *love* to be able to attend. Fall can’t come soon enough for me. Our temperature is expected to reach 109 today (Southern California).

  6. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Best of Luck in all of your entries! I would give you the highest honors I could. All of your projects always turn out so beautiful. No, I have not put anything in our fair. They wait until the last moment to let us know if they are even going to have one. Plus, they charge such large amounts of money for everything, including entering. Again best of luck!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    All of the things you are entering are going to be right there at the top of the fierce competition stage. Good luck.

  8. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I love fairs. Used to enter every year, but the heat is a factor to me now as the buildings have no A/C and I don’t think security is up to par. Such a wimp anymore. Love all your entries and wish you much success in the competitions

  9. Phyllis Smith

    Good afternoon Carole,

    Goodness, do you ever sleep? You have so many catagories to enter into , do they over lap and cause any problems getting things entered on time? Haven’t entered anything in a long time but have put away things I would like to but things happen and don’t get to participate, my someday will come when I can again. Hoping you will lots of blue ribbons on all the areas you entered, you have worked so hard on all your projects. Thought of you at once when I seen a wall hanging a lady had made of her travels and thought that would be a great idea for you to make of some of the places you have been, especially the quilt garden you shared with all of us. You have been to so many interesting places and that would be a special reminder of happy times together with your friends. Seen is on a Fave craft quilting project if you are familiar with them, it was on this past week. Smile and have a wonderful week of getting prepared for the fair. Phyllis

  10. dezertsuz

    Best of luck. That’s a wonderful collection of entries. I look forward to seeing how you do with the cooking, particularly, as it’s a new contest for you.

  11. Wow, you have a whole lot of beautiful entries. I had to laugh when you said that competition is fierce as our fair seems to be lacking that completely to the point where some of the categories have very few entries. Then again, while ribbons are awarded, the largest monetary reward is $5. Best of luck.

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