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Recently I found out that two of my friends were in physical therapy in-patient centers, one with a knee replacement and the other for strength rebuilding after a pretty bad infection and illness.  It is unusual to have two friends in at the same time, but the really amazing thing is that they were at the same center only two doors apart. Of course, that meant getting out the stamping stuff and creating cards to go with the little goodies I planned to take.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

These cards began with ivory color cardstock, and I embossed a pretty deep blue cardstock rectangle for texture.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

I have some pretty floral ribbon, and I glued it to one side, wrapping the cut ends to the backside.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

I glued those to the fronts of the cards, then stamped “Thinking of You” on yellow cardstock for the front. I did them a little differently, especially made with each lady in mind. One got a bird, the other a butterfly.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

The inside of the one with the bird on the front has a birdhouse inside, with the Get Well sentiment.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

The other card has a butterfly inside as well as on the front.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

Both cards have my special stamp on the back.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

And the envelope got a pretty design too.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

I packed up a couple of pretty bags with two paperback novels to read, a puzzle book, a tube of hand lotion and some chocolate in each one. It isn’t a lot, but I know from trying to recover from surgery myself a couple of years ago, keeping the mind occupied is essential.   The paperbacks are easy read cozy mysteries, and the puzzles – one a word search and the other a Sudoku – can be done here and there in short increments or longer if they want.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

Of course, I had to do a couple of bookmarks to go in as well, to go with the novels.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

It was nice to have a short visit to deliver the goodies. Both ladies appreciated the thoughts.

Get Well Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

It occurred to me that I should make up a bunch of cards as ‘blanks’, so I can run down and quickly have a card when I need one. There are plenty of times that I have an immediate need but no time – like a birthday almost forgotten, or someone needs a pick-me-up or support at a moments notice.  Naturally, if I am rushed or pressured, it is hard to be creative.  If I had some made up with the fronts and backs done, I could have the needed card in a minute just by stamping the inside with the appropriate sentiment.   Next time I have a burst of stamping creativity, I’ll make a few extras for those times when I need something in a hurry.

Do you keep cards on hand?



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30 thoughts on “Cards for Friends

  1. Carol

    Very Very pretty Carole! Gonna work on Valentine Cards this weekend so I will send you pictures.
    Hope you are doing well, miss seeing you!

  2. Gail Rachow

    I love the ribbon you used and then carried through with the butterfly stamp. Makes me think of Spring. Great idea to have blank cards ready to go.

  3. Yes, I do try to keep all-occassion cards on hand. I often just write inside instead of stamping when I am in a hurry. I just love the blue cardstock you embossed and the pretty images. Very lovely and thanks for sharing with us at Just for Fun Rubber Stamps!

  4. Mary Jean Cunningham

    I don’t have the imagination or sure hand for making my own cards like you do, but when I get a 30% off coupon at CVS or Rite Aid I pick up a few cards to have on hand “just in case.” I have a pattern from a few years ago for a bag with pockets on the front that attaches to a walker with Velcro and have made a number of them over the past few years for friends who have had knee replacements, leg fractures, etc., as well as for relatives who have to use a walker all the time – these enable them to transport things like eye glasses, cell phones, books, and so forth from room to room while leaving their hands free to maneuver the walker. One friend was thrilled because now her husband didn’t have to fetch everything for her and follow her from room to room with her iPad, and I use pretty upholstery fabrics as they have more heft than a quilting cotton, and they’ve been very well received – I put some things inside like snacks, pocket packs of tissues, when I give them, usually when I visit someone in a rehab situation.

  5. Susan

    I keep cards on hand–mostly purchased as I am not very good at making cards yet. Plus, it is easier as I do card ministry for my church–birthdays, anniversaries, get well, sympathy, thinking of you, etc.

  6. wlbg149

    As a grateful recipient I can testify to their beauty and how special I felt to be remembered in this manner. What a wonderful use of your special talents, Carole.🙂 Carolyn

  7. Melanie

    What a thoughtful friend you are! I do keep cards on hand and when purusing the card section in a store, I often find a “perfect” card for a specific friend for when that birthday comes along. (For years I have had a birthday notebook with pocket sections for each month in which to store cards–so handy.) Sorry I don’t have the talent for making cards–you make it look so darn fun! :o)

  8. Rosemaryflower

    These are very nice.
    I do have a secretary in the living room, with drawers, and I have two full deep drawers for cards.
    They used to be filed all nice and neat, but…… one day I will get that straight.
    These are sweet. You are a good friend. Being in the hospital is horrible. Kind of like Prison.

  9. Good Morning Carole! Both of your cards are made so beautifully. Being that I love both birds and butterflies, I could not pick a favorite one. The ribbon that you chose is lovely and went perfectly with every detail of the cards. You are so good at everything you do! I think your idea of having a few cards ready for those times that are forgotten or just happen is a grand idea. Plus, it gives you a great reason to pull out all of your supplies and spend a day having a great time creating! It has been pouring down buckets of rain here since sometime late last night, with high winds even ( we do not get high winds very often); so the whole area is going to be under flood watch and with the winds there is going to also be a lot of trees and limbs down. So far, we have electricity and the internet, yet that could change in a moment. Deanna is supposed to be coming out for another day of quilting fun, spend the night and another day of quilting fun. So I truly hope we do not lose power! I hope that you have a spectacular day!

  10. Totally beautiful cards, and your gifts to go as well, when in respite, care or hospital, even for a short time, a book, ( for me a crossword or puzzle one) is, and can be a virtual pick-me-up!!! Hand cream,, always a goodie, and 2 doors apart, that was such good timing.

  11. Linda B

    Hi Carole…very lovely cards indeed. I usually scan Trader Joe’s cards and try to keep a few of different sorts on hand…price is good (99 cents). But I have a question for you…what could be done with these fabulous cards we receive from creatives like you? I had a dear neighbor who got into making just lovely cards, and we probably received about a dozen from her. I cannot bear to toss them out, but have not been able to think of any way to preserve or enjoy or really repurpose? I love to see them, because they remind me of her as well as just being lovely. Thoughts?

  12. dezertsuz

    I have good intentions, Carole, but I haven’t done it yet. Your cards are lovely, and so are the bookmarks. I know if I were in rehab or the hospital, bags and cards like that would definitely make me feel much better.

  13. Lovely cards Carole. My demonstrator used to do card stack days – 6 cards, 2 designs. A lovely way to get together with friends and learn a new technique. I haven’t done that for a while as the techniques got more and more complex using more sophisticated equipment (which I don’t have). So I am running very low on cards. Like you, I need to set to and make some more. When I do that I usually make a half dozen or so. Might as well while the inspiration is there and the gear out of the cupboard.

  14. Carole! Such thoughtful handmade gifts! The ribbon on your card is absolutely gorgeous and I love that you decorated the envelope too. Nice addition to your gifts to add the bookmarks! What a way to speed up recovery with a little handmade kindness. Thanks so much for joining the challenge at Just for Fun Rubber Stamps! Wendy DT

  15. Nice to see the cards you made. I have the supplies but so far they aren’t easily accessible. But love your ideas and will need to “borrow” them. Yes, I do have cards around for most occasions but I haven’t gotten organized enough to have them all in the same place!

  16. How very thoughtful of you, Carole, both the cards and the gifts. They are lovely. I do have a store of cards, but none made by me. They’re running down, so need to source some more. I really should buy some supplies and make a few.

  17. Such a lovely thought, Carole! The cards are so pretty. Love that blue cardstock and the pansy paper is lovely. Your presents and cards will certainly put a smile on each of your friend’s face.

  18. I am always impressed by people who have the patience to make beautiful cards. I have tried, and I just can’t seem to get what I want. The same goes for scrap-booking. I am content with my fabric, yarn and floss crafts. You are a thoughtful friend.

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