New Year’s Eve

We aren’t planning any late night activities tonight, it will be a quiet welcoming of the new year having dinner out with friends and home early. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do a bit of decorating. I like to get all the Christmas decorations down by this day, and do a little New Year’s cheer for the last of the holiday season.

New Year's Breakfast ~ From My Carolina Home

I got out the black-with-gold-dots table cloth I made some time ago, adding gold chargers and white plates. The little black octagon plates are going to the thrift store after this breakfast. For breakfast they might hold some fruit.  The wine glasses might hold mimosas, I haven’t decided yet.  White linen napkins are held with clear rings – a thrift store find.

New Year's Breakfast ~ From My Carolina Home

The centerpiece is made of four of those star sprays I got at the dollar store last year, or was it the year before?  Such an inexpensive little thing that adds a lot to a table.   They almost look like fireworks are going off on the table, a bit of color to the elegant black and gold theme.  The bases are wrapped in black with gold trim.  On either side are small glass candlesticks with black candles trimmed in gold.

New Year's Breakfast ~ From My Carolina Home

I am planning to make Eggnog French Toast for New Year’s Day breakfast. I saw the recipe on Cecilia’s blog My Thrift Store Addiction and DH has given approval for our holiday breakfast.  I may put a spin on the idea by adding some cinnamon, you all know that DH loves cinnamon.   Although, nutmeg might make more sense.  Or maybe both.  The little creamer pitcher will hold syrup warmed in the microwave.

New Year's Breakfast ~ From My Carolina Home

Once again on New Year’s Eve, I want to remind you to put your money outside this evening!  I know, it seems silly, but what the hey. You hide some money outside on New Year’s Eve, (doesn’t matter how much) then bring the money into the house on New Year’s Day. It is supposed to bring good fortune with it, as long as it is still there, LOL!! Now, I am not superstitious, this is just something fun to do, and seems to be a conversation starter too.  Ask your friends if any of them have ever heard of it.  And for my readers who saw this last year, or the year before, did you do it?


Of course, tomorrow we will have to have Black Eyed Peas. I usually do a version of Hopping John that I have kicked up a notch with kielbasa and call Jumpin’ John.  The peas are mixed with rice, sausage and sauce, then garnished with green onions.  It is a good luck lunch in a bowl while watching the football games.

Jumpin John - 11

Whatever your plans for tonight and tomorrow, have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!  Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year.

What are your plans for this weekend?



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25 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Well HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU. it has just gone over to the 1-1-2017 here. I can hear fireworks outside…
    I have not heard of the money outside. Wish I had seen this earlier. I could have tried it. Too late now, maybe next year. Have a good time celebrating…

  2. Carol

    Eggnog French toast is a favorite of my Grandkids! Been making it for years! They love it sprinkled with powered sugar! I Try to remember to buy extra over the Holidays & freeze it!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Carol

    Out for dinner tonight with my sweetheart in downtown Brevard, then home early.
    We will have a cocktail at home… trying a gift we received from BATHTUB GIN in Nashville, TN.

  4. Kathy

    Good morning! I’ve been reading your blog and this is my first time to ‘jump in’. I love your New Year’s breakfast table setting and breakfast menu. Thank you sew much for making my days enjoyable. Happy New Year to you and DH. I will put money out today! I’ve never heard this before. What the heck, might as well start a tradition.. Have a great day,

  5. Jennie Rauch

    No plans here – “cold” developed into a full-blown sinus infection like none other I’ve had before. Thankful for early a.m. walk-in hours @ our Dr. so I can start meds. Anyway, I bet you’ll have several folks asking “which thrift store?” you plan to take your black dishes to!!! Happy New Year!

  6. Rosemaryflower

    Okay, I will put some money outside.
    what if you live in a high rise apartment? just curious 😀
    All of these foods sound delicious. Your hubbs is lucky…. well, all hubbies are lucky they have us
    We have a dollar store in the shopping center right down the street. When the notice came that they were opening a store in our neighborhood, some people in our community went crazy.
    They thought it was a tacky store that would “attract riff raff” or something to that effect. Some people…..
    I love the place. Some of it is junky, but most things are cute and cheap for simple decorations.
    I got some adorable calendars there!!
    Have a Happy Fun New Year’s eve, and day.

  7. Melanie

    Happy New Year to you and your DH. We will have a quiet time here, don’t even stay up until midnight, but do watch the festivities on the east coast. Thanks for the money tradition reminder….will do that this year just for fun. It could bring the predicted snow overnight! I must check out your blackeyed peas recipe. These are new to us. Oh, we have known about them, just never cooked them. Thank you for your daily posts, love your table settings; happy TS shopping in 2017! :o)

  8. We DID put the money out last year….it’s a fun little tradition now! Your table looks festive and I knew I could count on ya for some festive cheer!!! Our New Years is quiet too….love it that way. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR friend! Looking forward to our continued bloggy fun and friendship in 2017!

  9. Your money idea sounds like a new tradition that will start here in California. Here’s hoping the money decides to increase itself overnight. We have friends visiting us from a neighboring city to have a “pajama party/watching videos/eating and celebrating” party…we will probably all fall asleep by 10 pm. Happy New Year to all, and may we all live well and prosper!

  10. I’m glad you mentioned black eyed peas. We always had them on New Year’s Day in West Tennessee. John won’t touch them, but our grandsons might. Even if I’m the only one to eat them, they will be on the table. Thanks for mentioning taking money outside. I’m sure I read your post last year and failed to follow through. Maybe I’ll remember this year as we are getting ready for our open house for the neighbors tonight.

  11. Mildred Plaskett

    We are going out to an early dinner and then home, I’ll probably fall asleep before midnight. Thank you for your posts and ideas. Have a Happy, Healthy 2017.

  12. We don’t have plans for this evening… we were invited to friends but they live an hour away and I we don’t like to be out driving late on this night of all nights. Plus I have either a cold coming on or another dreaded sinus infection so not feeling like celebrating. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay up until midnight but not counting on it. Happy New Year to you all yours!!

  13. Marianne

    No plans here. My daughter came to stay for a week and went back to Birmingham yesterday afternoon,::sniff::. I’ll probably read and go to bed 10:30-ish. Gave up all alcohol back in 2010. I will try the money outside, never heard that before and I thought I’d heard it all having a superstitious Irish Mother! Happy New Year!

  14. Pat Evans

    Four quilt friend couples used to get together for New Year’s Eve, but always had trouble staying awakw until midnight (lol). So about 5 years ago we switched to New Year’s Day brunch. Now two of the couples are in FL for the winter, but the remaining two continue along with others who are invited to join us. And we’ll have black-eyed peas since our hostess is from east Tennessee.
    Happy New Year, Carole.

  15. catsandroses

    Happy New Year! Very pretty table, as always! I will hide some money outside today — sounds like a fun tradition!

    Our daughter is performing with her band, General Mojo’s tonight, so we bought tickets to see them. She says they START playing at midnight, though!! Egads! Have never seen them perform live, so will be fun (if I can keep hubby awake!). Their music is a throw-back 1960’s/70’s style, which I really enjoy.

    And, speaking of thrift shops, that sparkling dress that my daughter is wearing in that video was a NINETY CENT thrift store find — I find LOTS of her outfits while thrifting, especially on the .90 per item day at one thrift shop!

  16. Happy New Year, Carole. Leaving money outside is a lovely tradition – one I have never heard of. We welcomed the new year in the centre of Sydney, watching the fireworks – a first for us and I loved it.

  17. Happy New Year, Carole.

    We hold silver coins going into the New Year! Hubby was sleeping and I woke him up just to shove some quarters in his hand as the clock struck 12. Funny!! This was one of my family traditions from childhood.

    As far as taking down all Christmas decorations by New Years Eve, that I do not do. I follow the Catholic belief in that Jesus was not visited by the Three Wise Men (Maji) bearing their gifts until the Ephiphany on January 6th,they had to travel so far to visit the new born King. So every thing must stay up until at least then. I usually don’t take things down until around Jan 15th. Takes me so long to decorate and I know how bare it will be that it makes me sad.

    We really do not celebrate New Year’s Eve, we do have the traditional pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day and I generally have both carrots and corn on the cob that was blanched in August. We make sure that the first thing we eat on New Years Day is our New Year’s Pretzel. This is a very old tradition and one that all Pittsburghers do. Now that we moved two hours north of Pittsburgh, we don’t get pretzels in our grocery stores here, but our son and daughter-in-law express mailed us a delicious Jenny Lee pretzel for this morning!

    Love reading your blog, Carole, and can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017!

  18. New Years eve and the days leading up to it were busy! We had a great party and I FAILED to take 1 picture! New years day was “clean up and recovery day”. It was 4 pm before I finally had order in the house with the party stuff all cleaned up and put away! I am not familiar with the money tradition, but heard something about that from a party guest too. Must be a “thing” from the South.

  19. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Happy New Year, Carole, and to all your faithful followers, too! My Christmas stuff stays up as long as possible; for one thing, following liturgical/religious tradition that Christmas isn’t over for quite a while, and also, I have spent so much time making so many things I want to enjoy them as long as possible and all the red and other bright colors and the lights brighten the dark days of winter up here in Philadelphia. I remember how “plain” our house looked growing up when my mom (from Maryland) put everything away on New Year’s Day – seemed like all the fun and color had gone out of life, so decided when I had my own place I’d leave things up. Christmas is followed by snowmen and mitten theme in colors primarily red, blue and green, then Valentine’s Day, so always plenty of red until the end of February to keep my spirits up. No New Year’s Eve traditions, unless you count watching my son and husband fall asleep early while my daughter knits and I iron, LOL! Health and happiness to all for 2017! Maybe this will be the year my fabric stash shrinks and turns into completed projects…my husband sure hopes so!

  20. Your photos look so inviting! Black and gold decor is so classy. Your dishes sound fabulous, I could do with a bowl of hoppin’ john right now. Yum!

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