Holiday Wishes

On this Christmas Day, I wish you joy and peace, with love and laughter of family and friends.  A wish for all my readers, no matter where you live or what your faith, of health and happiness on this day and every day.

Christmas Ornaments ~ From My Carolina Home

I wish for a world where tolerance and respect is the norm instead of the exception for all people. I wish for people of different faiths and backgrounds to see others as merely different and not evil. I wish for all to live and let live, to pursue happiness as each sees fit, to learn from one another, to help one another, attend to making their lives as good as they can without tearing down others in the process. I wish for a world where all people spend their energy creating and serving instead of destroying or committing crimes, where the pursuit of excellence and knowledge takes center stage, where honest work is rewarded no matter what the job.  I wish for an end to violence in all its forms.  I wish for an end to homelessness and hunger. I wish for peace.


I wish for every shelter dog to find a home.  (This is our rescue girl from several years ago, we still miss her.)


I wish for everyone to have joy in their lives, and to spread joy to others.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Shalom, Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

What are your holiday wishes?

26 thoughts on “Holiday Wishes

  1. Judy

    My wish is for all people to live and let live, to bring true peace where it’s needed, and for all to be blessed with happiness of the season, however each may finds it.

  2. Merry Christmas Carole. My wish is for everyone to be happy that they wake up each day. That everyone will take a moment to breathe deeply and be grateful for the life we have. And, that good thoughts and deeds will prevail today and for all days to come.

  3. All Greetings to you and yours for a safe and wonderful Christmas. My wish for peace worldwide, but health, happiness, friendships that span the world, fabrics for quilters, snow for skiers, waves for surfers, and homes for every animal, and to remember to be thankful and grateful for all we have right now. Hugs from NZ.

  4. Rosemaryflower

    I really really enjoyed reading these good wishes from You my dear friend.
    I hope you are having a happy lovely sunny Christmas. Today I am going with hubbs to my dad.
    I think some of his neighbors invited us over, so maybe a little of that.
    Then, I just want to come home and sit and be quiet with our Savior and work on my sadness and try to
    not be so stubborn and let go of my own grieving anger. I want to be happy and not feel a punch in my heart when I think about all of my own losses.
    I also want to think about the possibility of being a gramma to another baby next August…? perhaps from my youngest daughter, Lizzie and her very excited joyful husband Jerome (I call him Jeromeo)
    I loved reading all of the good wishes here in the comments.

  5. Lesley Gilbert

    Thanks for all your great posts throughout the last year – I love reading your blog – All the best to you for 2017 🙂

  6. Merry Christmas, Carole…to you and yours. These are my wishes as well…and to you personally I wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2017. May all your expectations and needs be met. I really appreciate all you share with us….your generosity is great. I wish I could return to you all that I’ve learned from your posts….all the laughter and at times the tears. Blessings from West Virginia….

  7. dezertsuz

    Wonderful wishes, all. I don’t think I could add much to them. The photo of the falls … where is that? It’s gorgeous.

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