A New Jelly Roll Project at Moda Bake Shop

I have a new project at Moda Bake Shop, a Christmas pillow you can work up in just an afternoon. It is always fun to have a project accepted by Moda!  This project uses all leftovers, so pull out your reds and greens and whites for a fast project you can enjoy this year.  Those red bars are dimensional, with a new technique I worked out.

Christmas Tree Pillow ~ A new recipe at Moda Bake Shop

Visit the Moda Bake Shop for the Christmas Tree Pillow, for the the recipe with a downloadable pdf.

Christmas Tree Pillow ~ A new recipe at Moda Bake Shop

After I finished this one, I thought it would be even cuter with some embellishments on the tree, so next time I’ll add some buttons and bows to jazz it up a bit.

Christmas Tree Pillow ~ A new recipe at Moda Bake Shop

I hope you enjoy this quick project!  What do you think of this scrappy idea?

Coming soon, save your Christmas cards!  I have a idea to use them in a recycle project coming up.

PS – Thank you to the nice reader who let me know the links to the Tango pattern weren’t working.  I have fixed both the reveal post and the sidebar link.

10 thoughts on “A New Jelly Roll Project at Moda Bake Shop

  1. Good Morning Carole! How exciting to have another pattern published on Moda Bake Shop! This Christmas Tree pillow is lovely and I do agree adding some embellishments would take it to the next level of beautiful; plus how fun to decide on what embellishments to use! I think I am all Christmas gifted making out for a day (yesterday) or two. Yet, I still have a few things to finish up. They should not take long and then on to the gift wrapping and finishing a wreath while Hubby bakes all day!
    Yes, I can tell the sewing/quilting bug is waking up thinking more about your pillow tutorial and oh, yeah I almost forgot….I must get the Scrap Dance Waltz Table Runner, I decided to make for now, quilted and binding on also. I will take pictures and post them, hopefully today, if not it will most likely be after Christmas. I am loving the Scrap Dance Waltz pattern you designed, the two blocks side by side look so classy and beautiful together, I can hardly wait to get started once again on the blocks. I plan on making at least one for a Christmas present for this next year, I also want to make one more just not sure if I will use the same fabric combination. Of course, you always have another gorgeous Mystery Quilt in the works. So who knows.
    It is pouring down rain, started last night, and as hard as it is coming down there may be quite a bit of flooding happening throughout Southern Oregon. Our main river is the Rogue River and as of two days ago, with all of the runoff from the Mountains was say close to half way up to our bridge crossing. The Applegate River which flows just down our backyard. Well, you have to go down a pretty steep drop off on the edge of our actual backyard then cross at least a block wide of Wild Black Berry bushes and then another block to the edge, usually. It is going to also be flooding in many areas that are flat especially. It is 5:30 A.M. and I have been awake since 4 so I am bored and just would love to visit! But, sadly that is not really possible; so instead I am going to get the Singer 301A turned on, plug in the iron and finish a few of my projects! Have a fantastic creative day Carole!

  2. Kathy E.

    This is so pretty! If I had time, I’d stitch one of these for the weekend! It would be cute to add some colored glass beads to the tree for some extra sparkle. I’ll keep this project in mind for next year! Thanks, Carole!

  3. Sam

    Carole, thank you so much….this is a great pillow and I’m planning on “gifting” it next yr.!!! As usual, your directions are clear and easy to follow!

  4. dezertsuz

    That’s a fabulous project, and SO adorable. You know I like scrappy. Different colors could be different seasons, too. Thank you! Great to see it on Moda Bake Shop, too.

  5. Linda Wilshire

    Congratulations on your new pattern–very cute! I love your blog and really appreciate all the work you do for your readers. Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a new year filled with many blessings.

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