Best of 2016 and Goals for 2017

Who knew it would be difficult to write about the 5 Best posts of 2016 on From My Carolina Home!  As I near the end of my third year of blogging next month, it is amazing that I still have things to say, projects to sew, things to create with hot glue, cards to stamp, new recipes to cook and it is still fun.  So, what did I enjoy the most this year?  Well, instead of five posts, I am going to review three events.

Scrap Dance Tango Mystery Quilt Along

This was the second mystery quilt I designed, and it told me its name while it was in the design stage. The Scrap Dance series took off after this, and now has five patterns in the series, with #6 coming in January.  It was the second event I did on the blog.  The pattern for Tango is available in my Etsy store, link on the sidebar.  You’ll also find Scrap Dance the original, Scrap Dance Quickstep, and The Charleston bag there too.

Tango Cover Shots 3

Christmas in July

I began thinking about doing this in the spring, and started designing new projects for a 12 day event.  I contacted my favorite companies for prizes and the response was terrific.  Sponsors included Aurifil Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, Connecting Threads, Stampin’ Up!, Superior Threads, and Primitive Gatherings.  I was just about done with planning when I got an invitation to join a blog hop, and was so very fortunate to be the first stop.  Many of the blog hoppers came back for more fun later in the event.  We began with the Sewing Kit / Jewelry Case Tutorial, and for the next 12 days made a wool applique penny rug, stamped cards, sewed a Christmas purse, made a mini quilt and a Christmas bed quilt, made ornaments, created gifts for guys and gifts from the kitchen, and then did some decorating and tablescapes.  And after all that, we settled down to rest with some Christmas themed books.  Click on the Christmas category on the sidebar and scroll down for all the posts.  I had a blast doing that event, and the sponsors were happy too.
Santas 2

Autumn Jubilee

Then came my favorite season, Autumn.  Here is where I lost my mind, and committed to a month long event with 2 quilt alongs, a stitch along, sewing and crafting projects, tablescapes, thrift store finds and recycling, another wool applique pattern and a new recipe for Pumpkin Orange Bread.  I had a great time doing that, and again had marvelous support from my favorite sponsors with giveaways.  Sponsors for this event included Aurifil Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, Connecting Threads, Stampin’ Up!, Back Side Fabrics and Magnet King. Click on the Autumn Jubilee category on the sidebar to see all the projects.


So now, what will I do in 2017?  Time to set some goals for the year, with you in mind, dear reader. I need to get in a little bit of everything as usual, heavy on the quilting and sewing, with gardening, cooking, reading, crafting, card making, thrifting and recycling, and more thrown in for fun.

Goal 1 – Do a mystery quilt for 2017 – already in the works to begin in late January

Goal 2 – Plan another event during the 2017 year with giveaways from my favorite sponsors for readers

Goal 3 – Be a stop on a Christmas in July blog hop, not a 12 day event this year

Goal 4 – Publish Scrap Dance Waltz

Goal 5 – Do another Autumn event, as yet undetermined, encompassing a wide variety of projects

And finally a funny story about my best laugh of the year.  I was Christmas shopping for a calendar for DH, and I found a large display in a store.  One of them was called the Anti-Affirmation calendar and the cover shot made me laugh out loud.  Yes, in the store.  Could. Not. Stop.  Other customers were coming over to see what was just so funny.  In short order, I had a group of people laughing, and was still going as I went to check out.  No, I didn’t buy it.  The person I would want to give it to is my ex-boss, and I am quite sure it would not be appreciated.  So, what did it say that was so humorous?  Here it is, and maybe you had to be there, or maybe it was just my mood that day.  Or maybe it is truly hilarious, because I am still laughing as I type this!

“If I give you a straw, will you go suck the fun out of someone else’s life?”

Still laughing.  And committed to having fun this year!  Won’t you join me?
Late November Garden at From My Carolina Home

Scrap Dance on benchThe original Scrap Dance quilt pattern is available on My Patterns page, along with all the Scrap Dance series patterns and more.

40 thoughts on “Best of 2016 and Goals for 2017

  1. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2017. I love your scrappy quilts. I know your Christmas in July was a lot of work for you (and me too) but boy did I appreciate it in December!

    Crystal in Cedar City
    P.S. I will be using the straw line….I have to perfect person in mind….all in fun for sure.

  2. Sandy

    I started following your blog earlier in the year. I enjoy your recipes and book reviews (I have bought a couple of books based on your recommendations). Of course I love anything quilt related, and got lots of great ideas from the Christmas in July posts. Love, love, love all of the photos, too.

  3. Marianne

    Love your African violet and sooooo want a leaf to start a plant! Haha! I need to sit down and organize my goals for the New Year. That sounds so much better than making resolutions!

  4. Sam

    HAAAAA!!!!! I think we ALL have a special person in our life that we could send that calendar to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gifted my Scrap Dance quilt to a wonderful person who has been a friend over the years and over many miles. She cried and cried.

  5. What a smart idea to combine both your Best of 2016 and planning for 2017 together into one post! I hope you have a wonderful last week of 2017 and much joy as you work on your 2017 goals for quilting and blogging. Thanks so much for linking up. 🙂

  6. Linda B

    Like others, I am impressed with your energy, with what you have accomplished in 2016, and looking forward to what creativity springs from your little corner of the world in 2017! I am still recovering from the weekend, enjoying lovely memories, and only able to sip tea and munch leftover pumpkin cheesecake pie as I catch up on emails. Will take some time before my thoughts turn from 2016 to 2017, but this coming week is that great transition time, and I am sure I will get there…eventually! Thanks, Linda

  7. Myrna

    Thank you Carole for doing your blog, I have followed you for the past year, enjoying pictures and stores. I did read on your suggestion “Quilt as you go” by Arlene Sachitano and want to read “Quilt as Desired” by Arlene also. Birds in the Air is still on my list to read. I did my first Mystery quilt from your blog Scrap Dance tango, was fun to look forward to each new step. Wishes you and yours the best in 2017.

  8. Good Morning Carole! Absolutely Love the Straw quote and am going to share it with my daughters today when they get here to spend another fun filled day together! I have read almost everyone of your posts this past year and enjoyed each and every one of them! I have also created each of your Mystery Scrap Dance Quilts with you and have fallen in love with them and am so excited about the new Mystery Quilt for 2017! All of 2016 was a fantastic year on your blog, as far as I am concerned, I learned new skills, techniques, saw some of the most amazing beautiful even breathtaking photos (taken by you) of birds, various wildlife and scenery! Fell in love with each and every one of your table decorations and settings plus your lovely card making. Plus, so much more and am really looking forward to the New Year Adventures on your Blog and mine! Have a fantastic creative day!

  9. What a laugh, I would too, Loved your Autumn sew along, and although all my leaves and pumpkins didn’t get into a quilt, they will wait, and I hope I can join in next year for another fun new project. You made this one so special, thanks heaps.

  10. Melanie

    Thanks for the great laugh this morning as I opened your post. Oh, there are some folks I could also send that calendar to……but this year will be focussed on surrounding myself with only postiive and fun-loving types. Another funny saying I’ve heard is, “He/she sucks the air out of a room!” LOL

    Enjoyed reading your recap of the year’s events and projects. Looking forward to what you have in store this coming year! :o)

  11. Judy Sanders

    I started with you on the 12 days of Christmas. Then you got me on the fall stuff to the point that I did several other things. Now i’m so excited about your 2017 goal list. I know this is time consuming for you to do all of this for us. So I for one want to say thanks. It keeps me motivated. My friend and I follow you faithfully. And now we have 4 others doing the same. By the way the straw made me think of 2 right off i would give it to. I am doing your quilt right now just haven’t posted pics yet.

  12. What a nice recap of your year… you have so much going on! This was a nice combination post — best of the almost past year and the plans for the almost here year. I’m going to pop over to Craftsy to see your designs. But, truth be told, I need to FINISH not start projects.

  13. Denise force

    Thank you for the year ( or part of ….when I fell into your blog).have enjoyed learning so much( quilting,cooking ,books.etc.) looking forward to 2017.May it be a health, peaceful, blessed one for you and yours.

  14. Sharon Schipper

    I will join you in the laughter, and my resolve is to be less negative. Mom always said I’d complain if I were hung with a new rope (Oklahomism?) but I learned from the best, she was a believer in Murphy’s Law: everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and it will happen to our family! and it often did: negative faith? Once in a while I see it peeking out in my children, probably sometimes with good reason, but my faith teaches me to rejoice in all circumstances, that God is in charge and has the best plans for us. Hard one, eh? I love that you’re finding the silver lining in your change of job circumstances. You continue to inspire me, haven’t been able to join in lots of the crafting, but always enjoy. I wish great blessings on you and yours this coming year.

    sharon in colorado

  15. Happy New Year Carole! I have enjoyed reading your posts this year. You have been really busy too. Sounds like you have quite a bit worked out for 2017 too. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  16. Your goals for the upcoming year are impressive and I know you will accomplish most if not all of them 🙂 Love that calendar quote and now I’m on the quest to find the calendar LOL!

  17. Great “best” posts for 2016. I’ve had a few bosses where that “straw” comment would have been perfect. Good luck with your 2017 goals.

  18. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Congratulations on a busy, exciting year Carole and it sounds like next year will be the same. Love that quote!

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  20. dezertsuz

    I found that very funny, too. I like your goals for 2017. 2016 was a really busy year for you! Don’t forget all the gorgeous tablescapes you showed! You truly know how to decorate.

  21. janetvinyard

    Hi Carole, What a funny quote! What a nice moment that must have been to have a group of folks laughing along with you, too! Your quilts are all so beautiful – love the patterns and the colors you used in your designs! Have a Happy New Year 2017! Blessings, Janet

  22. Jann Olson

    I didnt’ realize that you designed quilts. Boy,, what talent!! You’ve got great goals for 2017. Love the straw quote! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Also hope that in the midst of your “To Dos” you’re able to continue to contribute posts over at Val’s Tuesday Archives — I read some great posts from you over there and as a result added your blog to my Bloglovin’ feed but that will only give me the new stuff! Have a Happy and Productive New Year!

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  25. HI Carole! 2017 is going to be a great year! I of course, agree with Vivian above and am also grateful for your wealth of experience that you share with us. Smiles being sent you way friend!

  26. Carole, I had so much fun reading about your events this year. WOW, you’ve been busy girl! Thanks for sharing with me. I’m so impressed that you’ve created mystery quilt patterns. I’ve never even done a mystery quilt. They kind-of intimidate me. Our guild just decided to do a mystery quilt as our QAL for 2017, so I’m participating in my first. If it turns out as gorgeous as the ones you’ve designed, I might be hooked. I’ll try to join your mystery quilt too. Mystery quilts will be my 2017 challenge. Will you be posting it here on your blog?

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