Autumn Jubilee Magnet Project and Giveaway!

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Magnet King to try out some of their products.  They sent a box of goodies for me to play with, and I was amazed at the variety of products offered, including a magnet sheet that is a dry erase board, and another is a chalkboard.  What fun!! I immediately thought of a dry erase decorated board for the refrigerator. How nice to replace the usual myriad of paper bits I usually use to remind myself of meetings or appointments.  My inspiration for this project was this picture I took last fall.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

I began with creating a pattern for the leaves.  The colors are a gradient of fall hues in gold and rust and brown, all on a single magnet sheet.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Using a pencil, I traced around each leaf shape. The magnet sheets are easy to draw on. The color gradient makes the leaves look more real.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I cut out the shapes with a pair of ordinary scissors. This sheet of magnet is thin and easy to cut with standard paper cutting scissors. Cleaning up the pencil marks with a little eraser was easy too, the sheets held their color, not rubbing off.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Using a brown color pencil, I drew in some vein detail on each one.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

The board with its autumn leaves makes the refrigerator into a decorative message board.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Here is a closer look at the leaves.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

If you prefer a chalkboard magnet, that is possible too.  All these sheets are flexible, not stiff at all.  Wouldn’t this be a cute idea for kids in the classroom?  Each child could have his or her name on a leaf.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

For springtime, I cut flowers out of the pastel gradient sheet, and added buttons to the centers with super glue. I used the excess clippings on the cute little garden angel, gluing a bit to the back. These sheets will make anything into a magnet.  Even the bits left behind are useful.

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

How about some ink spot color eggs for Easter?

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I got to thinking, where else could I use a dry erase board? The only other metal area in the house is the garage door. So, how about a spot for the list for the garden center?  This is on the inside of the garage door.  Now I can add items as I find I need something instead of tromping inside with dirty hands to scrounge for a list, or trying to remember it all days later when I get to the garden center.  This  would make a neat guy gift for Christmas!

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Using the dry erase board on the inside garage door made me think of decorating the outside of the garage door with more leaves.  They almost look real, don’t they?

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

The bright colors available would be appealing to kids, and they could use magnet sheets to play with shapes, like this tie dye printed sheet.

Magnet Puzzle 1

Triangles and squares, rectangles and parallelograms, all could be used to teach shapes and colors.   Easily cut with scissors, just cut what you like.  Oh, look, now it is a puzzle!

Magnet Puzzle 2

The beauty of magnets is they can be arranged and rearranged. Does this look like a chicken to you? What other shapes could be made from these pieces?

Magnet Puzzle 3

I have made a pattern sheet for the leaves so you too can have magnet leaves for your projects, just download this pdf file – magnet-leaves-pattern

Magnet Board Project ~ From My Carolina Home

The company also has adhesive backed sheets so the side of a desk, a sheet of wood or drywall, or the bottom of a door could become a play area for magnet shapes.  Or the sheets could be used to mount paper, making the kids artwork into magnets for the grandparents.  Wouldn’t that be a great holiday gift idea?

The magnetized dry erase or chalkboard sheets, adhesive backed sheets and magnet gradient color sheets can be ordered from Magnet King, just click on Magnet King to see the kits you can get to make the projects in this post.  You can choose the chalkboard or dry erase options, with three choices of printed magnet sheets, very reasonably priced too.  While you are looking around, look on the right sidebar to see more individual sheets which are also priced for the home crafter, like solid color sheets, photo framing kits, printable magnet sheets, letters and shapes.  Check out the Learning Aids section for more wonderful ideas.  These links are not affiliate links.  Magnet King did pay me for a day of creative time with their products.  But I would only agree to do it if I liked the products, and I did.

Update!  This project has been picked up by FaveCrafts!  See the project post HERE.  FaveCrafts is a great spot for all kinds of crafting.  You can see what is hot by looking on the right sidebar, and the categories are on the left.  Have fun looking around this inspirational crafting site.  I am very proud to be a FaveCrafts designer. If you are visiting from Fave Crafts, I invite you to look around while you are here.  I have a lot of projects and a variety of subjects including crafting, quilting, sewing, recipes, tablescapes and more.  In 2017, the next mystery quilt will begin.  To see more of my crafting projects, click on the Crafting category on my sidebar.  Thanks for visiting!  You can follow my blog by using one of the choices on the sidebar.  And, see Fave Crafts for even more ideas.  Click on my home page button at the top to see the latest posts.  And check out the pages at the top for collections of posts on all kinds of subjects.

What would you use for a project?



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39 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Magnet Project and Giveaway!

  1. Melanie Truesdale

    I liked the educational magnets. What a great idea for kids learning the alphabet and other things. If someone is having a hard time with spelling words, they could be put up where they can be seen and spelled often. I like the other products offered too. We have many cupboards in the garage with parts for “things” for repairs in the house, like plumbing, electrical, tapes, work gloves etc., and it would be great to have what’s in each cupboard listed on a dry erase board on the outside. We have to hunt (sometimes quite a while} to find which cupboard has what we need. Thanks for sharing these products.

  2. What a wonderful idea! My husband will not let me screw a barn quilt into the siding but I could use the magnets and put it on my garage doors! If there is a will there is a way!
    Score one for the wife lol!

  3. I’m with Melanie, I love the educational aspect of the magnets. Before I even saw they had Letters & Numbers, I was thinking of making them. I have a photo frame from a long ago promotion, and I like the idea of having one personalized by a child and gifting it along with a school picture to a grandparent! Question – how strong of a magnet are the flexible sheets & chalk/white boards? Do they shift when using, say on a refrigerator door? Thank you for the giveaway and hosting the Autumn Jubilee.

  4. Patricia Cash

    There are so many great items to choose. I like the white dry erase board, no limits on what it can be used for. Thank you for the give away.

  5. shoshana

    i liked all of it, especially the magnets with background, like a winter tree or the hologram colors. what fun!

  6. Susan

    Wow, I have never seen magnet sheets with colors or designs. These would be great for kids to use for gifts for holidays. My little one LOVES to make crafts and these would be fast and easy as well as useful. Thanks for the info- I would make some leaves for myself. I have metal doors on the side of my house.

  7. nancy lewis

    I like the chalkboard magnet. I think this would be so handy to use, being able to write on it, and then erase it when the next idea took hold!!

  8. Mary C

    Love the magnetic dry erase board and the cute magnetic sheets. I would use the board on the side of the file cabinet in my studio to keep track of the WIPs on my to do list.

  9. Chiska

    I love the kit with dry erase marker. I would make a “command center” for leaving notes to each other. That is so cute!

  10. manasotavacation

    The craft kits are just great and VERY REASONABLY priced. I would definitely put one on my fridge and I love the idea of the design using leaves that you did….I’d probably have to use a POODLE silhouette, of course…. The appliance skins look interesting too.

  11. Wow! How neat are these???!!! I especially was impressed with printable magnetic sheets….what all could parents, crafters and teachers do with these! I was also very surprised at how affordable their products were. Thanks for turning us on to Magnet King….and thank you for the pdf of the leaves. Blessings from a very CHILLY WV this morning…..

  12. Pat T.

    Thank you for the introduction to Magnet King! So many great ideas come to mind, and the prices are very reasonable. My first thoughts ran to all the uses in a classroom, and for anyone working with children or crafts. But, the range of products is amazing! (The appliance skins are interesting.) I’m especially drawn to the craft kits (your leaves look great!) and I really like the idea of the dry erase reminder board in the workshop!
    Thanks again!

  13. Jane Barr

    I would use the magnetic sheet to mount grandchildren pictures for my mother-in-law. The side of her fridge is covered with all her cherished pictures. She mounts them with dollar store magnetic frames that don’t work very well – they keep falling off. Love the idea of the fall leaves for autumn decorations also.

  14. Melanie

    Such creative ideas for using these magnetic sheets. I love the leaves in gradation hues, very handy. I think I would like to cute the spiral one into geo shapes to practice colorful quilt block designs. I don’t have EQ. Thank you for sharing your creations.

  15. The dry erase sheet would be a winner, and the printable magnet sheets, how innovative is that? I could have a wonderful time there. What a huge range of products, and for all us crafters, this would be a wonderful place to browse and load up a trolley of goodies. I do like your leaves,

  16. Edy

    Would have loved to have used the coins and shapes when I was a teacher! I like the magnetic leaves you made…looked real! This would be such a fun craft project.

  17. Shirley Elliott

    I like the chalkboard magnet. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  18. apylinski

    Love the fall magnet leaves you made. Also love the chalkboard idea. Went to the website but couldn’t find the fall hues magnet sheets. Not sure what to search for. Hope I win because that’s what I would love to make them. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Margaret Nelson

    I like the idea of putting one on the garage door. In the winter months we could still use sidewalk chalk. I’d also use the dry erase for lists that don’t take up extra space.

  20. I could tell you were having some fun here!! I love those leaves. I like the dry erase board for the frig idea. I see a beer fridge magnet skin, wouldn’t some guy just love that!!!!!!

  21. Sharon Church

    The dry erase board would be great for my refrigerator and I have PLENTY of leaves for patterns. Yours look great by the way!

  22. dezertsuz

    I thought I commented, but I guess I got interrupted. I loved these magnets, especially seeing the one with the leaves around the sign on the refrigerator. Thanks for sharing the directions.

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