Pumpkin Tablescape

I just can’t stand it, I cannot wait one more day for Autumn to begin.  At this time of year, I always think of my mother and how much we loved to do things in the fall. We would decorate together, read Bon Appetit magazine together, plan our holidays, bake pumpkin bread, make wreaths together, and visit a few special stores for autumn inspiration.  So, even though the calendar says it is still 5 days away, and the weather outside continues to be too warm for me, I am going ahead with a pumpkin inspired tablescape.

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

So, I started with a quilt, didn’t like the business of the pattern. Then I used the back which showed leaves on a white tone fabric, but it was too light. What I wanted was something dark and textured to contrast with the light placemats. So, digging through the fabric stash, I found a length of dark chocolate brown corduroy. Lovely texture and great contrast. I placed it on the table, and put the light autumn leaf placemats on top.

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

The napkins match the placemats, and have really cute pumpkin napkin rings (a thrift store find!).

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

White plates, silverware and salt/peppers are added.

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

In the middle, I put my largest ceramic pumpkin. The corduroy fabric can be seen nicely in this photo.

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

There are two crackle glass candle holders on either side of the pumpkin, with candle rings around each one. The rings are meant for the large pillar candles. I don’t think these are even made anymore, I’ve had these for a lot of years. I put four glittery pumpkins in the middle around the large ceramic pumpkin, they look wonderful don’t they? Would you believe they are dollar store finds?

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Once again, this year I have to have the pumpkin bowls out. This might be a breakfast table, so we need them for cereal. Or, maybe we’ll have dinner at this table and put salad in them. If it would just get a little colder, I’d make soup.

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

OK, so far so good, something is missing though.

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Oh, glasses of course. And coffee cups!

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

I have this cute little pumpkin serving plate, what should I serve on it? Biscuits or rolls maybe?  Breakfast sausage?

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

All done!

Pumpkins Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Are you ready for Autumn?



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(Happy birthday, Mom, I miss you every day!)

21 thoughts on “Pumpkin Tablescape

  1. Carole, love your pumpkin Tablescape…it is so perfect! I understand about the memories of your Mother, I enjoyed every season with my mother and I miss her terribly! Blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. Melanie

    I am beyond ready! Your tablescape is fall-fabulous, always enjoy seeing your special table settings and the stories of your thrift-store finds. Pumpkin bowls are so cute, perfect. What a welcoming table it is!

  3. Lovely table setting, great place mats, and pumpkin serviette rings, they are so different. Guess it’s getting colder, leaves will be falling, down here spring is with us, and sunlight hours suddenly a lot longer. Maybe we have almost come to the end of lighting the fire at night, just as you will start.

  4. catsandroses

    Well, I’m one who just loves Spring & Summer so much that I am reluctant to see Fall being ushered in. For me, it means the half a dozen big leaf maple trees on our property will be dropping their TONS of leaves, so LOTS of raking in the Fall (they’ve already started dropping). But, I just enjoyed my first batch of homemade applesauce (made in the pressure cooker–five minutes cooking time!), and with all the apples on our trees this year, will be making lots of apple crisps, pies & sauce with them, so that’s a nice Fall activity.

    Your table is beautiful (and if my Summer was as hot as yours, I’d be ready for Fall, too!). Just love the thrift shop finds — thrift shop hunting is my favorite past time!

  5. Mary Jo

    You do such beautiful tablescapes! Every time you show one I think that that one is my favorite. Then another shows up and I love it best! I just wish I had enough storage space to have all the beautiful pieces that you have.

  6. Very sweet! I love the colors on your table. Yes, I am ready for the season of Fall but I am decorating slowly because the weather doesn’t FEEL like Fall! It is my favorite time of year and I get all new decorations for it each year. Crazy, I know!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    Oh Gosh, those little soup bowls are adorable.
    What a cute table setting.
    Have a fun cooler rest of the week

  8. I’m certainly ready for autumn temperatures! Your table is so gorgeous. I have a fabric pumpkin, quite large, and two wooden, painted candy corns. A friend made them for me a couple of years ago. Even though I know in most of the rest of the world, fall begins on September 1, I’m holding out a few more days. =) Then up goes the scarecrow on the door, too!

  9. crowcabincreations

    I hung the autumn wreath out and a metal corn husk yard ornament is now in place. Next is to decorate inside. I try to wait for the actual first day of autumn, but always begin sooner. I may as well get the bins from the garage and begin!! Your table setting looks absolutely gorgeous. Maybe tomorrow is the day! 😄

  10. Sharon Schipper

    LOVE it! I’m doing my son and future DIL’s yellow and blue for the table at the rehearsal dinner next Friday, I”ve done a blue basket with yellow sunflowers and other autumn flowers in it, and a big yellow ribbon. I’m taking all my different pumpkins, including a glass candy jar that I’ll put something yellow in, maybe butterscotch discs? I have an oil lamp I will use as well, and if they’re still vibrant, we have small sunflower like wildflowers all over right now, but they’re going past their peak, I was hoping to pick some and scatter them around, we’ll see! I’ll see what’s at the store in inexpensive fall bouquets if those aren’t good anymore. We’ve put the scarecrow banner on the front door, I can’t find my spider in a web since we moved! she goes in my office here at work usually. I have blue and yellow paperware for the salad bar we’re doing… did I say how stressed I am? in-laws I haven’t seen since my husband’s funeral over 10 years ago are coming… on top of my sisters, and my other son arriving Monday (a good thing!) I need your deft hand here to hold me up… love the fall! I have to pull out the panel I did from the one I bought from you last year as well, I think I know where it is in my still unpacked quilting bins! too little time these days.
    big hug from sharon in colorado

  11. I paused at the photo where you wrote that something was missing. I stared at it a few seconds and wondered what you would add to make it sparkle. Ah! Glasses, cups, and saucers. I not only fail to set a proper table myself, I make people decide on and fetch their drinks. Everyone wants something different. I wonder if my family would make you tear your hair out.

  12. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Fall is fun and your table is lovely, but I’m holding off on the pumpkins until it’s officially fall in a few days – I love summer so much and want to enjoy it to the last drop – hate to see my flowers outside die and the yard become gray and brown for months and months and months up here in Philadelphia…but I know I’ll “get into it” once it comes and attention turns to the inside of the house more than the garden and I feel the need for warmth in decorating with autumnal colors, textures, etc. – just not yet!

  13. Yes, I am ready for fall! It’s still pretty warm here in NJ as well but some of the nights have been cooler. So nice that you have so many specials memories of spending time with your mom doing fall things. I love your tablescape and those adorable pumpkins!

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